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the breaking news the first coronavirus vaccine has been approved for use in the uk by the medicines and healthcare products regulatory agency that's the mrha um as promised let's speak now to the health secretary uh matt hancock who joins us live on breakfast um a significant smile on your face this morning mr hancock talk us through this news and and what it means to the people in the uk this morning well 2020 has been such a terrible year hasn't it and help is on its way and this this news for so long we've been saying that if a vaccine is developed then things will get better in 2021 and now we can say when this vaccine is rolled out things will get better and we'll start that process next week so i'm obviously absolutely thrilled with the news i'm very proud that the uk is the first place in the world to have a clinically authorized vaccine ready to go the huge thanks to the scientists to pfizer the the company uh obviously to my team and and kate bingham and alex sharma the business secretary who's done a huge amount of work on this but what it means for people is that from next week we'll be able to start rolling this out we'll start with those who are most vulnerable to coronavirus and it will you need two jabs so 21 days apart so and after that we will start protecting people as this the protection comes with these these these two uh jabs and it will help save lives and then once we've started to uh and protected the most vulnerable it will help us all get back to normal and and uh and back to all the things that we love can we go through some of the numbers if possible because i'm sure that's what our viewers will be thinking this morning okay how many when does it arrive so yeah that's an initial order of of 10 million which is enough to vaccinate 5 million people do we know how many of those will be arriving next week well next week there'll be 800 000 so it's the first start we'll then deploy it at the speed that it's manufactured and the manufacturing of course is being done by uh pfizer uh in belgium and the so that will determine the speed at which we can roll it out as we've said all along we've always said even if we get something before christmas we will have the bulk of the rollout in the new year and that's what will happen in this case as you said earlier in the program we have 40 million doses on order of this vaccine the other early vaccine the astrazeneca vaccine is currently being assessed by the mhra so the um the goal will be to vaccinate uh through the nhs right across the uk as rapidly as the as the company can manufacture okay i know we've got you for about another 10 minutes and there are so many questions which i'm sure we're going to try and get as much information out of you as possible as we can can i start with that 800 000 that you say will arrive next week who will be on the list to get those that first batch if you like well the the the joint committee on vaccinations and immunizations long title but they're the clinical advisors who advise on that prioritization so it's according to clinical need the goal is to save as many lives as possible and stop hospitalizations and so it will start with the most elderly and with people in care homes and of course their carers to make sure that that others don't catch it and then essentially it comes down the age range nhs staff are also high on that priority list and also the clinically extremely vulnerable who we've supported throughout this crisis those who are particularly vulnerable to to coronavirus the details of that will be set out mid-morning by the jcvi and the regulators will also be setting out the details of the of the clinical trials and why they uh felt able to approve this vaccine so that will happen later this morning and the full prioritization will be set out and then the vaccine will be rolled out from next week okay so 800 000 next week is it your understanding mr hancock that that all 10 million of those which are going to be manufactured in belgium as you said will arrive before christmas or is it going to be a longer process than that no the timing will deter be determined by uh how rapidly they could be manufactured uh so it the uh so the numbers but we haven't put a figure on the numbers uh before christmas um but what we do know is that we can get started next week with that first uh that first load and then several millions will be coming throughout december um and people will get a get be contacted by the nhs when it's when it's their turn and i urge you very strongly to come forward because obviously being vaccinated is is good for you it's approved as clinically safe by the regulator and it's good for your community as well to help keep the the get this virus finally uh under control once and for all we spoke to you i think a couple of weeks ago on the on the day that this was all announced and we talked then about the huge logistical task that is going to be set before you know not just this country but countries all over the world as we try and um vaccinate can you give our viewers an idea this morning how exactly it will work we know don't we it needs to be stored at about -70 so where will this be taking place are we looking at specific areas like maybe those nightingale hospitals that will be used is it going to be gp surgeries how will it work yeah so the the three modes of delivery for this vaccine right across the uk and this morning i spoke to my devolve colleagues because the nhs of course is devolved in wales and scotland and northern ireland we're doing this on a on a uk basis right across the uh the the entire uk at the same time and there's three modes of delivery the first is hospitals themselves and of course most hospitals have the facilities to store something at -70 and they're used to dealing with vaccines and drugs that have these characteristics the second is that we will set up vaccination centers big centers a bit like the nightingales project and including some of the some of the nightingales and we'll set them up across the country and then the third is a community model using with the support of gps and pharmacists and others to be able to get out uh to people where they are now because of the minor 70 conditions of this vaccine that third model is harder because obviously you have to go to places that have got the facilities that can that can safely store the vaccine whilst it's waiting to be injected um but and that is you know the astrazenec vaccine which doesn't have the minor 70 requirement is better suited to that community model but nevertheless we'll be using the these three models hospitals the vaccination centers and the community rollout and uh in order to reach people all guided by that clinical priority and the prioritization that will be set out later today you mentioned a couple of those other vaccines i i think it'd be really helpful can you give us any idea of the the time scale for those we know that uh moderna which i believe um the uk has ordered up to seven million doses of that um that that went forward for uh regulation at the day after pfizer so are we to anticipate maybe news on that in the next few days and and what about the astrazeneca oxford um university uh vaccine where are we on the time scale of that if you can mr hancock so the moderna vaccine is only being manufactured for delivery in april so that's still some time off as you say we have seven million uh of that on order but that's for april the other early vaccine is the oxford university astrazeneca vaccine and that's currently with the mhra who are assessing the detailed data from those clinical trials in the same way that they've just assessed and authorized the the pfizer vaccine now the the astrazeneca oxford vaccine has a number of advantages which is that it is it doesn't require the minus 70 storage conditions um and we've got a hundred million of that on order and so the timing of when we might hear on that is entirely in the hands of the regulator i rightly can't affect that and i don't know the timing because they have to take all the time that they need i mean they're moving they've been they've been absolutely brilliant through this and we should pay tribute to the regulators not often regulators get a shout out for doing great work but they've got with they have to take the time that they need to assess whether they can authorize that vaccine in the same way that they've taken the time to be able to authorize this fiser beyond tech vaccine this morning

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