Social Media Marketing Strategy for Network Marketers-How I Got 64 NEW Customers in 1 Month

I am so excited for today's video
because on today's training I'm gonna be sharing my exact tips, my exact strategy
on exactly how I was able to sign up 64 customers into my network marketing
company my very first month. And by doing so, I became the number one rep in all of
North America for customer acquisition. Now, I will go ahead and add. This is not
you know it doesn't include the people that I signed up as you know reps or
people who wanted to come on to sell. This also does not include other sign
ups that I got into my coaching programs or my courses or anything like that.
Today, I'm just going to be highlighting the process that I used to generate over
350 leads and signed up 64 customers into my network marketing company.

All, coming
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single week. Okay! So before we hop in, there are a couple of things that I just
want to kind of go over with you, okay? So first and foremost, you know the
network marketing company I was in the industry was health and wellness. So, if
you're somebody you're like uuhhh like I'm not in a health and wellness like so you
know these strategies aren't gonna work for me.

I don't want you to use that
language. I want you to do exactly what my mentor says which is you know go
through the video and ask yourself like how can I make this work for me? How can
I make this work for the industry that I'm in? Because even if it's the you know
not the exact same industry, there's always takeaways. There are strategies and
tips that you can implement to really move your own business ahead – that's
number one. Now, number two, I want you to also be sure to check in the
description below. Save the video but so check the description below.

below I'm going to list out with links and everything. Links to every single
post that I did. Every single thing that I did will be listed below where you can
go. You could actually watch the video that I talked about. You can, you know,
look at the post that I did versus just seeing a picture of it like on the
screen. So just be sure to check the description. And then I also want you to
take some time after you go through the video. Hopefully, you've got your pen and
paper in hand and I want you to sit down and ask yourself like you know how can I
really create a plan or what can I do to really you know make this video
actionable to make it work for me. So I want you to come up with a plan. Now,
before again before I kind of dive in and tell you exactly what I did, I want
to kind of give you a little bit of backstory. Because I do think that it's
very kind of important to set the stage for how I was able to go out there and
generate so many leads and get somebody sign up so you know that first month.

a little backstory I've been in the industry since 2011. Now, although I am a
social media and marketing coach and I've created online courses, when I first
got started I got started in network marketing. That's really how I kind of
got my foot in the door. And I sucked at it, okay? I totally sucked at it. Those
first four years I was not generating any leads. I was turning people off. I was
not making any money in my business and so it was about 2015 that I decided
after my sister called me a spammer that I needed to really sit down and learn

I needed to sit down and actually understand like what attraction
marketing was. So that I could get better and you know actually like make an
impact versus make people like run for the hills. And so that's what I did. So to
kind of set the stage, you know prior to me joining this particular network
marketing company, I had been practicing attraction marketing for about 18 months
prior. So on Facebook this is you know where I did this this is how I generated
all my leads was just through my Facebook profile.

So there was no paid
ads. I you know was not emailing my list. I was not you know
over on my Facebook business page talking about this. This was all organic
you know from my Facebook profile, zero paid ads. So, you know, I wasn't spammy. You
know, eighteen months prior to really launching this you know and doing this
exact strategy, I was not out there spamming. I was out there leading with value. I was focused on building my audience. I was really into attraction
marketing and I had a solid understanding of what attraction
marketing was and how to make it work for me in my business.

So if you are you
know totally new or you're feeling like that you've been at it for a while but
you're spinning your wheels and you're on this hamster wheel from hell, then
again be sure to check the description below. I have a totally free resource.
It's a free print off. If you're over there and you're building on Facebook
how to really set up your profile to attract. So again, just look for it down
below and then I'll also link below and in the card above a video that you can
also watch after this one to also help you in regards to marketing and
understanding it. So you can go out there and really attract and generate leads
versus just repelling people. Now when it comes to my particular brand and what
I'm known for and what I talk about is really online marketing attraction
marketing. And really you know everything that I think that you know somebody
really needs to set them up for long-term success you know their first
year in business.

And so you know, when I joined this health and wellness company
initially I was scratching my head. And it you know it really made me start
thinking like a marketer to figure out like how in the hell am I supposed to go
out here and market a health and wellness company when I'm so far from a
health and wellness expert. Like, I don't know anything about this. So you know how
am I gonna grow and grow some business in a niche where in an industry that I
know nothing about? That's when it kind of hit me that I was going to basically
do a case study on myself.

I was actually going to open up and share my struggles.
And I was gonna open up and like take people on a journey with me.
And that's exactly what I did. So, the very first thing I did after you know to
win company was I did a launch video. Now
hopefully, you know, you have done a launch video yourself if not that's
totally okay, it's never too late. But you know you can see you know you can see in
the video above but you know just an image of that particular launch video.
And that's when I really opened up about my own struggles when it came when it
came to gaining weight.

After the birth of my daughter I was always you know
really small and I had been trying stuff like behind the scenes never really
letting anybody know you know that I was trying all these different weight-loss
products and all these different things that just didn't really seem to work and
so that was the first time I had really opened up about my own struggles and you
know what it did to my self-confidence and you know a big reason why you know
not only that I wanted to do it for myself and you know do something to
where I could lose a little bit of weight get that pre-baby body back, but I
also noticed that the more weight I gained you know the like I didn't feel
as good.

And it started impacting you know my business. I was you know I wasn't
focused. I was tired all the time. I felt like I
could freakin faceplant and so you know I did that launch video where I shared
basically the top seven reasons why I said yes. And again, I opened up about my
own battles. Now in this video, I was not hyping I was not spamming you know but as
you can see from that image it has you know right now even over eight thousand
views on my Facebook profile. I had 17 shares I started generating leads at
that particular point and you know the crazy thing was I had yet to even start
all the products. When I did that launch video, I had ordered enough and I was still
waiting, okay? So, that is the very first thing that I did.
Now I also you know did some other you know did some other posts which again
you can you know look in the description below, but I just started taking people
on that journey with me.

So the next thing that I wanted to point out is I
did a post you know just doing like a one-week check in. After I'd gotten the
products you know I did a post just you know it shared a picture like a
before-and-after picture of what I was before and then
my one-week check in. And you know I just shared my results and I ended up that's
when I really started generating like more and more leads. I went live, I
shared information about the products like what the actual products were but
the key here is I talked about the benefits of the product. I never
mentioned the company name. Nowhere on Facebook did I ever publicly post a
link to that network marketing company's products. I really forced those who had an
interest to reach out to me.

So I was very big at creating curiosity. And I
wasn't out there just pitching but again because I didn't just post the link like
most network marketers do like who you know go grab it here like that's not the
strategy that I would use on the Facebook at all. On YouTube it may be a
little bit different because you can rank for certain keywords. So if you're
doing some type of product review you know I think that it's a different story
on YouTube, but on Facebook that wasn't the case. And so I knew to really get
people reaching out to me. I had to withhold that link and so I talked about
the benefits of the products. And you can see if you want to check out the
particular video you know how I actually went about this about talking about each
product without mentioning the name of it. And you know so after that I went
live a couple of times.

I did a few lifestyle posts all of that below check
it below you can see every single post that I did. Then I did a two-week
check in which you can see from the picture right above. I basically just
shared my results you know posted again another before-and-after picture and you
know what I where I was before versus you know like the two week check-in. And
that particular post on my two week check it ended up getting over 200
comments. I really started generating a lot of leads from there and did a couple
of videos then I did a three-week check in that you can see from the image. I did
a four-week check in and that four-week check in is when I really started
getting generating a ton and ton of leads for it. Because you know people
were able to really see that transformation. They were able to see the
transformation and how far I had come and again I wasn't out there like
promoting other people's results or sharing a bunch of stuff on my Facebook
Timeline talking about Susie losing this and checking out her stuff.

I wanted to keep
it very authentic. I wanted to keep it just about me and my own journey. And so
you know that four-week check-in ended up getting me you know right under 300
was like 299 comments. Now, right after that four-week check-in I ended up doing
a Facebook live where again I shared what products I was using. I talked about
the program again without mentioning company name, without posting any links
directly, you know forcing people to really reach out to me. And when I did
that live video I also announced a giveaway, okay? So, I decided to do
something really fun and I decided to give away a pair of Brooks running
shoes. They're pretty expensive running shoes. They run around I want to say it
like a hundred and fifty dollars. So, when I did this giveaway I gave away
something that was pretty substantial you know something that people really
wanted. And the reason why those shoes kind of aligned with the program is
because you know the program doesn't only consist of products but it also
like has some lifestyle changes.

And one of the lifestyle changes that I made
during you know this journey that I was on was actually getting up and walking
you know so I was walking 7,500 steps a day. I really needed some good life
walking shoes or running shoes and so that's why I decided to give that away.
And that giveaway what that did whenever I did that video was it again I
generated way like a lot of leads. I generated way more sales for my business
but also you know it was a fun way to get some of those fence sitters off the
fence by creating some urgency by giving them some type of incentive to actually
take action. And because the giveaway was a really freaking good giveaway you know
it moved a lot of people who were on the fence. And so the the giveaway ran for
about six days and you know you can look at the entire thing I'll
link it below.

But you know again it created some urgency and what I did was
even though I did a couple other post after that giveaway any time that
somebody this is kind of the thing when I did the live video and I announced
like what the giveaway was anytime that I signed up a new customer during that
time what I would do is go back to the comments of that particular Facebook
live and I would post in the comments, "Hey you know, now there's you know 20
people enter it in the giveaway.

You know 6 more days left or 3 more days left." And
anytime somebody would come, I would keep that post going.
I would keep milking it I would keep posting in there so that it can continue
if I can speak it would continue getting out into the newsfeed of more people. Now,
I want to say during those particular six days when I was running that contest
I want to say just didn't that week just in that time timeframe I had over 20
like 20 to 25 customers maybe 26 people who were actually entered into it which
was really, really cool. And then a couple of days before the end of the month I
went live again just announcing the winner. And so that was really my entire
strategy and how I went out there and I was able to close 64 customers. You know, I generated over 350 leads, closed 64 of them. And you know that's the thing that
I want you to keep in mind is you know I was the type of person I was not hard
closing anyone.

You know, my whole perspective and outlook is you know if
somebody's ready to really take action they're gonna take action you know. So I
was not a hard closer. I wasn't out there like overcoming a bunch of rejections. It
was just like, "Hey, you know, this is what you're struggling with…" I would find out
what they were struggling with, what they needed help with. If they had used you
know anything in the past and if they did use something in the past I wanted
to know kind of why it didn't work. And so by knowing some back story once I did
generate those leads that's what allowed me to really go out there and close more
sales. But again, I wasn't like going out there pitching hardcore.

If somebody said,
"Hey, you know, maybe next time or I want to think about it." "Hey, that's fine." When
you're ready you know I'm here chat. So I just wanted to kind of you
know share that with you as well. So that kind of wraps it up. Hope you got
some value from today's video and here's my question because I think it's more so
me kind of sharing you know my story with you and then you looking over some
of those posts and you really getting a feel for exactly how I was able to go
out there and do this. Look at the pictures that I posted. Look at how I
shared my journey you know and I was again did it in an authentic way where I
wasn't out there just pitching, talking about how awesome these products were
that you've got to try them. I just took people on a journey and you know so my
question of the day is I want you to let me know in the comments below what
industry you're in and how you are going to use this information to craft some
type of promotion or some type you know to craft something that you can actually
do to move your business forward to help more people to impact more people and
take people on a journey with you.

So let me know how you're going to do that.
I would love to see how you have it mapped out. And again, if you did get some value
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Again, I post new videos each and every week and feel free to share it out.
Sharing is caring but with that being said, hope you have the most amazing day.
If you have any particular questions around this topic, drop it in the
comments let me know I'll be happy to share with you.

It maybe something wasn't
clear or you know maybe you need some tips or some suggestions you know just
be sure to drop those in the comments and I will be happy to respond. I do go
back and respond to each and every one of those but hope you have the most
amazing day and I'll see you back next time for another video. Bye for now!.

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