Social Media Marketing – Do Social Media Marketing Activities Increase Brand Equity?

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hey on this episode we're talking about
do social media marketing activities increase brand equity
stay tuned hey what's up what's going on this is all are coming to you live from
my Empire pro studios in this episode you will learn what social media
marketing has to do with brand agree and recognition for your business okay
I have a question that came in and I like to dive in right away as usual oh
hey Allah please help I'm trying to get more sales from my traffic I'm
generating leads finally but no one is buying that's a very common problem okay
and and and gurus take advantage of that heavy but I'm gonna share with you for
free in this video how to overcome that obstacle it's a sales conversion easier
right what am I doing wrong I mean there's a number of things you could be
doing wrong okay when it comes to sales conversion you're generating a lot of
traffic no sales well maybe you're not generating enough traffic that's that's
we can start from there alright but you also have to remember that not all
traffic are created equal okay your source of traffic is also a
big deal if you're generating traffic from a list of our sponsored email to
someone's list that's already been beaten up so bad that people just you
know people just come in to check it out but they're never gonna buy that's a
possibility a lot of lists at traffic exchange websites are like that a lot of
our solo ad sellers list are like that and you know they've seen it all you
know they will come in they will obtain the optimal with a junk email box that
they created specifically for things like that and then we never buy that's
possible as well so quality of the traffic is a big deal
so if first thing I said is the quantity of traffic the quality of traffic can be
a big deal right and also it could be also maybe a marketing message once
somebody opt-in your marketing message that the opt-in
too can be a problem so for example for our no for two years now I've been
testing webinars and a lot of gurus who walk around and claim that webinars
convert better webinar convert better for high ticket and I have converted
even of $15,000 $15,000 $20,000 product on a webinar and that was extremely
profitable because one still was able to swallow whatever expenses I created to
make that happen but the truth of the matter is that if
you don't have a product that's that expensive you could be digging a hole
for yourself or that you're not gonna come out of it with any profit any time
soon all right so so like I said depends on
your marketing message the fourth thing is it depends on it depends on the on
the funnel okay so if you're sending people through
a webinar and you're not selling something to them right away as soon as
they opt-in you don't lose some people because people's attention span is
extremely low right because there's oversupply of information I don't know
if it's oversupply but there's a lot of supply of information on the internet
and people see so much and when they see so much of the same kind then you know
then you're gonna have less results okay that's why it's more important now than
ever before to have a brand equity okay to have brand equity to build brand
okay build yourself brand build yourself a say as a brand you incorporated that
means people see you and they and they fall in love with you because there can
be only so much of you right there's only just one of you right but when you
sell the same thing that everyone is selling without putting your own you
know your own stamp on it your own brand stamp on it that can make it a lot more
difficult to sell because they've seen it all they've seen all the fancy videos
more and more and more and more they've seen enough of those right and because
of that every time somebody tells them they're gonna make another 5 10 thousand
dollars in the next month they've heard that before they think in scam right the
brain the alarm is going off in there like yeah you're right it's another one
of those right so the only way to beat around that that particular factor right
there is build a self brand okay so four things again quantity of traffic may not
be enough quality of traffic maybe a knowledge just bad right and then your
marketing message may not be good enough you need to you need to become your
messaging to the compelling need to be persuasive and that there's a science
that it's a hard and a science but it's a science to having a persuasive
marketing message that makes people want to pull that trigger and spend money
with you you need to learn that as well too there are few things you need to
address in that the key thing in those is make sure you're addressing the
problem and you are dressing it up with a solution a question with an answer
paying with pleasure and then you also like because you do any of those thing I
just said it doesn't guarantee they're gonna take you up on the offer
but now you gotta make them feel like it's guarantee you you gotta be
persuasive enough that they would guarantee themselves that this is what
I'm looking for right you want them to sell themselves because of your words of
persuasion you want them to sell themselves on doing business with you
okay and and if there's a heart and it's scienced that that you need to learn on
how to do that okay sometimes you see people do guarantee they do testimonials
sometimes people want to relate with other people's social proof right
sometimes people want to see a number of views before they take action some
people need to hear you hear your in person you need to hear the context so
context is a big deal just content content it's not enough anymore because
we have enough of that but context is what you create when you
do serve rant when you're the one that build a relationship with people and
you're talking to them on a one-on-one basis then all of a sudden context start
growing okay so this is not just about social media marketing even though
there's no such thing as internet without social media anymore so I'll say
it's about social media right but this is about showing up all the time I'm
building your brand equity so it has everything to do with your brand
actually especially self brand okay and if you have a logo that
you're trying to build brand around make sure that that run
that that logo is personalized that people can relate to it somehow someway
because people like to do business with people they know like and trust okay
they need to feel like they know you like you and trust you they need to feel
that okay that means you need to be a person or you need to have a persona if
it's a logo right they need to be able to relate with you somehow someway
before they do business with you and sometimes that takes time that's why you
need to show up consistently because the way people measure that sometimes is
trust okay like I said you need to feel like they know like and trust you and
Trust is what consistency you're consistent okay
they know that you show up every day that you're gonna be there every time if
every time you start something then you jump on something else
you're gonna lose some trust there are people that have the money to buy the
way through that that obstacle but an average person doesn't if you follow
gurus to every deal the Guru you don't wanna be comparing yourself to them
because they may have the money to be able to buy they buy their way through
that if you don't have that kind of money then you need to build a brand you
need to build a brand and show all the time
now this context around everything I said so don't take me out of context too
much the key thing what I'm saying is that you are showing up and you're
consistent your she's constantly showing up in a marketplace and people can now
the beaut trust they can trust you right and that affect sales so that could be a
good reason why you're not generating sales you could be looking at it way too
early maybe this before your list don't know you enough which is why you have to
email your list on a on a regular okay on the honors consistent basis you need
to email your list and that's part of showing up every day that's part of
building consistency with your brand and yes that's part of building obviously
the brand equity see people every time they see you they're not necessarily
gonna buy now but then you've just planted another seed right every time
this you show up again with another valuable content right didn't-didn't
then you plant that seed again right everything you think you plant a little
bit of seed and then what you want to do is you want to keep building that Bank
once you're able to cash out okay when are you gonna cash out I don't know
that's why you gotta show up consistent every day consistently every day what I
can guarantee you that is you sure concern me every day one of the hardest
things for human beings to do is to be consistent okay that's one of hardest
things for human beings to do to commit and be consistent now you cannot be
consistent if you don't commit all right so you need commitment obviously you
commit to it and be consistent okay you can't do one without the other okay
specifically you cannot be consistent unless you commit regardless of what
you're gonna show up every day you make money or not you're gonna show up every
day whatever that is in your business you need to position yourself so the
third thing here is that you need to position yourself so you can be
consistent if you swallow too much more than you can chew then you're
positioning yourself to fail that's why if you go to the gym right if you're
trying to lift all the weight and every weight every day you're beating yourself
up and you can break it back and then you can't come back anymore or maybe
you're just too tired can come back anymore but if you focus on reps right
maximum that you can repeat over and over and over again then you can really
really train stamina you can train the body on stamina you can train the body
on strength and it's the same thing in business it works the same exact way you
want to position yourself for longevity for consistency for long term yes you
can get some short-term results but you want to always focus on position
yourself for long term brand equity that's growing perpetually okay and
that's what you do when you share content when you publish content on
social media every day so can social media activities increase your brand
equity absolutely absolutely let me consume the question here that
there's more so I spent the last year saving money because I noticed that all
the top leaders are buying traffic and winning yeah like I said don't compare
yourself to those people because they may be able to afford they may have
other income sources they may have enough equity of brand in the
marketplace to be able to do that don't compare yourself to that okay
I figured I need to buy two well here's the thing
if you have revenue coming in you can spend 20% of that revenue on buying
traffic ok no more than 20% if 20% is not enough that means you're not
building enough brand yet that means your brand is not you need to be
publishing content on a regular and you need to be using other sources of
traffic like you know talking to people one on one picking people's interest
whatever you know that doesn't mean you have to go talk to your family and
friends that's not what I'm saying but that's provided you cannot secure a job
if you have a job then you need to literally dedicate some of that money
you're making from that job to this business if you believe in the business
enough so really what I wanted to say is secure a job if you don't have
everything yet so you can start spending a thousand two thousand three thousand
dollars but no more than 20% of your revenue okay in any any given month on
paid marketing so you can build a sustainable business you to grow
steadily surely but you be around for a long time as opposed to people that come
and go right so he says I've spent five thousand dollars in the last two weeks
yeah that doesn't sound like that doesn't sound right
unless you spent it on course on a course or questioned that doesn't sound
right if you spent that on marketing without knowing what you're doing that
does not sound right okay on an average okay some on Facebook marketing and
someone sponsored emails I have had two or three sales well I don't know it's
two or three sales equals to $5,000 if not then that's bad right if it's equal
to $5,000 you're not doing badly right so I don't know that's not enough
information for me to George right and that just doesn't feel right yeah in my
business I can make two or three sales and I can easy easily result in two or
three sales can easily result in $75,000 okay so it depends on what we're talking
about and you're the average customer value in your funnel okay first of all
should I spend all this money on social media PPC or I am NOT just patient
enough I would say both okay no you should not be spending all that money on
PPC unless that's 20% or less that's less than 20%
revenue for existing revenue or that's coming from a set budget from a day job
that you know you'll be around for a long time okay and for as long as you
want I mean okay then you should not be spending all that money on PPC so it's a
percentage issue what is twenty percent of your revenue okay that's all you
should be spending at any given time on paid marketing okay for an average
person okay if you have a deep pocket like some of those gurus then knock
yourself out chances are you know what you're doing already hopefully right oh
I'm not just patient enough it could be as well – you got to be patient
patience is a virtue patience is everything as a matter of fact today in
my family we talked about patience and we use some scripture things to follow
it patience or something I'm still learning it's an ongoing back – for me I
gotta be a lot more patient personally rotations there's some things that you
cannot control in life and the only thing you can do about that is be
patient okay focus on the things you can control focus on where you can apply
energy and import and effort and then be patient with everything else and don't
respond to everything else don't let go respond with anxiety and fear to
everything else you can't control because you make things worse so
patience is definitely a big deal in business relationships and life in
general okay so if you want step-by-step on how I use social media marketing to
build my equity my brand equity in the marketplace you see the link on the
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that below with me hopefully you've been enlightened and educated and I'll see
you on the next one peace

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