Preparing And Cooking Brisket on Both Weber® Gas & Traeger Pellet BBQs

Welcome to the Riverside Barbecue Centre. I have got a great treat for you today. Two massive huge briskets and the best thing is I’ve got Gary from Dr. Evil, who’s going to cook these and prepare them and the show us how to do it because he is the expert. Gary come and join us and welcome and thank you once again, thank you. Where’s the flesh from? You know that the fleshes from Meat Me At Home online murderers, and she’s brilliant isn’t she? Rebecca’s really, really gone, certainly supportive.And very attractive? yeah yeah haha. Right I’m going to leave Gary to prepare this and I’ll impede popping in and out as the day goes on but i’m really looking forward to this should be good fun, Gary, shouldn’t it. And thanks very much, we really appreciate your help. It’s ok, it’s my pleasure. Thank you. Thank you Russell. Hello everybody, I’m Gary from Dr. Evil Barbecue. Today I’m going to be showing you how to cook a full packer brisket.We get asked all the time what is a full packer brisket, how do I cook it? A full packer brisket is made up with two muscles, it is the point and the flat muscle and it comes from the breast area of the cow. It’s an American barbecue step all and mail from the gods certainly. It’s a beautiful cut of meat, if it’s cooked properly, it’s just unadulterated BBQ porn for want of a better message. It’s the beefiest beef you are ever going to have. So what we need to do is start off by decoration it. What we want to do is reduce the solid that won’t interpret and leaving as much overweight as I possibly can that will keep the meat nice and juicy.What we want to do is stop the brisket from drying out. Dry brisket is is the worst thing you can eat. I’ve got the juicy moist tender brisket, is it is really a beautiful thing, regardless I’ll stop jabbering. What we need to do is cut out the clods of hard solid, there’s an example of the hard obesity there. What “weve been” don’t want is that, it isn’t going to render , no matter how long you cook it, this hard overweight is not going to cook. So I want to take all that off so i’ll start by trimming it down.Let’s have a look, meet what we can take off now. This overweight here, I’m going to take that off because I want to expose as much of the meat face as is practicable for my rub. The solid can act as a obstacle and stop the rub from probing the flesh, so we want to take quite a fair bit of that off. Can see this brisket is an Aussie brisket and “youre seeing” the marbling that hopefully is going to keep it moist while we’re cooking.So there you can see that that’s already starting to look better. If you look now you can see just starting to appear is a line of solid that runs between the two muscles. This is a flat, what they call a flat and this is the point, as a big seam of overweight feeds between the two. For rivalries I would shave that further but for home cooking there’s no need. So what’s the difference between point and flat? The flat is much leaner and the point is much, much fattier. The flat is where you get your wedges and the point is where you get your burnt purposes. So I likewise want to do is shirt the brisket. That’s it, that’s all I’m going to do. That’s the finished product. So we’re going to do the two on two different barbecues, yeah? Yep, we’re going to do one on the Weber gas grill the brand-new Weber Genesis, Genesis FourBurner the LX. And we’re going to do that one hot and fast and we’re going to do a few seconds one on a Traeger Pellet grill, low-toned and gradual and we’re to see how the two come out.They search ready, they’re ready, they’re ready. So the next stages and I’m going to watch very carefully because I want to nick your project and make it as mine, is the injecting of these. briskets. Ok. so i’ll pass it over to you. A very simple injection recipe you don’t have to infuse the brisket but if it decides to do it is therefore will help and this is a simple dwelling recipe , good-for-nothing to do with competition.Competition doses are able to obtain particularly, very complicated. So what we’re going to do Baxter’s finest beef consomme, for a nice beefy spice we’re gonna have a cup of that. There we go there’s a beaker of that. A little bit of twang, I want half a goblet of apple cider vinegar. All these ingredients you can get from your regional supermarket; Tesco’s, Sainsbury’s, other supermarket are available.Half a goblet of cider vinegar, is in addition to that, little bit of unami flavouring. We’re gonna have a one-quarter goblet of Worcester sauce. On exceed of that I’m going to articulate a tablespoon of the rub that we’re going to be using so that we get the flavour of the rub deep into the brisket. What rub is that? That is Holy Cow, Holy Wow Meat Church.Then I’m going to add cosmos earmarked coalesce brisket injection, merely a tablespoon of that. All these parts are just amping up the beef flavor. We’ve got a tablespoon of that and finish off three beakers of spray. Ready for this? Ready. Right, let’s get injecting. Same when you go to doctors for hemming a needle. Pretty much yeah. So what we’re going to do with that lovely injection that we’ve prepare which is nice and beefy and got a little bit of our Meat Church Holy Cow BBQ Rub, little bit of cider vinegar, Worcester sauce.We’re going to inject that into the meat, get our spices deep inside the meat You can use a business injector, they’re readily accessible. But I opt only a ordinary basic syringe that cost your pound with a very fine tip needle. What we do find the speck of the flesh and going with the speck of the meat, at an inclination. Pierce down to about half way, crush and back away at the same time so that you leaving the injection in the flesh. For every inch, make love again. Squeeze, draw back, in, constrict, pull back you can’t see it on the camera but as I’m doing it the meat is starting to swell. The infusion is going deep inside lay all the flavors deep into the tissue of the meat. Tell you what, anticipate are going to get both briskets done with this, there’s quite a lot of wipe isn’t there.That’s it done. This brisket i’m going to do with my rivalry rubs, this is a blend of commercially available wipes but I’m not going to tell you what the merge is. This is literally an offtheshelf rub, the other brisket we’re going to do with some Meat Church Holy Cow BBQ Rub but for this one I’m going full rival chafe with my personal blend and fund rub.That’s a good chafe, Big Poppa smokers, yeah. They’re my two tournament brisket rubs. What you do basically layer. There you go, a neat thick-skulled coat of that. Leave that for 20 minutes and I’ll fling it over, do the same again. Right, first side’s done, is tacked up. I’ll raising it up, kept it in a tray and do the other side. Done. Foil and freeze over night. Right, lets get going with these briskets then, Gary. We “il go to” do one on the Traeger and then one on the new Weber Genesis LX FourBurner and you know what I’m really looking forward to how we’re going to cook that on there because we’ve never done on the gas before basically, we’re doing two different methods, we’re doing one low-toned and slow on the Traeger Pellet Grill and we’re doing hot and fast on the gas grill( Weber Genesis LX FourBurner ). It’s not really a likenes between the two forces, it’s a comparison between low-toned and gradual and hot and fast brisket, it’ll be interesting won’t it. Right, let’s do the other one.Right, let’s do this one on then, Gary. I’ll encumber it for you. Thank you. Oh dear, that reviews good once. We’ve got this on about 350? 325. So we’ve got it on the two burners this side and these two burners are off. Yep. So we’ve got a cool zone and a cook zone. Merely to tidy up my fingerprints.It’ll be interesting, won’t it, is how this comes out? Yep. We’ve got the Traeger Pellet Grill on much, much less. This is 325, the Traeger Pellet Grill’s around about 200 with the smoker chest, I’ve place two smoker containers in because I think it will need it. With hickory wood chips? yep yeah. I reckon that this BBQ will play-act well. I’m really would like to have it, I’ve been fix steaks on it and that really works well, let’s see what it does with the brisket. Let’s hope. Here’s one we prepared earlier. Look at Gary, that’s looking good. Let’s be disposed of these. Add a little bit of splosh, this is basically the injection that we abused simply to add a bit more moisture and a bit more flavour.You don’t need much, half a bowl full should do it.That’s going to keep it nice and moist inside. What we’ve done it with smoked brisket and now we’re going to tenderise it. What’s that been on there now? It’s about 10 hours at about 200. So how long has that got to go back on for now? Basically now we’re just watching the temperature. You can’t really cook by duration you have to probe, watch the temperature, probe, watch the temperature, probe, until you get where it is possible articulated the probe in and it just goes in like butter, there’s no resistance from the meat at all and that’s going to be anywhere between 195 fahrenheit and 205 fahrenheit. We are there, Gary, several hours later, a few hours. How countless? 15. Let’s go for it shall we? Right, the brisket was cooked until it contacted 215 which is higher than I would normally take it but as I said before it’s not done by temperature or era, it’s done by feel and what you’re feeling for is your probe.I use the Thermapen Probe to slip into the meat with little to no defiance. If you look there it is, we want the examination precisely to slither in, look at that. Really to slide , no resistance whatsoever. That necessitates it done, what I’d commonly do is wrap this up, left open in the a warmed cambro box or a cool chest for 2/3 hours just for it to reabsorb. What I’m going to do with this particular brisket as I’ve got two. I’m going to drag this one out. You can see how adaptable it is and we’re going to remove the point. And obligate some burnt terminates, ok so we want to retain this liquid, desegregate that with our BBQ sauce later.We can move that out the room. What I want to do is follow the line of solid, through the place, remove it. That pieces really nice, doesn’t it. You interpret we got smoke on there. neat pink. This part here is a flat, where I’ll be get my slices but up here is still quite a fatty part so I’m going to cut that off there and that’s also going to go for a burnt culminate. What we really need to do is wrap this back up with some of the earmarked liquid. Simply a sprinkle. Only so taht the brisket can reabsorb that. Here’s a muddled fleck again. Give it some adore( It is Valentines Day ). Then throw it in your cool to keep warm, like I said this this cooler has been prewarmed with cook ocean. All i want to do is chipped them into nice squares. Doesn’t really matter how they ogle, for a competition you want to present as best you can but for our purposes we just want nice big chunks of meat.You can be found in the nice pink, smoke resounding. Put those in a pan to be going on the cooker. There you go, there’s your traditional burnt cease. It’s not cooked hitherto but more cooking to go. What we do is take some of the earmarked liquid from the foil, mixture it with a little bit barbecue sauce. Give those a good coating.That’s ready to go back on the grill. We’ll check these in an hour, see how they’re doing. Right, can we cook a brisket on Weber Genesis LX FourBurner? Let’s see. What do you calculate then, Gary? You’re the expert. I previously know, I’ve checked it. You’ve already probed it, haven’t you? I have probed it. Look at that, thats on a gas BBQ. We should measure, oh yeah look at that. How many hours has that been participating in, since about 8 o’lock this morning? We’ve got a little wobble on it as well. In total about six hours. Red-hot and fast, six hours. What temperature? The grill was at 325 and it’s done at 208, gorgeous. Gives go and prepare it. Right, so we’ve cause this remain for an hour. Let’s have a go on it shall we? Let’s have a look.That does inspection good. There’s plenty of liquid. There we go. Right, what we doing. We want to have a look at the stage or the flat. Let’s have a look at the spot. That’s amazing. There you go, the fatties perfectly interpreted. That’s just the solid coming off the top but we don’t really require, but you can eat it if “youre trying to”. People queuing up the grill supermarkets to get that part. Right, makes have a look at a slice. The cereal is running, gather that away, so we shall have a slice. Let’s get back in the liquid. Now this is off the gas grill so I wouldn’t expect to see too much colouring but there is a tiny little tint in there. Yeah the pinkness So we’ve cooked this on the brand-new Weber Genesis LX and it should certainly come out well , not as much smoking as we naturally like but we can try and improve that but what a splendid result.Are you pleased with that? Yeah it’s good. And you are the master, there’s no doubt about. That is just absolutely superb and I’m looking forward to tucking into that. Gary, it’s been a great day. Thanks very much for showing me how to do briskets in accordance with the rules that you get it on. It is absolutely brilliant, I can’t believe it. I know you’re a great devotee of the Traeger and so am I, but what do you think of this Weber Genesis LX and the performance of doing that brisket. I was pleasantly stunned and we’ve done it in two completely different ways but i’m quite impressed with what it can do. It’s good, wasn’t it? I know the smoking wasn’t it freedom but that can be achieved. Yeah that can be modified, we didn’t have enough microchips on there and didn’t have them relatively in the best place but can always change it.It’s just rehearse, for a first for cook doing a full packer brisket, really good. Yeah, really gone. And the burnt ceases which we’ll look forward to at the end. Thanks for listening. It’s been an ultimate desire having Gary here for the day. We’ve really enjoyed it, we’ve been working throughout the night as well don’t forget if you need any admonition go onto our YouTube channel, you can email Gary, email me. We are always on the end of the phone if you need any help. Don’t forget at Riverside we’re always here for you and I hope this video has been very useful to you.Thanks for listening. Hey, you’re supposed to wait for me before you started tucking in. I’ve been doing the filming while you’ve been … Oh, thank you very much. I’m having my own portion, thank you. That’s brilliant. Hmm, very good, very good, very good ..

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