Oats Studios – Volume 1 – Cooking With Bill: Sushi

[][ studio gathering praises] And welcome back. We are debuting thenew Magiblend 200, and this time, Bill is goingto show you somethingtruly amazing. Thanks, Karyn. Now, I know a lot of youare sushi eaters, and for those of youwho don’t know what sushi is, it’s the latestfood craze from Japan.[ audience oohs] Now, what the hell is you say if I told you thatthe Magiblend could prepare delicioussushi for you? No! It certainlycan. Now, let’s “re saying you” wantsome savory salmon nigiri, or better hitherto, you crave a salmon wheel. Well, you justput your parts into the Magiblend 200… you can’t make-up sushiwithout rice. That’s right. Seaweed … They devour the seaweed there. Isn’t that something? All right, I thinkthat will do it. And then you close the lid, and you press this button …[ beeping] Someday, they’ll beserving sushi on aeroplanes. No! Can you imagine?[ beep] Wow! Just like that! Just like that. Savory sushi.[ audience oohs][ kudo][ audience gasps][ clearing throat] These are Japanese cutlerycalled chopsticks, and, uh, I’ll merely use themon this delicious sushi .[ clearing throat] Do we havesome scissors, Karyn, that … can trim … trim hair? I see it.[ clearing throat] All right! So, uh … it’s sushi, just like in Japan.[ restraint][ gushing][ honk] Oats !.

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