My Minimalist Micro Apartment Makeover

Many thanks to MADE.COM for sponsoring this video. So as many of you probably know, = Nisha and I moved out of our flat not long ago. However, we have it the past few months a little neglected … With everything that is currently in the world going on, it just made a lot more sense for us to live with my mom temporarily. So we Have moved almost everything. But somehow, at exactly the same time, MADE.COM got in touch to work together to refurbish this space as our second home, as part of their MADEover series This is our brand new MADEover apartment … Our first MAKEover of this space was incredible functional and enabled us to do so much more than we should have been able to do with this small apartment.

But probably because I am an architect and not an interior designer the only thing that didn't do so well to make us feel cozy, and while it was incredibly functional and minimalist, it still felt somewhat cold and harsh. . So when MADE got in touch to collaborate for a video, I knew it was changing the perception of minimalist spaces and that they are lifeless and cold was well worth investigating …

This table is the first piece of furniture we have ever bought from MADE.COM and it's actually what made the layout of this whole apartment work in the first place. They are two tables in one, so it changes from coffee to dining table height and it is also possible it can be expanded to a maximum of six people, which is definitely the game changer for small spaces. We used to have white console storage that also worked as a seat, but we found they were decent were hard and were not particularly comfortable to sit on for a long time.

That's why we used often instead folding chairs that easily fit in our built-in cupboard. Since we didn't shove these on the floor for long, it meant we had a rug could put it down. This drastically softened the space and I never realized how crucial this was for houses with hard floors. Non-reflective surfaces absorb so much noise and leave the room there immediately look and sound more inviting, which is radically different compared to a room that feels echoic and harsh. This also meant that we now have console storage could use as something more decorative and substantial. We decided for this beautiful one oak sideboard, which gives us extra space at an easier accessible height for food, linens or clothing. What's great is that the curved ends line up perfectly with the opening to our bedroom and that the slatted wood adds so much warmth and visual interest, which is otherwise absent from space.

As before, we still use a projector to show and watch documentaries by using our blackout roller blind for windows as a large blank background to project on. Normally we do this from our sofa which stands on delicate but sturdy metal legs. This allows your eyes to see the floor underneath, making a room unconsciously feel bigger, since our brains see this extra floor space as space for our feet to inhabit. In addition, raised furniture can also serve as a place to hide larger items, which turns out to be a handy location for our vacuum cleaner and toolboxes. Today it is especially important to also have a workplace at home. This desk is great for small spaces because it is not overly deep or wide, but still has plenty of storage space with drawers under the table top, which does not take away any space for your feet. For the clumsy aesthetics of large corporate office chairs to avoid it, we've also decided to choose something that wouldn't look out of place in a homely environment.

At first glance, this chair looks like your typical armchair, but it can just turn while maintaining a traditional look with wooden legs, which means we can still sit comfortably at our desk without detracting from the relaxed and cozy atmosphere. In the bedroom, things have also changed from the super storage bed we had before for something more elegant. That old bed was an absolute storage monster but even my non-minimalist wife failed to fill it in our small studio apartment. Sleeping on a high bed is not for everyone and since we have been living in small spaces for a while, we have also realized how much we can further streamline and tidy up our stuff, allowing us to use a more traditional alternative. This elegant wooden platform bed stands also on legs to make the room feel more spacious and with the space we now have underneath , we have room for these felt organizers, which also act as drawers for less used or seasonal clothing such as jackets and sportswear.

And they have the added bonus of being foldable for when not in use. A great option for this set up is if we ever need space again for larger items, you can put lightweight beds like this one on boosters that cover the bed lift immediately to make room for large boxes and suitcases. Because we have the sides of the bed no longer had to keep free for pulling in and out drawers, this meant that we actually did could have a bedside table. This one is great because it has an opening for cables, so have it now we have a good home to charge my Kindle and store all the books we currently read before going to sleep. I didn't want a headboard in this room that might make the room feel smaller than it already is so we decided to paint the wall with a light gray paint from Lick as well to create the illusion of a headboard without sacrificing space.

Also although we are lucky that MADE provides all this great furniture, what really brings everything together are the small details in the room, such as lamps, prints and plants. Videographers know that typical floodlights give off a very harsh, unflattering light for videos and I have realized that this is also often a reason why many homes can feel less sophisticated than Others. So one way to instantly make a room more attractive is through interesting ones and adding varied soft light sources. The Danish term "Hygge" (the word that describes spaces being both cozy and charming) is often associated with candles. However, we discovered that they are not that good work in small spaces, especially with clumsy people like us. Instead, we found that LED floor and table lamps really add a touch of warmth and luxury by providing a soft, warm glow and a cozy atmosphere without the potential fire hazard.

Finally, these plants we have from Patch also bring some life in an otherwise lifeless environment. Since plants also help with air quality, they are one welcome addition to well-used spaces and make it much more inviting and pleasant to stay. Over time, we've found that small spaces only become efficient and pleasant to be in. when each item is carefully considered and formulated for a range of specific needs, which are often very different for different people.

Since MADE.COM offers to work with me on this video, we succeeded to keep the same minimalist color palette we know and love while using softer materials and shapes, which is really reflected in our functional, cozy and inviting apartment. Minimalism is something I talk about a lot on this channel and it's all about you happy with what you already have, and of course in this video I'm not telling you that you have to completely redecorate your apartment like us, as this was done only by MADE.COM and y'all come back to check out my content every time I upload so seriously, thank you very much! If designer, the purpose of this video was really just to show how, for many of them us, our homes are the places where we spend most of our time, especially now.

So if you have the resources or incentive, it is probably worth considering making your own home your happy place. Living in a small apartment like ours, or even a student room or basement, is not always experienced as pleasant. But in this video I wanted to show you that you don't have to settle for it being so. Hopefully it was by showing you what we did with our have done space in some way useful or inspiring to make your own space your own happy one and I think a careful approach to our interiors can sometimes go a long way for a happier and healthier life. Like an architect I know designer furniture that looks this good can be really, really aesthetically pleasing expensive, but with MADE.COM their mission is to prove that investing in great design is not that inaccessible should be as you might have thought.

So if you are interested in something out this video, as always all links are in the description below. If you liked this video, i would also be curious what you think of this new, cozier design in comparison with our previous layout, so check out my previous video using the link at the end of the video and let me know in the comments which one you liked the most. Whole again thank you very much for watching (and making this happen!) and I'll see you guys in the next ….

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