How to track metrics for your social media marketing – PixelTV Ep. 52

Hello, PixelTV fans and Hootsuite pros. In this episode, I’ll share one easy way
to get metrics for your social media marketing. Be sure to like and subscribe if you’d like
to see more videos like this. And if you’re missing our bloopers, those
will be at the end of the video. If you’re already paying for a Hootsuite
account, even just the lowest cost professional plan, you can take advantage of analytics
that will help improve your social media marketing. Basically, what I’m saying is, this is something
that’s included in your paid Hootsuite account. So you might as well be using it. Currently, Hootsuite’s analytics will report
on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. For Facebook, you can choose which page specifically
you want to see metrics for. To check your analytics, go specifically to
the analytics tab for your account. You may need to click to go to your new analytics
instead of the old reports. From here, you can check out a lot of different
statistics for different spans of time. These are real-time analytics, so they’re
very up to date. For Twitter, you can see the number of posts
(or tweets), followers, engagement, and traffic for a certain length of time that you choose.

The metrics are shown in a couple of different
ways, and you can see which tweets received the most engagement. You can do the same for your Facebook page
and your Instagram account if you’re using one for your organization. Paying attention to what people like in your
social media marketing can help you do more of that in the future. You can build on that popular content to get
in front of more people who need to know what you do. If you enjoyed this episode, be sure to like
or subscribe! Next time, we'll be talking about ways you
can integrate MailChimp and Facebook.

Stay tuned for our bloopers in just a second..

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