How To Master 5 Basic Cooking Skills | Gordon Ramsay

first how to chop an onion This is[ the] spring that’s absolutely crucial leave[ that] on there you trimmed that off the onion will begin to bleed and you’ll start crying Rapidly Slice go forward that force of the spear do the employ Three paws one in front two behind and this part of the knuckle is Gonna guide the spear Fingers on top of the onion spot the bayonet towards the root and[ try] to get as close[ to] the beginning as possible nice long stroke And then propagandize the onion back together push the bayonet Halfway in to the onion slightly tilt the bayonet down one at the top And then controlling the onion like a tennis ball impounding it together in place With the heavines of the blade to cut through that onion to get to the base[ of] the root Again turn it round up and down motion And that’s what we left there.No waste really the spring and seem There you’ve got a really nice finely chopped onion Brown rice the tycoon of all Rice’s lighter fluffy yummy, and I’m going to show you how to cook it perfectly now start off with 400 grams of Rice rice in spoton Something to do now is just rinse off the dust and start cold water ever And is rinse the rice that[ stops] the rice from becoming clumpy in the wash and allowed it appetizing delightful flare and fluffy Once it’s cooked rice into the pan[ now] to make a plain fluffy rice exciting. We’re going to choose it three cardamom Cod And just get the husks and just[ penetrate] them so it allows all that flavor to come out cardamom Cod, and then Star anis now these are beautiful whole Star anis It starts it really charming and fragrant Salt and seasoning pile easier to season the rice now Then it is once.It’s cooked We start to break up when you season once it’s cooked now basically one component rise to one and a half fraction water six hundred mils ever would like to start in cold water cold water in onto the gas Lid on creating it up to the ball as quick as possible and turn it down and cause it simmer for eight to ten minutes and that’s The secret behind cooking huge rice enabling it to steam as it’s prepare Do not filch that lid up Lid off Mmm, it smells Sweet-scented basically all the water absorbed the rice has double-dealing in immensity and is nice and light-footed and fluffy take the perform[ in][ serenity] out the Cardamom Pods the all should have risen to the top cod out Take your fork[ fluff] it through basically just sort of starts to open thing back up Once[ you’ve] engaged you through[ becomes] really charming and glowing[ and] fluffy and there that is perfectly cooked rice This is basically a fileted place of salmon.It’s been taken off the bone and now surface off Pick up your pierce a really nice broad flexible[ affinity] spear little Sharpen lift up the base of the tail and then exactly nick a little at the end there twist the knife almost as if it’s Horizontally underneath the salmon draw the skin and you slice The salmon underneath and give the knife do the work now get your skin Flip it back over and check your not leaving too much salmon on top of the skin push it back Nice, and gradually get the skin wrap it around your digits Pull the Salmon towards you and then simply all the way through Lay that down One Nicely barked Salmon, just like a excellent snake bark Get your pierce and really raced the[ bayonet] down And then with a pair of tweezers these are fish tweezers, but you can use regular tweezers look for the head up and Pull and with[ the] skin being removed from underneath the salmon the rod bones come out a lot easier The pin Bones only go to really mostly halfway Along the[ filat] one neat crowd it of salmon beautiful It’s far harder working in the kitchen with a weaken knife than it is with a sharp bayonet the secret behind hindering a[ sharp-witted] knife Sharpen it before and every time you use[ it] first traction the steel feel really come to about comprising still imagine You’re control a tennis racket or you’re playing squash[ gotta] be really comfortable with it now 45 positions confident grip self-confident clutch with a knife This is the butt of the steel really important to keep your digits behind there you never grip us steel with your thumbs over that Because the knife comes back in you[ only] lost a finger always grip behind Nice long strokes, so we get the whole of the blade over steel Stroke and we start from the bottom to the top so[ there] across there across Throw strokes over the top of the steel and then come back in to meet send back underneath It is so dangerous working in the kitchen with a dampen knife you can cause so much damage Working with a sharp-witted knife is ten day quicker most efficient now That’s ready to start chopping It can be easily undercooked or overcooked here’s how to get it on properly First water[ in] nice gigantic go is responsible for ensuring that extends get sufficient apartment to cook evenly neatly seasoned absolutely crucial Olive[ petroleum] in that stops the pasta from remaining together[ contact] up to the Ball That’s the wheel simmer the secret there.It stops the pass from sticking together, and it gently rolls it around now This is angel progressed a nice reduce Pasta makes 304 times so into the pan There’s a punches the spray it softens and then you turn it round tongs as that are now starting to defrosted gently Twist that into the pan return it back up to the boil if your better day then prepared a timer Beautiful to measure it face-lift a little strand And you actually feel it with your thumbs still nice and house mmm I’ll dente not a bite not a strong buy But just really nice and firm inside definitely not crunchy and then into a colander drain the pasta in A glowing seasoned salt and pepper[ a] Tablespoon of olive oil mix that through That stops it[ from] sticking together and look there you go beautiful pasta Al Dente Mmm[ concoct] perfectly let’s give me a little foster okay, and let’s get fix and shall we That’s a big one

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