Glitches, Tricks and Broken Stuff in Super Mario Maker 2!

Nintendo really did their best to get rid
of all glitches in Super Mario Maker 2. They removed a couple of fun mechanics that
often were the starting point for glitches, like shell trains, or stacking springs on
top of other items. F. They removed lots of small tricks that
opened up possibilities to break the game, like changing how noteblock behave. Basically, they did everything they could
to release super Mario Maker 2 completely glitchless. Naturally that didn’t work out that great. So today we are going to take a look at the
first round of glitches, that already got discovered in Super Mario Maker 2. So are you ready? Let’s do this! Okay so Mario is a bit worried about the passing
of time.

You know, he really isn’t the youngest anymore,
and his job really requires him to be physically fit, so he looked into different ways to slow
down the speed of time. Since all our time preserving lag generating
contraptions are broken in Mario Maker 2, Mario has to look into other tricks to alter
the passing of time. Luckily our plumber is following Grahamcracker
on twitter, because there he learned about a possible setup that might allow him to do
the impossible. So basically, if mario eats a delicious fire
flower at the same moment he enters a door, and then immediately takes damage by touching
a spiked spiney upon leaving the door again, then the space time continuum should break.

So let’s give it a try. So our plumber eats the fire flower, enters
the door, touches the ouching spiney … aaaand hooray! He actually did it! Mario found a way to stop the passing of time,
everything's frozen. That’s awesome. Though, uhm, mario is frozen as well. He can’t move anymore, oh and this conveyor
belt is about to drop him into lava. Luckily for Mario lava doesn’t work without
time, but sadly for mario this also means that he now falls for uhm .. forever. Hm … maybe messing around with the space
time is a bad idea after all. Uhm …. Maybe let’s take a look at what
luigi is up to. So here we have luigi in front of four chain
chomp cannons. So what does a chain chomp cannon do? Well, a chain chomp cannon is a cannon that
cannoneers chain chomps. So this glitch is really interesting. As soon as the game starts the chain chomps,
chase to the left, back to the right hit the note block and then they obviously become
a bit confused. They forget how to be a good dog and start
to believe they are birds.

They start to float indefinitely. Here we use this to create the world's first
flying dog airship. Weegee has to carefully spin jump on top of
the flying chain chomp vehicle, while dodging dangerous threats. That glitch is one of the weirdest currently
in the game. All that we have to do to make this work is
just to build this surprisingly simple setup, and then the dogs always shoot out flying. Hooray. Next let’s take a quick look at a couple
of smaller glitches. So here is a fun little yoshi glitch. Basically we have a yoshi egg on top of noteblocks,
a one way door above them and lava that rises fast. So as soon as we start the game, the yoshi
hatches, the lava rises, it touches our dinosaur and then weeeeeeeee.

Now yoshi believes that he’s a bird! So for anyone who is worried that we just
shot yoshi into space, don’t worry, he comes back down after a while. Man we are really not especially nice to yoshi
are we. I hope he doesn’t snap and become a villain
or anything. Nah, it’s so much fun to watch yoshi getting
rocketed into the sky, I’m sure he understands. So from our ongoing series what is the most
complicated way to trigger a p-switch, I proudly present, the thwomp that believes he’s a
bird solution! So I saw a random clip of this happening somewhere
on twitter a couple of days ago and actually thought that’s just a small neat feature
that they added at first.

But as it turns out that is probably unintended,
for a very simple reason. It only works if there is an enemy in front
of the thwomp that triggers the note-block before the thwomp reaches it. Otherwise it doesn’t work. Okay so we already made a lot of stuff fly
today, but there is one more. So if we put down boom boom in 3D world, then
he starts to madly swing around, trying to punch us. But if we stack two boom booms on top of each
other in a small area, then both do their rotation attack thingy at the same time. This causes a massive downdraft of air, which
blows both boom booms upwards, and allows them to fly.

Hooray! Accidentally that’s the same principle that
allows helicopters to fly. Anyway …Bye Bye Boom Boom! So how's Mario doing. Hm … he’s still falling. Ouch , they probably have to do something
to get him out of this little mishap. Luckily there is a glitch that might allow
mario to escape this very not fun situation. A teleportation glitch. Here toadette finds herself in the middle
of a room. So there is absolutely nothing going on here,
there is just a single lonely on off block, a bumper, and a delicious one up mushroom
behind it. Toadette would love to devour this teasing
one up mushroom, but how is she supposed to get to it? Well the answer is surprisingly simple, all
that she has to do is to hit her mushroom shaped head against the on off block, to wait
for a second aaaand. Hooray! She got teleported directly in front of the
yum yum mushroom! Okay so how did this work? Well the setup for this glitch is actually
surprisingly simple, like seriously.

I have no idea how nintendo was able to miss
this, though I ain't complaining. All we have to do is to put down a railway
switch like this, an on off block and a curved track piece. That’s it! If we know put any item onto the track piece,
then it teleports to the bottom left corner as soon as it touches the curved track piece. But not only the item on track teleports,
but everything on top of it as well, and if toadette happens to stand in between the object
and the place where it teleports to, then toadette gets teleported as well.

That glitch is incredibly powerful and easy
to set up, make sure to give this a try before it gets patched! So before we take a look at my absolute favorite
glitch found so far, let’s first talk about a really weird mechanic that apparently is
in the game. Shell direction manipulation. So check this out. Here we have a quick setup that makes a spring
drop onto a shell once we activate an on off block. So we can activate this on off block hundreds
of times, the shell will always travel to the right after touching the spring.

BUT. If we drop down this blue platform before
we activate the on off block, then the shell suddenly travels to the left. The reason for this is incredibly weird. Shells always travel to the right if there
is a loaded p-switch or pow block above them, and they always travel to the left if this
is not the case. Yup! So I honestly have no idea if this is a glitch,
or a feature but that’s an incredible powerful mechanic! It allows us literally to drop down a pow
block onto global ground at one end of the level, and then a shell changes the direction
into which it travels on the other side of the level. I have no idea what to use this for, but I’m
sure this will come in handy! Hooray. Alright so finally let’s talk about the
craziest glitch discovered so far. So this glitch was found by by: Srcsqwrn. Uhm .. Sssrrrccss .. uhm. By Sir Skwern. So check this out! So here toad finds himself in the middle of
a normal jungle level. There are a lot of mushroom platforms here
and a couple of other things, but, at least at first glance nothing appears to be glitched

Hm .. strange I wonder what’s going on. Well … let’s send our walking mushroom
through a door, shall we, and then let’s go through this area again. Uhm … hm that’s interesting the first
four mushroom platforms are suddenly intangible. Only the last one works as intended, that
is, only until we ground pound on top of it, because if we ground pound it becomes intangible
as well. Uhhhm .. what is this, this donut platform
is suddenly behaving a bit weird. Interesting. At least the mushroom platform to the right
still works. That is until the thwomp drops down, because
then this platform suddenly becomes intangible as well. The next two platforms only break once we
ground pound them, but magically become platforms again as soon as we trigger the question blocks. If we ground pound this on off block, then
the noteblock decides that it wants to be an empty block instead. That is until we ground pound it again, because
then the now empty block note block has a change of heart, and decides to live from
now on as a two state block, which is cool, but also breaks the two state block we just
ground pounded.

If we now touch the noteblock,emptyblock,two
state-block, then it realizes that changing its appearance doesn’t change who it really
is, and thus it show us it’s true self again. What a touching story! So next there a couple of other small things
that we can do with this glitch. We can ground pound through two state blocks,
we can even use bob ombs to confuse the mushroom platforms.

Needless to say, that stuff is pretty broken. So this leaves us with one final question. How does the set up for this amazing glitch
work? Do we have to clone hundreds of thwomps to
create a black hole for this to work, do we have to overflow mario makers entity limits
in order to force platforms to behave in this weird way, has it something to do with manipulating
the undo button, are we fake linking doors, what is the trick that breaks those poor mushroom
platforms? Well the answer to this question is actually
surprisingly simple.

All we have to do is to put down a mushroom
platform, and to put a vine containing question block on top of it. If mario now goes through a door, then the
platforms break. I’m not kidding, that’s the whole setup. So I actually have a small theory on why this
glitch works. The thing is, question blocks containing vines
are the only kind of question block that re-spawns if mario walks through a door. If we destroy a normal question block, then
it never comes back, question blocks that contain vines however always respawn. So that’s a really neat small trick. What I believe happens here, is that the game
for some strange reason doesn’t check whether the question block broke before, and simply
duplicates the question block as soon as mario goes through a door, which is what causes
this amazingly broken behavior. Though I’m just guessing here. So if we put a normal vine containing question
block onto a platform, then the platform becomes intangible as soon as mario ground pounds
it, as soon as a thwomp lands on top of it, or as soon as a bob omb goes boom.

If we put an invisible question block on-top
of the mushroom platform then it becomes intangible immediately. The whole glitch is unbelievably strange and
a ton of fun to toy around with, so make sure to check it out before it gets patched, because
I give this glitch about two weeks before it gets patched. Before we wrap this up, just a quick word
of warning. Nintendo really doesn’t like levels that
use glitches, so I wouldn’t recommend to upload a stage using one of those tricks,
since there is sadly a high chance that nintendo immediately deletes the level. Okay so this was a quick overview over the
biggest glitches found so far in the game. For anyone who wants to see more mario maker
glitch action I highlestly recommend a couple of things. So first make sure to check out icays and
black60dragons youtube channels. Icay recently made a lot of really cool glitch
compilations and black60dragon has tons of very very interesting videos about glitches,
and weird mario maker tech on his channel! Second, for all you discord users out there
make sure to check out psycrows wonderful mario maker 2 discord server.

It’s the place where I learned about most
of those glitches, and there is a wonderful community there, working hard to break the
game into pieces. Also, you might want to check out psycrows
youtube channel to find out what he is up to, because, it’s uhm … interesting to
say the least. All the links are in the description. Huge thanks to all the glitch hunters that
found those amazing glitches. Seriously, thanks for making the real world
a better place by destroying virtual ones. So with that being said, I hope that all of
you enjoyed this little video, if you did don’t forget to leave me a thumbs up and
maybe you feel especially like time is frozen today, and want to hit the subscribe button
as well.

I hope that all of you have a wonderful day,
and to see you soon. Goodbye!.

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