Creating a Brand – Branding Fundamentals

today we here to talk about the Golden
Circle which is really important for brands and marketing so most products
are sold by the conservative way by what how and why what means like what product
you're actually selling how is how you produce the product and most products
actually miss the why the actual vision
let's puts the golden circle into action we're gonna take one product and we
gonna marketed from outside in the conservative way and we turn it around
and market it from inside out let's have a look an example the conservative way here is a shoe with suit upper it's imported the lace closure the rubber
console leather is aligned example 2 the inside-out one step can be a small
one for an individual but a Giants step for mankind
we make sure that every step of you will be influential because every step count so which shoe would you buy a shoe or a
shoe that will change your life

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