Cooking with Your Mouth | Raw Steak Tartare

Hello, welcome to another episode
of cooking with your mouth. Today I'm going to be making
a very lovely steak tartare. Using the absolute safety
of no utensils, expect my mouth. First be begin with our steak. Obviously, I don't have a
sharp knife. So I'm just going to go
bit by bit to get the right sized cube. Really you’re just mincing
with your mouth.

Very good quality steak,
I can tell. There we go, I'm just going
along the edge of the meat. Tiny little pieces, from my mouth to someone else's. Whoever I choose to feed. And here we have a perfectly
formed, very loved steak hache,
made with the mouth. Now we add parsley, I'm just going to remove
the leaves. Parsley done. Now a steak tartare would not
be a steak tartare without some capers. Here I have some quite hefty caper berries. Beautifully salty, add a little crunch. And there we go, capers done. And now for the shallot. Add some little excitement to our steak tartare. I recommend biting off
either end to get to the bud inside. It's quite hard to take
but do stay with it.

Because this is far safer
than using a knife or a blender. It's good for the brain, it’s good for the soul. And there we go, a diced shallot in our tartare. We are coming along very nicely
with our steak tartare, without utensils. Now time for some green chilli. I'm going to go with a green. Quite hot. Very hot. I think that will do. There are certain things like
chillies that make you
rather regret avoiding utensils, but you do get through it. And now I am going to
add some cheese. Cheese doesn't always go in
but it is important to get
something fatty to cut through that meat, very easy this one.

And now for the pickled element. I'm going to take a gherkin
and cut it into little slices
in my mouth. I think you can do one large
gherkin in two mouth fulls. There we go, nearly there. Now we are very close to
finishing this mouthwatering, mouth made steak tartare. We just need a single egg to add richness and bind the whole
thing together. So what I'm going to do is take the top off the egg and suck out the white, so I'm left with just the yolk.

So we should then be left with a beautiful yolk. Beautiful steak tartare made in absolute safety. Now I've got myself a little cup. to use as a mould. Squeezing it down, all of those
flavours merging together. When you're happy, we just turn it onto there. Release the tartare. And then just because we are
greedy with our yolks, a final yolk to finish. mmmm And there we have it. Steak tartare made entirely
with the mouth..

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