Cooking, But Not Really: LASAGNA!

[ Sean] What’cha doing? Nothing.[ Sean] Why do you have all those ingredients out?[ Sean] Are you cooking? I’m cooking.[ Sean] Oh my God. “Hes like”, a uncommon time. If you know me, you know that I never cook, cuz I don’t know how. You know what, there are things I cook kinda.[ Sean] I can refer one thing that’s like, I utterly love. What?[ Sean] Ramen. Oh, I can oblige ramen. I know how to constitute eeggs .( soso gesticulate) Poptarts. Hot pockets! I can fix popcorn. Rice! That’s like, about it.( Sean shrieks) See, what I like to do well, I don’t know how to cook properly I can cook! What I like to do is to invent recipes. See, it is what a concoct does, right? They invent recipes. So I invented this one day as a joke. It was Greg’s birthday, and Greg always utters this same joke where we’ll be like Hey, what do you guys wanna eat? and Greg will always say’ lasagna ‘. So, for his birthday, I actually compiled lasagna. but and that’s the crazy side, cuz he would’ve never expected it, because I don’t know how to cook. But, I did it my route. Dude, I “re saying”,[ Sean] that lasagna was good ![ Ryan] It was good! It was like, hella good, dude.That’s the first thing I ever fabricated, and it was pretty good. I’m gonna coach you guys how to make it, cuz this is a cooking show today. Aww yeah. Sean could make this in his sleep, cuz Sean actually known to be to cook. But I don’t. So we’re gonna be establishing my edition of lasagna, and what that is: Rice, cheese, and lasagna.( both laugh) It’s Chef Boyardee lasagna.[ Sean] Yuuum. Basically, I made something that I known how start, which is the Chef Bayer oh, Chef Boyardee lasagna, and then I only included in some more chee [ Ryan] I like cheese, I love cheese ![ Sean] I desire cheese. Put in the rice first, cuz you need some kind of starch, and the pates aren’t enough in the Chef Boyardee. There’s a lot of sauce, but not enough noodles.So it’s gonna work. And then you throw in the towel a cluster of mozzarella to make it look like it’s something that’s not, uh, It looks like it’s not [ Sean] Chef Boyardee? Chef Boyardee. Welcome to the firstly episode of’ Cooking, but not really ‘.( Sean laughs) That’s a good name, right? So, what you need firstly is a rice pot, and a rice cooker. And it is necessary to some ( both laugh) I don’t know who this persona is. Uh, you need a tray. I’m assuming you need a spoonful at some part. “Hes like”, the opposite of a cooking depict? Like, I don’t even measure things? So, the work requires: mozzarella, Chef Boyardee I don’t even know how many cans, I’m gonna only guess.[ Sean] Ay, freestyle, dude.[ Ryan] That’s it ?[ Sean] Yeah. Ah, that’s a three part See, it’s so easy? I retain I hurl in something else arbitrarily, cuz I was just like, Hey, Imma throw something random in here. Can I time grab something you know what? It’s part of the secret.I’m just gonna grab something and propel it in.( both laugh) And if it smacks good, at least we know.[ Sean] Alright .[ Ryan] Let’s go. So, I’m gonna feeding some of this to my brother and his sweetheart, and we’re gonna see if they can tell it’s Chef Boyardee.[ Sean] Okay.[ Sean] Do you need assistant? No. I got it, Sean. Oh, it’s 10 for 10![ Sean] Damn. Should I grab a wagon? No, we got this, dude. We’re strong. We gape so dumb right now.[ Ryan] Kinda like, two striving co [ Sean] Oooh. College students. We should grab a basket, this is gonna fall.Oh, wait. Let’s kept it in here! Really like this. I don’t know why I lied it down.[ Sean] Lied it down? La laid it down.[ Sean] We need to practice our English. This is a lot. That’s a lot of cheese.[ Ryan] Our internal Hawaiian just came out .[ Sean] I know. Hoho! That’s a lot![ Sean] Oh, dude. Probably not extremely safe.[ Sean] Kinda spooky. This is more than what we’re actually gonna need.[ Ryan] But you know what? Oh ![ Sean] Oh my God. Okay.[ Both] Oh!( both laugh)[ Sean] Oh, you hella scared the shit out of me. Oh, dude. That would end bad. I think that I’m a chef. And you only cook numerous things at the same time. So what you’d like to do is cook the rice firstly, yeah? Cuz the rice give long time for cook. We’re gonna framed the rice inside the pot. Wash the rice.[ Ryan] See? It’s pretty clear, right ?[ Sean] Yeah.[ Ryan] So I’m gonna guess that was like, 4 bowls?[ Ryan] But, what do you do, you go like this, right?[ Sean] Yeah, you put your finger in .[ Ryan] Show’ em the technique, dude.[ Sean] You hear the lines of your finger.[ Sean] First word is the rice. Second line is water.[ Ryan] But, I actually want a little bit less than the line. I don’t want the rice to be too [ Sean] Too soft .[ Ryan] Yeah. Hai! Step 1: Cook. Now we need a pot for all this nonsense.( lasagna plops, both laugh)[ Ryan] I love that resound.[ Ryan] Gotta learn this trick![ Sean] Punch your own hand? Yeah.[ Ryan] Did you know that?[ Sean] Yeah .[ Ryan] Huh.( both laugh)[ Ryan] Anyone can cook this, dude. It’s not even prepare.[ Ryan] I can’t see if it’s on or not.[ Sean] Definitely not on. There “theres going”. Alright. We need a move thing That’s what this spoonful was gonna be for .[ Sean] Ah. Smart. Akamai! So , now we gotta wait for everything to heat up. Last-place era, I grabbed something random. I just hurled it in there. I don’t remember what it was. We’ll narrow-minded it down to one of these 5 things.[ Ryan] By process of excreting, I’m pretty sure I would’ve recollected if it was orange peel .[ Ryan] Pretty sure it’s not red pepper.[ Ryan] I don’t even know what thyme is.[ Ryan] It’s either one of these two.[ Sean] Paprika or oregano. I frankly have no idea which one it was. So Imma just say, rrr …. Eeny, meeny, miny, moe.( sped up eeny meeny) Nine, ten![ Ryan] Oregano .[ Sean] Oregano it is![ Sean] I think that’s the compensate choice .[ Ryan] How much should I throw in?[ Sean] Just positioned a little, dude .[ Ryan] Like this? See, this is a proper technique. Look. Oh, too much.[ Ryan] Just tempering that. Uhuh.[ Ryan] And then the entertaining role.[ Ryan] Sprinkling some togooglies, and then Sean you’re gonna wanna stir it a little.[ Sean] Dude, that searches bomb.[ Ryan] Yeah, there you go.[ Ryan] Then the second half of the togoogly,[ Ryan] then we supplement in the last togoogly .[ Ryan] We’re still gonna use this! That’s not even half the cheese we’re apply.[ Sean] Aww yeah .[ Ryan] That’s a lot of cheese.[ Ryan] Dude, this is pretty much ready previously. So we period it kinda wrong. I signify, Sean did it. Sean did the timing poorly. This is moes oh, it’s almost done. Good timing, Seanme.( both laugh)[ Sean]( titters) I like that one.[ Ryan] And that’s done.[ Ryan] Alright. First thing you hot![ Sean] Oh, dude! First thing you do is layer it. Bam! Oh, it’s still kinda wet actually. Eh, that’s okay. Oh, that’s hot! That thing’s so red-hot! Bam! Bam bam! Press it down.Bam. Next stair: mozzarella.[ Ryan] This is so harmful.[ Ryan] But, we’re not doing it for health.[ Ryan] We’re doing it for the kids who don’t know how to cook, which is me.[ Ryan] This is epic banquet age with people who don’t know how to cook. And then you exactly layer it on like that.[ Ryan] Maybe I shouldn’t have put on the cheese in here.[ Ryan] It’s kinda difficult with the fibres.[ Sean] I’m like, legit salivating dude.[ Ryan] Gross.( both laugh) Look at all these cheese cords! Alright , nope for some of you at home, just wait, positioned the cheese later. It’s the same thing. I precisely want to make it fancier, okay?[ Ryan] Final layer.[ Ryan] More cheese, the better.[ Ryan] Like they say, you are eligible to never go wrong with too much cheese .[ Sean] Yup.[ Sean] Unless you’re lactose. Alright. Put this in the oven.[ Ryan] Once all that cheese softens, we’re good to go.This is so undesirable for you guys! This is no longer an daily kinda meal.[ Sean] Definitely not. I want, you guys switch it up with ramen and hot pockets I know. You guys get ramen, and too hot pockets, chicken pot pies Oo, I should make a pot pie. That reverberates really hard. Let us know what you want us to cook next time, and we’re probably not gonna do it.We’re making our own thing regardles.[ Sean] This is fun. I like your method of cooking. Thanks, dude. No rules!’ Kay. Ready for the reveal?[ Sean] Bumbarapapapam. Look at that! Yeah? Doesn’t that regard real? I imply, it looks like some doesn’t look like lasagna! It does look like lasagna! Yeah, Greg! Oh, Greg’s lasagna are the ones with the patties, huh?[ Greg] Patties ?[ Sean] I don’t know what you call them.[ Greg] Layers .[ Sean] Layers. Oh, I’m sorry, Mr. Professional.[ Ryan] This is the one I sufficed you, Greg ?[ Greg] Yeah. If it perceives anything like last hour, I’m outta here.( all laugh) What the inferno? Pft, I know what this is already, I “ve told you”. I knew the moment I went in. Tell me how long it made you to make this. I feel the longest thing was the rice.[ Sean] Yup, pretty much.( Sean chuckles)[ Sean] What’s up, Kyle? It’s straight Chef Boyardee. Oh, dude. I knew the moment I moved in, I could reek it. Chef Boyardee is good.[ Sean] It is good, though. I still like this a lot. I like Chef Boyardee very .[ Ryan] This succession is called’ Cooking, but not really ‘.’ Cooking, but not really ‘?[ Ryan] Isn’t that what it is? Like, cooking, but not really.[ Ryan] I caught that on camera. Well in that case, we got a bunch of those. Yeah, I know. It’s really exactly a road for me and Sean to eat some more. Well that, right there, was an episode of’ Cooking, but not really ‘.[ Sean] Mmm, that lasagna was so good.It was the best I ever lived in my life. Well, unless you don’t like Chef Boyardee. Let us know in the comment box if you want to see us cook again! Well , not really concoct, but kinda cook. You know what I represent ..

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