Branding #2

take turn around don't look at it no bees I don't care ok this is balding class exactly I was carve pumpkins next Dana I was I was listed as single thing she said ah so black are you feeling okay that's good that is scary Nick although I was I watched my pants first time they did it that free kick down to a person on water and now this one time i drowned so when you gon get stops on run i feel right now good night you're very brave Nick you that's crazy she's a misfire a second time don't iphone iphone oh this is the way that phone's warranty wait wait wait let it up holy Oh baby shirts all even bigger you push it out I'm glad you my ass this is oh oh oh double brandies barthel jalapeno the yep I'm good we might know Mike's lounge is not black how to make are still hot oh there's burn the skin you can see it ah ah son of a [ __ ] oh my god you did so funny the other feeling now oh my god oh so oh

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