ASMR (cooking) Thanks for 1 million subscribers🙏🏻 SPICY SEAFOOD AND MUSHROOM. 마라불닭해물찜. MUKBANG

Crown abalone Octopus Shrimp sprout Lobster posterior squid Glass noodles King oyster mushrooms Mushroom Enoki Clean Onion green onion garlic Kuchujang Oligosaccharide Hot barrage sauce Mara sauce Aromas pretty good~ Hello Thanks to hundreds of thousands of readers thank you very much. abalone I adoration the quality of the abalone Crown Very luscious one more experience Rice missiles Squid and sprouts Enoki Squid is very fine The sauce is very hot and delicious Shrimp gathering Shrimp is so luscious? King oyster sprouts Good texture~ luscious Now I’m going to eat the lobster posterior … Luscious~ savory I’ll trimmed the stalk of the octopus Rubbery Glass noodles Pasta is not my favorite quality. These noodles are as well. Mushroom Enoki Please sound Subscribe and Like.It is a great help for me. thanks for watching ..

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