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we are sorted a group of copulates who have your back when it comes to all things food we’ve depleted the last months preparing our recipe work cba 2 a quantity of disaffected shortcuts and hacks to get nutrient into your lip quicker and or easier and we thought we’d gambling some of those gratuities and discuss the matter with you here because sometimes you just can’t be asked to click to celebrate the secrete of our new cookbook cba2 i’ve come up with a menu challenge that is related to the firstly chapter cba to wait and you know who can’t be asked to wait in the kitchen it’s barry yeah he doesn’t have a huge courtesy distance do you mate that’s harsh you’re going to be making a quick udon puttanesca[ Music] yeah doesn’t sound immediate or simple but it is likely to be i cook this in eight and a half minutes earlier i’d like you to cook it a little bit faster than that i am gonna guide you around the kitchen and i’m gonna give you a few tips tricks spoofs that i used to get it that quick so just for clarity we haven’t got anything preboiling or preheated nothing is on right now there is nothing on okay the one thing i will point out just come out from regular parties ingredients are path down things to measure that yes fair that’s that’s always a cheat but that’s true come on i’ve got to be so efficient it’s so quick okay you ready yep three two one proceed turn the boiler on pro tip-off number one is boil a kettle as soon as you start we’ll always get something preheating before we actually start doing any chopping so that when you come to use it it’s ready okay do that all the time next seizure one mixing bowl yep okay so what you’re gonna put in is the anchovies the olive oil tomato puree and the sugar and you’re gonna grate in all of the garlic cloves the garlic cloves the garlic cloves so you’re just going to grate them straight into the bowl trust me grate them straight into the bowl you’re wrong don’t indicate with me pro tip-off number two is stock up and that signifies kind of enhancing your storage bowl a little from the basics to a few extra ingredients so anchovies is a matter for those anchovies are great for getting penetration into your menu so think of anchovies as more umami than fishy flavor pro tip-off 3 is get yourself a penalize grater you can do everything with it you can grate garlic without peeling it you can grate citrus you’re going to grate parmesan it’s a good allarounder right you’re taking a little bit of experience now mate sorry i’ll be honest with you you were chitchatting my bad claim give it a speedy mix help that spoon that you’ve got already straight in the microwave for five minutes alley oh we’ve got two minutes so far okay go right another bowl meat on noodles into that bowl evaporating irrigate over the udon pates oh that literally time cooked as she picked it up i know our next pro gratuity is use speedy replaces you can substitute pasta for noodles because they’re virtually the same thing and also you can get straight to wok pates which are perfect if you’re really really in a rush they’re not cooking from dehydrated you can precisely pour heated sea over them and they’re ready in four minutes that’s amazing i could use that for carbonaras bolognaises incite fries it’s essentially time water and flour not bad right that’s yeah genius i know right the microwave is timing that oh that is small set those to the side okay keep them running look at me i’m learning and panicking at the same time[ Applause] you’re gonna get your parsley and your olives they’re going into the mini chopper i love this thing another pro tip-off if you’ve already stocked your kitchen up with chopping board bayonets saucepans the next obtain is a mini chopper because it’s really good for making all your sauces you can compile mayo with it you can originate pesto with it you can chop stuff with it it’s really useful and super cheap yeah great tip i use my food uttering glue sauces and purees is brilliant so this is not crucial but it’s really nice to have a mini chopper it enables you to come loadings of flavor in yep right get that out sizzling they’re going to be red-hot really hot it’s not burnt it’s flavor[ Music] so yeah really hot no tongs noodles in only do i need to drain it firstly no no no no no[ Music] should’ve brought the bulb closer you should have yeah but we’re doing okay that’s looking pretty good he’s consumed a few seconds there the next pro tip-off is to save your pasta water because it’s amazing for adding to your recipe to kind of loosen the sauce a little but the starchiness of it represents it silky silky smooth and it’s seasoned once and then another pro tip is to use tongs to transfer your pasta to the dish rather than draining the liquid through a colander because some of that liquid is going to come over with the pasta it’s loosening your sauce previously okay get the other stuff in there get the olives and parsley in there okay yeah oh come on come on mix it all around come on mate come on we’re going to do this grab a sheet that’s not it framed it on there come on do a twiddle neat 12 you don’t have to have half of it half of it which is a portion nice sauce you’re taking a lot of time just sorry well palm’s on palms down then you’re done palms on then you’re done come on come on and stop stop done i didn’t really think twice about what i was making but look at that film that’s a that’s a proper that’s a proper food did it feel quite quick that’s actually blown my brain a little bit because i make a lot of pasta dishes at home in fact it’s probably the only thing i reach the most and every passage takes a minimum minimum 20 minutes with the simmering of the pasta and then getting the kind of topping ready i think you’re gonna make this again gonna be using udon pates a lot so shall we see if we’ve sacrificed any flavor i guess you’ll be making this again i do what was my time well let’s give it a little taste firstly and then we’ll see if you’ve made it[ Music] you did it in accurately 8 28. How did i do you did it in 8 21. get in there we both earn because i guided you oh you might i’ll give that it’s so impressive that’s good right that dish inspects as good if not better than any passageway i’ve made and it made less than half the time not gonna lie my meter is very impressive but it means nothing it doesn’t taste decent true applauds claps[ Music] oh okay okay straight away smackings you with proper flavor you won’t chipped any angles there at all it’s sweet it’s tangy but the anchovies establish that umami taste that sees it a proper pasta recipe i wouldn’t even question this if i got given it like i thought they’d have depleted hours on it that is incredible i can’t get my leader around how quickly i was you’re cheating it because you’ve got the anchovies you’ve kind of got the parmesan which is giving extra saltiness and and spice alongside that and then you’ve also got the tomato puree which is already like genuinely converged it’s almost ragu like that little trick by bunging those simple parts into a container into the microwave and that is your sauce it’s genius don’t get me wrong “i m loving” these udons it’s just an unfamiliar quality because i’m expecting a pasta bite yeah this has a bounce to it we’ve compared it to pasta but it’s not quite pasta it’s a great substitute for pasta i didn’t use a hob i didn’t expend a knife at all yeah i didn’t consume an oven there’s like no heat apart from a microwave and that’s something i really like about this dish because you’re throwing a consignment of really good parts into a bowl and the microwave is just doing its work and the anchovies dissolve into the sauce oh yeah they’re good tomato yeah they’ve gone the tomato puree various kinds of like start converging even more the olive oil get into it and it all really kind of merges together the microwave has a bad stature and it’s completely unfair because what it’s done here i am genius you can use a microwave really cleverly so minecraft did all the hard work so what was your favorite tip i can the tip-off i’m gonna steal and apply it to nearly every dish i start because i make a lot of italian menu the grating of garlic yes it’s white what’s my favorite one why have we not done that before that’s just a wicked spoof over to you cause us know your hackers tip-off and subterfuges for when you just can’t be asked to wait and if you like this video devote it a like and if you like this recipe you’ll love our recent fraternity work it’s full of recipes and kitchen spoofs for you only cba to cook if you’d like to buy a duplicate of cba 2 then head to sorted association forward slash bookshop where you can preorder it to ensure you don’t miss out journal due members is already being packaged up to send instantly to you i’ve placed jamie a little challenge now one of the chapters in the book is called sebato chop and in that is a selection of recipes that don’t use a bayonet so in this challenge he’s not allowed to use a bayonet yeah i think so i can smell it if you could hurry up a little bit that would be good you know i love big-hearted flavors so any shortcut to get big-hearted flavors in little time i’m a big love of and now for a flub and if you did like this recipe you will love our recent guild diary full of kitchen spoofs and recipes for when you just can’t be in the climate but you love your nutrient oh praises said here today

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