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Hi friends After seeing this you must be
thinking what we will do? So today I am not cooking anything. Instead of me today Anu
and Ayu will make something So today we are doing two ingredient challenge. Which will happen between Ayu and Anu. So Anu explain the rules of this. Yes mom always explain the
rules but I will explain today So we will have two rounds. In first round mom will give one ingredient There will be 2 ingredient, we will
keep blindfold and we will choose one Mom will keep two more ingredient We will keep blindfold and choose From that two ingredient,
we have to make something Yes guys Anushka will be cooking
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do this challenge with your childrens They will have fun, time pass will be done by them Childrens will also learn something.

So let's start?
Yes. So it's first round put your blindfold. I will give them two eatables items Each one have to pick one Now you have to pick one. I want that. What is it? I got milk compound I got dark compound Is it milk chocolate? I got milk compound! Yay! It is white chocolate or milk chocolate?
It is dark. You don't like dark? I got milk compound Milk chocolate and white
chocolate both are my favourite. My favourite is milk chocolate, I didn't get it. So let's go come on pick up? I got biscuits
I got vanilla waffles. For one second I thought I
have got this digestive biscuits Guys I have all healthy. Yes she have got diet plans. I can't say healthy it's non healthy. It's not a junk food. It's a junk food. So now you have to make
something with this two things. Too yummy types Your friends becomes happy after seeing it. I will make only cream biscuits. With chocolates and biscuits this is better

I am thinking to make crunchy chocolate. Good idea, crunchy chocolate
is very nice of this You should also try friends If you remember, I have
made oreo chocolate And you have comment That where do we get dark chocolate See this, its a packing like this You can get this online
or at any grocery shop You can check that
And its cheap This pack is for 100rupees It is 400grams for 100rupees. Guys we cannot melt this here So we will melt in microwave You can check mom's oreo
receipe how to melt this So guys here comes melted chocolate See its having so good texture Okay now do it fast otherwise
chocolate will freeze fast Its such a big packaging See guys I am taking 2 1 is made of mine Guys first take it like this Its done mom Keep it here in queue Use spoon You also make this at home You will enjoy eating
as well as making this See I learned this
Yes you made it right I can make 4 and I made 4 I can makes 50-50 for Ayu Chocolate tastes good Anushka See I am removing it like this You need to remove excess Guys I have got a good idea I am putting one more layer of chocolate I will add this to make crunchy I will decorate this
Isn't it a good idea? What should I name this? I named this"Extreme populare chocolata" Which language is this? This is called Anu's fosene.

Spanish language Actually it is extreme popular chocolate What should I name mine mumma? You think what you want to name! Name it as chocolate crush
Is this dark chocolate You have heard of candy crush
like wise its chocolate crush I won't name this chocolate crush Healthy chocolate crush
Why? Because it is very healthy Biscuits are digestive one. And chocolate is also dark Which is good for the health Papa is starving behind the camera When we will get chocolate So this is diet chocolate Yeah diet chocolate I will decorate all 4 of them Should I give one more idea?
cherry on top? Cherry will make this look good I am giving you this cherry Wait let me put the chocolate see this Look this is looking so nice I am also putting crunchy on this Give one more cherry Ayushka you can keep this as
healthy chocolate crush with cherry on top See this Not on this I want to put crunch on that Its name is healthy This is of 2 types This is normal version and
that one is cherry version Mummy, can I eat this now? No, you have keep this
in fridge for 10 minutes It will get set, then you can eat And keep this also I thought she will eat in front of me Even I have to keep! This will settle nicely I can wait, I wil keep this in fridge I don't know how am I going to wait! But till 10 minutes I will eat these biscuits I will go and keep it in fridge Okay keep in the fridge
And we will have second round This is our bread and it is complusory Both of you will get bread I have 6 topping and I am keeping all of them So close your eyes and choose 3 each I can do this easily because I
am expert in making sandwich I make good sandwich
Right guys? And I wish I get chocolate
I like chocolate bread Pick 3 Remove your hand Don't touch, I am keeping it Pick up after I tell So you are ready? So I have kept 6 things We will start after you say.

1-2-3 chocolate Why you got chocolate, I wanted it I took like this I got jam, mayonnaise and butter I got aloo bhujiya, cheese and chocolate With the help of these and bread
you need to make something and show I could make good if we exchange chocolate Mummy can we exchange?
No What should I make! This is your spoon Butterknife I will need butterknife Take this bread So you are ready? Yes
Lets start I got aloo bhujiya, cheese and chocolate Cheese bhujiya is good but chocolate I have got mayonnaise and
butter thats fine but jam! How it will work together. This will go good together Is it?
I have never tried Ayu have said…

Cheese won't fit Instead of 1 you can make 2 also Use your mind, think what
you can make by all of these Its not that you have to put in one I understood what mom means by that You mean chocolate here and cheese there. That I don't know Guys I am putting butter I will first put my chocolate It takes good by adding bhujiya to it Is jam or butter taste good
or mayonaise or butter! Mayonnaise?I don't know about that.
You made and see which is nice. This…. mayonnaise I can toast it? Toast! I am duing in Italian way.
See. So Anu I am going to toast it.
Anu you can't coppy me. Slow motion…
From this we can spread equally. If I haved got origano
then it would be nice Origano?
No, no it will taste good with cheese.

So I am making extra chocolate. You have finished with one chocolate. So go to the next one fast. No mom. Frist chocolate because
every children love extra chocolate Whoever loves, like it fast See guys now I am putting
this butter and mayonaise Putting it together Yeah butter and mayonaise taste good I also like it Should I put jam also? Guys I have took my third bread Now I will put jam. This
have become sandwich now. Mom I am going to put third bread
Please give me one more bread Okay take it. One more cheese.
One more? Because I want cheese to fall out. Eating from outside, its too fun. Only few people can understand
this who are foodie like me. Now I am making it double cheese,
extra chocolety. So I am thinking to make
it more beautiful. I have put jam and now I will put….

I have put the third bread. Mine sandwhich is ready.
Look at this guys. Three layer sandwhich. Do you want toast or you want to
eat directly? I want to toast. So I am putting my bhujiya now on this. Mine is done look Anushka do so slow. Things which are slow
and steady always wins. Look guys mine is crunchy and nice. Look at this its triplets. And this is twins. Like us. And look at my… Sandwhich is very good.
Cheese. It look so much nice. Cheese is coming out. So guy it is freeze and
it look amazing after freezing. I feel like eating now. And this sandwhich is okay. But I think it will be not that bad.
Try and we will know. Both the round was nice. Mine too, but…
first one was nice. You should make
both of these in lockdown. Children will loved it.
Yes we said mom and dad
to please bring chocolate I have made this chocolate
by myself only.

Friends you can also make. It will be more easy
for mom and dad. We don't have to go outside
children can enjoy it at home. It doesn't required much expense. It is 100 rupees,
for 400 gram. We can make many from
that chocolate. Yes many… Now taste it also.
You also try. You also try.
Yes, we will both try in this. Its for you. Okay cheers! Yay… Yay… lets eat. Wow! It taste same like market… It taste same like munch. Mine is also too yummy. Guys if you don't have milk compound Because we cannot go out in lockdown. So you can melt any
chocolate avaliable at home If you will put it above the biscuits
so it will be also made. You can also use chocolate spread.

And guys I haved made
this by myself only. So it doesn't have perk or something Thatwhy….
It is very crunchy and delicious. Guys you also make it and
comment below how do you like yours. Small kids can also make this.
It is very easy to make. Okay one bite.
Open your mouth. It is nice, isn't it?
It is crunchy. I also want Ayu's bite. I want
to know how my sister cooks. Because I want to know
if she will cook next time so… I will be alert If its bad, I won't eat
If its good, I would eat nicely Yumm I have told you its
very crunchy and delicious. Your is very yummy and healthy. Its really healthy guys. So friends if you like this video
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I have decorated so nicely. Share my extremee populare
chocolare everywhere Share with every children. Every children try to make
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We will see you with a new receipe.
Till then bye….

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