How Can Arsenal Improve?

[Music] in March 20 20 Arsenal announced that Jason Rosenfeld was leaving the club Rosenfeld is credited with having revolutionized the club's use of data and analytics and departed to take up a new position at FIFA under the club's former head coach arsim Venga who is now the governing bodies head of global football development Rosenfeld was the founder of an organization called stat DNA whose history with Arsenal dates all the way back to 2011 and was necessitated in part by a record for poor transfer dealings the partnership originally began on a consultancy basis with Arsenal paying a fee of 250 thousand dollars for exclusive use of stat DNA services which included talent identification and the gaining of tactical insight in 2012 however that relationship changed at the behest of even Casillas then chief executive and Endre calmest at the former head of business development Rosenfeld and his team led a presentation to Venga which culminated in Arsenal purchasing stat DNA for two million pounds and integrating the company into their footballing structure over that time and with the organization in-house Rosenfeld would become one of vengas most trusted advisors rather than simply being a tool with which to guide transfer activity the department ultimately rebranded as Arsenal data analytics would become fundamental to many of the club's technical processes according to reporting by the Athletics David Ornstein and James McNicholas this extended to aiding opposition analysis with Rosenfeld providing a twenty page dossier prior to each game while away from match preparation his data evaluation was also used as part of performance monitoring and injury prevention of course other clubs have also leaned heavily on data analysis Damien Kamali stressed the importance of analytics during his time at Tottenham and then later at Liverpool and one of his mentees Michael Edwards has achieved great success as the club's current sporting director as of April 2020 Manchester United also in the process of building their own data analysis team and continued to advertise for the various positions ahead of a presumed some start date so our store can no longer be described as holding a technical advantage in this area and on the basis of relatively inefficient transfer deals towards the end of van gogh's tenure there seems to have been the case for some time now in a 2017 article by Rory Smith of the New York Times it was revealed that stat DNA's work had raised concerns over the potential signing event Owen Griezmann then a winger a tray associate dad and also the physical durability of Kevin de Bruyne er prior to his move to Manchester City from Wolfsburg neither verdict has aged particularly well nor has the decision in 2018 to appoint you now Emery as awesome Venga successor which Rosenfeld and his team were part of but not ultimately responsible for so to this day supporters remain skeptical the original acquisition of the company occurred in almost absolute secrecy and when it was revealed by gaseous two years later at a 2014 AGM it was to a mixed reception the club's general performance in the year since has done little to quell those doubts in mitigation however stat DNA's work was also partly behind the decision not to extend Emory's contract in 2019 and as a further asterisk it was revealed by the athletic that their agency appears to have diminished since vengas departure and that certain decisions were taken which were not led by their research in fact in a july 2019 interview with german magazine Elle Freund ur former technical director Sven Mis lent at revealed this to be one of the reasons behind his departure previously we had a strong systematic approach to transfers a mixture of watching things live as well as quality data and video analysis he said however the new leadership worked more strongly with what they are offered from clubs or agents through their own networks a good example of that previous research would be the shining of Lukas Herrera in the summer of 2018 according to reporting by Adam Crafton Toreros desirability was informed by data which through models employed by the club revealed similarities with Chelsea midfielder Angola conte but miss land tax 2019 remarks speak to the wide scale restructuring that has occurred in the past few years and the lack of clarity that has been its result makalah Teta is now the head coach and he of course arrived from manchester city another club with a strong analytics culture around him though the landscape has changed dramatically since 2011 even Jesus left in December 2018 to become the chief executive AC Milan following his departure RAL Sagna he who had been promoted to head of football relations in February 2018 was promoted to head of football as suggested by Miss lanta it's also believed that sanjay he prefers a more traditional approach to transfer dealing and that at the point of Rosenfeld's departure for his new role his influence had waned the department will still need a leader though and Arsenal must move quickly and effectively to replace Rosenfeld the club remain at a significant financial disadvantage to clubs like Manchester City United Chelsea and Liverpool and without regular Champions League football since 2016 their income has remained worryingly stagnant with the club also struggling under the weight of a vast wage bill the premium on transfer market efficiency has arguably never been greater and the outbreak of kovat 19 and the expected effects of the pandemic on football club finances are only expected to exaggerate that dependency the task for Rosenfeld successor is not only to excel within the specific job specifications but also to fight for the department's voice and relevance and to ultimately reclaim an advantage which hasn't quite been surrendered but certainly isn't being maximized you

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