Digital Marketing/Online Marketing for beginners

[Music] hi friends you all have heard about different types of marketing inclusive of digital marketing now before understanding what digital marketing is one has to understand what you marketing in example is remember marketing is not just promotions and advertisements if you go to the web you will find thousands of definitions for marketing but marketing in simple words means communicating the right message to the right people using the right channel customer is the king or the boss in digital marketing your customer is found online 2020 is the decade for digital marketing guess how if you compare today with 13 years ago people spent thrice as much of their time online as they used to to 30 years today search engines are the yellow pages YouTube is the new TV blogs are the magazines and you hardly see newspaper so in short digital marketing means increasing the probability of being found online the more you're found online the more you will have traffic and the more you'll have cut from now you can do this through two ways search engine marketing and social media marketing [Music] so you can use both type of digital marketing both social media marketing and search engine marketing to increase your visibility but there are a few tips which I'll explain in a moment become a blogger what does that mean that means you become your own boss and you have your own authority you create your own Authority because you engage with so many customers with so much audience and you exchange ideas and you put new ideas and agendas to the table create rich content remember if you want to have a nice audience large audience and more traffic to your website you need to have more quality content the more quality content you have the more traffic you will have and the more good impact you will have on your customer to convert your traffic to now there is a formula and the formula is simple quality content plus context is equal to a message what does that mean that means the content that you put should link to your marketing strategy such as your company URL your tags your captions your call-to-action and your titles should your content could be made in four forms in the form of text in the form of audio in the form of image and in the form of video a good combination all these could make you an effective message for your audience my advice would be to rely more on visual stuff why because more than 70% of our sensory receptors are our eyes and 93 percent of human communication is nonverbal and more than 90 percent of the info transmitted to our brain is visual so this is why people respond better to visual you make sure that your content is shareable and more useful and it's not also just about being shareable because sometimes a video that goes more viral doesn't have to necessarily be a successful market you have to make your content more shareable for example if you have images images that are more light or that has different colors or different backgrounds they are watched more often by the audience but that doesn't mean that your content should not be valuable what what do you mean by that by that I mean that your content should be useful it should be emotional a video that goes viral doesn't necessarily mean that it was valuable so you have to include that usefulness in your content marketers say for example an image that is more light compared to an image that is more dark is more shareable or an image that is with different colors is more shareable than an image which has one or two colors or an image that has a very good background compared to an image that has no background is more shareable so you make sure that your content is more shareable and you make sure that your video or your content has the right channel format for example a lot of the videos 85% of the videos were watched on Facebook are without sound and there's time limitation as compared to the YouTube which has timeless criteria your landing page should have your immediate products and services on the top don't beat around the bush and come directly to business and come directly to the point even if you have a very lengthy application form the chances that you could lose a lot of your audience so be short be simple your visitors they don't have so much time to read very complicated and long stories and complicated forms and questionnaires make it short in sum and the last one email marketing now before expanding you this if you liked this video click this like icon it's kind of virtual high five and also I'll get a signal that you like the video and I'll make similar videos and do subscribe if you want to watch similar videos in future email marketing do you know more than ninety percent of people use their email every day and they use their mobile phones to check their emails every day I use my mobile phone every day to check my email every hour I check and I go through my mailbox so it's still a very good and effective tactic to use the strategy for digital market make sure your email looks good on mobile devices most of the time your email looks good in your computer just because it's a different format it doesn't look good on mobile devices and that's why other times your audience will not like it and probably will not even read it and make sure you don't use too much text too much columns because too much columns in the mobile doesn't really look good and chances are that they will unsubscribe or they will just get out of your in the world of internet and your competitor is just one click away from you so you have to be very proactive you have to be very creative and you have to be very unique in your design in your formatting in your content in your branding even your formatting has impact on your customers if you want to receive professional support on digital marketing then click the link below

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