World of Warships – Armada: Enterprise

In the glorious history of the US Navy, a ship who received the most honors; a ship that deserved its glory and became an object of admiration and national pride. Yorktown – USS Enterprise – was built to face the Japanese aircraft carriers Hiryu and Soryu. She participated in most battles in the Pacific Ocean, was awarded 20 fighting stars and became the American ship of World War II with the largest number of honors.

In the game World of Warships is the aircraft carrier Enterprise the first premium aircraft carrier VIII. levels. It has common dimensions and decent driving performance for its type, which allows it to take a safe position on the map. This allows the captain to concentrate on the battle, without being distracted by maneuvering. A large number of anti-aircraft guns also help your training, and therefore you can pay less attention to enemy air raids. Of course, speed, maneuverability and good anti-aircraft defense is essential, but the main thing of an aircraft carrier is its aircraft. The American has the largest hangar VIII. levels – 96 aircraft – and only one variant of Flight Control, but universal. The captain of the aircraft carrier Enterprise has six squadrons at his disposal, two of each type: fighters, bombers and torpedo bombers.

Another interesting peculiarity of this ship lies in the way its squadrons of torpedo bombers attack the enemy. He is quite unconventional and is already known to many players thanks to the Japanese aircraft carrier Kaga. If both of your air groups attack one enemy, so he will have great trouble avoiding such an attack. However some of your torpedoes may miss the target due to the relatively wide scatter. And now the most interesting part! The Enterprise aircraft carrier is the first aircraft carrier, whose bombers are armed with anti-tank bombs! Note – this new type of ammunition does not ignite targets. Instead, you can pierce any ship with a thin armored deck and cause impressive damage.

You should also know that due to the unusual bombing ellipse The most effective way to attack enemy ships will be to attack along the hull axis, not across. One successful raid from this American can cause the same damage as one accurate volley from a battleship. However, it is here one flaw in beauty – all aircraft of the aircraft carrier Enterprise are VII. levels. That’s why you control your squadrons it requires a lot more of your concentration and attention. In our game, aircraft carriers are a type of ship for intellectuals; playing with them is like playing an orchestral arrangement yourself.

To amaze enemies to the bone with your fighting symphony, you must deftly guide your planes around enemies with improved anti-aircraft defenses. Attack those who have already used consumables to strengthen anti-aircraft defenses and catch careless destroyers hiding in a smokescreen. Also, don’t forget the survey. In every battle, it is very important to detect enemies in time. This way, you will be most useful to your team and help them achieve victory.

Increased profitability and the ability to train American commanders faster will be a pleasant addition to the unique style of play of the aircraft carrier Enterprise. The Enterprise aircraft carrier is a ship that will not leave anyone cold. Spacious hangar, universal set of air groups, decent anti-aircraft defense and new anti-tank bombs. You need all this to continue the “star journey” of the famous hero..

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