Mount Minutes – What is Social Marketing?

[Music] hi I’m Sid wilbear marketing professor and I’m here to talk to you today about an area of marketing that you may not be familiar with called social marketing now you may be saying oh social marketing that’s that Facebook and Twitter stuff but actually while those may be tools that a social marketing uses Facebook and Twitter are not part of social marketing so what is social marketing social marketing is all about behavioral change getting people to change their individual behavior so that it benefits society as a whole research has shown in order for us to be successful with social marketing we need to take a holistic approach to a social marketing campaign in order to do that that means we need to rely on not only the traditional four piece of marketing but also an additional four PS that are incumbant with the social marketing process so let’s take a look at what these four PS might be the first P is Publix if we were looking at the American obesity epidemic and we were identifying Publix we might perhaps reach out to people like for example healthcare providers and getting them on board to help with our social marketing campaign the second P would be partnerships partnerships are important because they help us maybe get the word out we might reach out to radio stations or television stations for public service announcements the third is policy what kind of policy do we need to help bring about behavioural change for the long run and finally purse-strings the reason this is key to social marketing is because social marketers don’t derive income directly from their target audience they have to seek funding from other places so social marketer might look to get a grant or maybe a corporate sponsorship to help them with their social marketing campaign so the next time you hear the word social marketing I hope you think the same thing that I think social marketing is a better way to bring about a better world through better people

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