Go Inside Coca-Cola’s Social Marketing Center

the hub is a team that connects our social marketers around the world trying to understand how our consumers perceive our company they’re always talking about us there are 33 mentions of coke per minute in English so people are telling us what they think about us it’s up to us to actually listen so our job at the hub is really to look at the global impact of conversations so that we can get better and constantly improve how we’re engage with our consumers one of the cool parts about my job is I get to work in you know this the great workspace here 30 31 32 33 so we’ve got about 33 screens and 12 people it’s been really excited to be a part of the hub and as we built this and built it you know this capability for coca-cola this great hundred and thirty year old brand and here we are on the cutting edge of technology so just as soon as we think we’ve got something nailed down it’s going to evolve there’s gonna be a new social network there’s going to be a new place that people are engaging and a new way they’re engaging and we’re going to have to adapt to that and make sure our marketers know how to adapt to that [Music]

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