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Have you ever complained about doing organic marketing if so you’re probably in the 100 percent of people who’ve actually complained about organic marketing for a lot of the bad things but in today’s video i actually want to talk about not only the bad things but the good things and what most people don’t understand what’s the purpose of organic marketing so stay tuned we’re going to go through in this video what’s up guys tarantister teaching you all about building online businesses now if you like content about building profitable online businesses i want to learn from someone doing 1.5 million per month go ahead and hit that subscribe button and the bell notification so that you can get all the content that i put out now in today’s video i want to talk about organic marketing in general not only the pros of it but the cons so you understand what the purpose is now the first pro to organic marketing is very straightforward it is for beginners right especially for beginners because it’s free right so a lot of people when they start a business how do they do it they go out and they have to get a loan or they ask daddy for money or they got to use all their wages from their nine to five job no no no no no here’s the cool thing when you build a online service based business similar to what i do you can start with a zero as greg ducette says zero zero 0.00 zero percent zero dollars right i love when he does that in his videos and so what that does is it makes it so that you have zero risk because all you have to spend is your time and there’s zero risks and organic marketing for those who are not aware is dme right cold emails referrals anything where it’s free now the con to organic marketing is it takes skills and i know everyone thinks they have skills but most people don’t meaning everyone thinks they’re good at basketball but very few people are right same concept here so organic marketing works but the downside is it takes skills right and so you have to understand that it’s free but it also takes skills going into the second pro the best thing about this is it helps build those skills so i just said hey it takes skills it will build those skills so before you start running paid advertising you want to make sure that you know how to talk on the phone you want to make sure that you know how to talk to someone in a dm you want to make sure you know where to find your ideal customer because if you start paying money you now have no margin for error because you have to make a return so that’s the second good thing the downside is it’s very time consuming right nothing is more inefficient than doing door-to-door sales for example but they absolutely do work how do i know i did door-to-door sales for about six months in alabama in a hundred plus degree heat i had knives guns all kinds of stuff pulled on me actually true story and i did make sales and i did make money i was actually making about 10 000 bucks a month but it wasn’t worth it for the amount of effort i was putting in but it absolutely does work so that’s the second thing now if you’re enjoying this video make sure to give it the thumbs up and hit the like button so that other people can get this content who actually need it i really appreciate it guys i don’t even run paid ads on youtube i don’t care about making money from it i simply want to get this content out there now going into the third point the pros and the cons is it’s a hundred percent profit margin if you’re by yourself so when i started my online fitness business remember people who don’t know my journey i did online fitness coaching went into personal trainers helping them build their businesses and now i do general consulting and it was a normal trajectory because as i made more money more people ask me for help but just so you understand this right the third pro and con is that you can make a massive amount of profit margins so for example my first week of online fitness coaching i made 10 000 and because i wasn’t spending any money on ads i had no one on my team to pay it was 100 profit margin that is the best profit margin you can make for anyone who can’t do math right the con of that is that well there is no con so it’s great it’s only a pro it’s one of the best reasons why you should do organic marketing because you make 100 profit unless you have a team and even then you’re not doing the work so who cares right so just to recap these three points the first pros that’s free okay the second con is that takes skills okay the third the second pro is that it builds your skills that’s a good thing do you want to build your skills for free or do you want to pay to build the skills the second con is that it’s time consuming right and then the third pro is that it’s a massive amount of profit margin and i can’t think of a con for that right so we leave today with three pros and two cons organic marketing guys is still a big piece of my business if you look at my revenue it’s small in comparison to the total so let’s say for example we do 1.5 million a month maybe 300 000 or so comes from organic marketing but it’s 300 000 a lot of freaking money yes just not in comparison to the total revenue of my business so it’s absolutely still works and it’s very very very important to keep doing that otherwise the total profit margin of the business goes down so i hope this video was helpful i hope you take organic marketing seriously if you need help building these skills which is why people pay me you can go to down in the description or on this video to sign up and make your first 10k in 30 days you will see a bunch of testimonials of other people doing the exact same thing hope this video was helpful hope this helps if you have questions leave them down below and i’ll see you guys in the next video

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