The Difference Between Marketing vs Sales – Dan Lok

now when you get down get with the prospect let me give you a couple of fuel cells rules now by the way they were by the way that way I sell it’s totally different from everybody else let me give you some coal concepts ok for you guys as well okay so your marketing and then you have sales question number one what’s the difference between sales and marketing don’t tell me it’s the same thing magnet spreading it we’re not that awareness exposure this but but what’s the difference okay very good very good ma’am applause very good marketing is anything everything that you do to bring a prospect in and then it sells is what you do when you’re face to face on the phone when you’re actually closing the sales turning that prospect into a net sale right so typical sales people they spend a lot of time doing what now it when they when you meet someone you don’t know and they jumped on you and say let me tell you some stuff how do you feel we yeah we jack them but how do you feel okay what violate it Andre keep your pants on so have you ever had this experience that it may be a client is coming from a referral or from from a trusted friend they call you up and they say they’re not asking price this is just saying I won’t do business with you and you close the sale very quickly very easily without a whole other sell have you know I’m gonna have experienced that before okay what that means is this when you’re marketing is good the less sells you have to do when you’re marketing is good less selling you have to do now but what is marketing a whole bunch of things positioning brand your message social proof your reputation a lot of these different things the better your marketing easier for it closer cell the worse your marketing the harder you have to do your convincing they’re harder you have deduced you have to sell the more you twist your arms and do a whole bunch of different things no no whenever if you’re selling something high-end I would say like two three thousand dollars or more you don’t want to put your price because when they haven’t even talked to you you cannot build a value just through your website they look at it’s three grand it’s not all set of people that are like oh that would be like 30 bucks why are they thinking it’s 50 bucks people are no yes do it if I get it done on 500 for five actually actually I cut all I could so but what does that mean what is causing that reaction though they don’t understand the values I have popped on a pole your website right now but it means I don’t even that point up I could tell means they don’t understand the value what you’re selling it’s a sells automate a machine that can bring them more money they’re thinking you’re some animation guy working from your from your basement and I pay you like 30 bucks you whip something up in two days right that’s the perception but you’re not explaining well you talk about psychology and the copywriting how in what way what psychology what’s your system should he put down your head on his website okay and what kind of test you don’t want testimony I just as much yeah because Somalia what do they say but like give me one or two example look it up on my phone actually no but temp this roughly usually just say good job good to work with yeah easy to work with good guy I said that him and then I took care of the whole process he did you have to lift a finger so so those are what I call feel good testimonials what are they do you need those you need some but if we’re selling money at a discount what got testimonial do you need me so much money rich you know what before I pull the animation video on my website my website was converting about two percent I’m selling a hundred thousand dollar product now using Nathan’s service he put on animation now we’re closing about four point six percent basically double my sells more than double my sells now I’m doing an extra ten grand a month do you see a difference yeah you want you want some of those because now when they before they talk to you they’re thinking well this thing is going to help me lose myself dramatically so that’s part of marketing part of what you’re positioning your your branding your social proof your testimonials so so the better you set it up before you do the sales conversation then the easier most people just sell sell sell sell sell that’s the problem because then the more you want to sell the harder you have to work and the more the prospect resists what you do

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