Philip Kotler on the evolution of marketing

Bevo calm let me put it this way it all started with product and product driven organizations love the product and then we moved to service we realized that it’s not enough to sell something we have to back it up with good service and a lot of new literature came out on services marketing not only services marketing for hard physical products but also services marketing for intangible for firm selling intangible services like the hotel and the airline and so on which disappear after they’re over but we went from services marketing more recently to what we call experience real marketing or experience marketing where we said it’s not enough for a bank to have a set of services namely a line and maybe maybe even a coffee and tray with some apples what’s the experience of being in the bank do you feel it’s like you’re in a Greek temple and you must behave and and and stand like a good citizen in line is this a like a living room what what is the context in the atmospherics of the place that you you bring your customers how they feel good is there any trust and liking and other emotions coming in that relationship you’re trying to form with the customer so we call that really a design problem you design the feeling of the airplane inside you design the hotel to it so we might even call that marketing aesthetics broadly in fact there’s a lot of talk about we overuse two senses of the five senses we overuse a visual and an audio how about the sense of touch the sense of of kinetic kinetic ii Estes and so on and so forth that is let’s touch a customer in more than one way or two ways and if I understand that one point to CEO came up to you with the book and you refused to sign it because it wasn’t up to date is that because you were trying to upsell and sell more books yes let me put it this way I was at a seminar in the CEO of a company came up to me and said could you sign your book for me I said I of course I always signed the book I looked at the book and I said wait that’s the first one I wrote that’s in 1967 it’s called marketing management and I don’t think I can sign it and he said but I use it you use it and did you find the chapter on the internet very useful well there was no chapter on the internet then and I said what about the concepts of a customer lifetime value brand equity customer equity are you making a lot of use of those and measuring those things I mean like it’s your brand equity growing or flat or declining he says well I don’t think those terms were in the book I then he said are you trying to get me to buy a new copy and I said yes but not because I need your money it’s because the 13th edition and I put a new edition out every three years has so much more that you need in the in this whole changed marketing market space and place that you you’ve really got to do it now after saying that to him I signed a book I use it as a kind of a tease in a lesson Bevo calm

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