B2B Marketing – Funny Look at The Battle Between Sales and Marketing – Funny Sales video

Bru’s how about all those new leads marketing has gotten sales well most of them are college students or out-of-work engineers in the Czech Republic great glad to see you are happy with them are you a robot or do you just not care the latter I just do not care I have found that caring takes time away from my strategic thinking is ordering t-shirts and post the notes strategic thinking you salespeople are a bunch of spoiled overpaid brats in marketing are very busy pretending to work hard with many meaningless meetings and pretty powerpoint presentations to justify our positions all you salespeople do is complain and taking orders yeah thanks to you geniuses we have to spend half hour a day explaining why a guy in a Bangladesh cyber cafe is not a great lead well I understand that Bangladesh is an emerging market and that should not be discovered well maybe you should call him to understand that he simply wanted to register for the free iPod giveaway look Bruce it appears that you should get back to your online anger management class and I need to pick out our new t-shirts for the company off-site