Gary Vaynerchuk Explains: How Marketing Works

– its very easy. Marketers spoil everything. Things that have come into our world, Radio, TV, Internet and Facebook. She came and was for the people Do you remember the first time you saw the e-mail? We loved email Email in 1996, 7 and 8 has yet to be spoiled Which of you has registered “Groupon”, “Living Social”? Daily Candy, which of these locations? Raise your hand. You remember three, or four, years ago How impatient you could be for a sushi plate Worth $ 40 for $ 20? Or visit the $ 80 spa for just 40 This was the greatest thing in the world! Now you never care if they send you $ 1 million for the home for $ 100 You will delete and report it as malicious mail, Get away from my email basket! Then came the marketers Like me They looked for people’s attention Because my friends are trick here Here’s the trick I don’t care about Facebook or Twitter Or Tumblr or Pinterest or Instagram or any of that nonsense Where does the customer’s attention go? If you are not there And if you don’t play the game properly You lose It is the attention When people listen to the radio They want to sell things Marketers They realize that people are paying attention to the radio Why don’t I stop when they listen to me Because they are baseball fans Let me sell them beer He told them it was the best beer in the world And boycott this And this process, my friends, went on forever Go back to the cave age? You will find a cave I use it because I don’t want a dinosaur to eat me One of them wants to sell me a new club He did some drawings inside the cave to convince me And while my attention was here Stayed away from dinosaurs Maybe I really need a new club! And it lasted long and forever Wherever there are people pay attention to something Marketers like me will spoil it It will all happen Google glasses came So we messed with it To explore But all I’m talking about now We’ll all spoil him And so is life And that’s okay Snapchat appeared, right? Many from the ages of 16 to 22 have used it And if you want to sell something to them This is the right place Because their attention is on him This is an interaction Policeman and thief cat and mouse It will last forever Wherever there is a cave Let’s continue using this method Wherever there is a cave with mice If you are the first cat to say They are not there anymore All mice are here And I come here There are a lot of mice to eat I changed my destination to a new place in seconds Facebook, and the Internet itself, My e-commerce site in the year 96 And others Oculus Rift will be released soon Virtual Reality Can you apply first? Grandfather and took advantage of it Then the rest of the cats will come and eat the rest of the mice And cats are now any marketers Spoil this place And this goes on forever And it over and over again forever And it over and over again forever Over and over forever So if you guys are Fans, real people in the real world If you bring your attention Where, it is only a matter of time Until the cats come and spoil it.

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