Meet iCEDQ. Your ETL Testing & Monitoring Software

ICEDQ is a DataOps Automation Platform.You enhance we scan, You install we screen. ICEDQ is used for,ETL testing and massive data testing, data Migration checking out, and for production knowledge Monitoring. [ETL and big data testing] information is extracted, modified and loaded into a knowledge warehouse or a data lake in multiple steps. ICEDQ is used to experiment and Certify these ETL methods. Validate incoming data and files for nulls, information codecs and duplicates. Reconcile information between source and target to ensure accurate movement of data. Test elaborate ETL transformations with the iCEDQ principles engine. Put into effect trade Reconciliation rules to determine integrity of information across techniques or master data. Validate data for industry principles. [Data Migration Testing] iCEDQ is used for information migration checking out.It reconciles and certifies the data migration between the legacy system and the brand new method akin to knowledge Lake. ICEDQ ensures all the knowledge is migrated competently. [Production Data Monitoring] Embed iCEDQ audits to your creation pipeline for compliance. ICEDQ always monitors the ETL jobs, and notifies at any time when there are information problems. With iCEDQ, give a boost to productivity with the aid of 70%, broaden scan insurance plan by 200%, and minimize mission Timeline by using 33%. Get iCEDQ, a unified DataOps Automation Platform, supply projects on time get rid of knowledge risks and get compliant, in these days. Get iCEDQ in these days…..

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