This Thing Called Science Part 2: Testing, testing 1-2-3

[Music] you see a cat knock avars from a desk and it falls to the floor suddenly the cat brought on the VARs to fall however are you sure explanations and results can also be separated in time and area it could actually even be a quantity of explanations affecting one outcome maybe there was once a powerful wind or a small earthquake good the desk was once crooked or have not visible rent or perhaps a good time projector at all the entire above which is to assert even reputedly simple activities can get problematic worse still many of the universe’s movements can’t be directly discovered our eyes cannot see atoms or the curvature of the earth and we don’t suppose the movement of our galaxy understanding whatever considering that we’ve skilled it a inspiration referred to as empiricism is an fundamental part of science when it comes to gaining self belief in an idea measuring our experiences making use of a shared language and instruments permits us to examine our amassed observations extra accurately combined with logic and skepticism empiricism is an predominant software in explaining how matters often work and the factors why they do the centuries many philosophers speak about their ideas in step with these three requisites however more was wanted it’s not adequate to have only one expertise which confirms understanding in the end experiences will also be deceiving you need something somewhat more rigorous you have got to be ready to test it of course experiments don’t seem to be restrained to science from the very moment we are able to engage with the world the experiment our brains our test making machines altering the arena and staring at what scientific experiments permit us to experiment the observations we’ve got skilled under set conditions by way of altering one condition and measuring what happens we will attain self assurance at specified observation X he is quite often concerning different commentary why but even this process does now not warranty accuracy that is why excellent science goes further utilising a variety of approaches to aid us obtain self assurance in our conclusions [Music] [Music]

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