Testing the Tarp Canoe with 2 Paddlers

You are gonna are attempting the boat with two individuals so we’re simply doing a number of more knots and repairs right here and there after which we’ll be on the lake so the final time I felt like he knew I took me four hours and i had 100 120 feet of paracord I received about this so much left and we’re simply tying off a few spots like right here the place the tarp wants to come back out then i’m gonna add a few boughs it’s been about a week and a half that i have not used it so the boughs had been drying out so out just a few boughs after which we are going to go out for a paddle fully grasp you need somewhat more vowels we’re like your paddlers actually sitting after which for the leisure of the the boat you must have relatively just a few as well but uh this is the place your whole weight is or if you’re carrying cargo you want to put lots of boughs in there [Music] brought a milk jug for bailing bucket [Music] this digicam definitely simply drawing near this historic beaver hut i am gonna put the digicam on there and get specific perspective all right guys we simply received off the water you will see i’m a bit bit wet to the knees there may be like a couple of inches of water that came in with the 2 paddlers and we stayed maybe two hours on the water and whole time of paddling with the other times that I went out within the canoe might be like four or six hours so probably the tarps starting to be just a little bit tired different choices too you might like have a bigger tarp double it up and that will support however as you guys noticed like with two paddlers it labored perfectly like the the burden of the humans brought us down a bit bit so it was once simpler to paddle and we’re shut together so the canoe can be convenient to like turn around nevertheless it used to be particularly like good paddling with two individuals so yeah fun assignment thanks for looking at and i’ll see you on the subsequent journey really soon

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