WHY DOES THIS EXIST? Testing 2 YouTubers Craft DIY Kits – Karina Garcia & LaurDIY Cash or Trash?

If I had my own individual hell it wouldbe remaking this kit over and over I rather hate this package proper nowhey grains i am so excited for Halloween are you stop lying and no longer becauseI’m allowed to go trick-or-treating however for the reason that the day after Halloween all thecandies are on sale right however that’s beside the pointtoday we’re going to be reviewing two craft kits from a big youtubers thefirst one is Karina Garcia’s slime jewelry or a slime artwork package i’ve afeeling this is gonna take me a couple of days easily since we must let itdry you are very agreeable today are you performed? The following package is Laura DIY crystal chandelier kitsI am somewhat skeptical on this one however i guess hello I don’t know i don’t knowanything the only the one method we’re gonna comprehend is by means of making an attempt them outbirb who’s your favourite youtuber you’re weirdOh welcome again incidentally for those of you have not subscribed make certain thatyou do or else He obtained scared, you need me to wave a sharp pointy factor at you comehere carry your butt and you took a poo so ensure you click on that subscribebutton and click all notifications otherwise you’re going to best get partial oroccasional notifications oh why did you do thatthat’s no longer high-quality you used to love me by the way in case you’re questioning whatI do professionally is i am a bridge burner that is my lifestyles now I’ve burnt somany bridges our first sufferer I mean assessment craft city slime artwork DIY craftkit one of the things of this kit is that it is speculated to be equipped to let usmake slime so we will have to be able to play with it after which after we’re doneplaying with it we must be able to position it aside dry it and make arts what isslime art I have no idea do not look at me i am as clueless as you might be however i have toadmit it does seem rather pretty at any time when she’s retaining i assume it can be aflower but it appears lovely the opposite factor i am no longer just a bit skepticalabout is that this field says the whole lot you progress which is in my little littlesalty heart I’ve had beautiful unhealthy experience with it since they’re all abunch of lies most instances now not all the time but most instances time to peer what weget inside yes what we get three colours of super slime in baggies one clearslime additionally in a baggie the slime activator in a baggie what what if Ijust want to make one colour of slime I need to tear this apart in finding my owncontainer after which figure it out styrofoam beats trashy gold glitterplastic gem stones and the academic sheet all proper hold on is it me or does thebox correct right here exhibit that we’re speculated to be getting yellow slime no longer simply inthe entrance however within the again which makes it appear like we’re speculated to be gettingthree major colours but alternatively of getting inexperienced which I would have beenable to make had I gotten yellow with the blue so up to now no longer most effective are we simply gettingstuff in luggage as a substitute of containers like the entire different slime kits that had been bycraft metropolis which is a real affliction within the butt peculiarly considering the fact that instructionsclearly say you want one teaspoon of this or that because of this you’re going tohave a bag that you simply need to empty somewhere or that you just have to putstraight to make sure that does not spill far and wide moreover we don’t get anyresealable containers we do not get a stirring stick we don’t get a littleroll to combine matters in again like the previous Karina Garcia craft metropolis kitsand we do not get some thing to measure with how does the box say includeseverything you need are available play little salt all correct let me let me go geteverything that used to be alleged to be incorporated so that you idea you had been cleverlast time let’s play again i’ll see you subsequent video let’s go forward and follow theinstructions so the first step is we have got to pick our colour and shake itwell get your mind out of the better number imagined to measure out twotablespoons of the super slime right into a bowl with just one teaspoon of theactivator that’s the whole component we’re making of that entire bag we’rejust measuring little teaspoons and spoonsdon’t drop that bag given that that’s gonna be a multitude and that’s customarily itlet’s see how it feels and the answer is it really feelsreally satisfactory it’s no longer sticking to me and it is tremendous gooey that is the slime Iremember after I was a child for these of you who’re very fanaticlet me oh there’s some sticking right here let me recognize what texture of slime you likebecause i love i admire this variety does it make the sound you grains like let’shear the solutions sure stretchy beautiful slimy i’m gonna make a 2nd one all proper now that we now have both of ourslimes and yes they do they they’re a little sticky they’reslimy however if you wish to spark off them more you do it i’m doing my phase allright let’s examine slime art recommendations oh oh oh oh wowso according to the directions the way we make artwork with slime is stretch it outand let it dry there is no indication of what shapes to make or how one can place itor how you’re going to get the exact flower shape that’s on the field itselfhow is that this artwork instead of simply forgetting it and leaving it external todehydrate for three-4 days this field is full of scanning I justdon’t see the arts and just letting it dehydrate the field says create beautifulslime bouquet a slime bouquet is flowers how am i making a flower however I misssomething I mean that is the place the instructionsare lacking why are there no graphics of how to do this slime bouquet all they’resaying is put it together good i assume we’re gonna take these two portions mixthem up I feel that’s pretty adequate we’re gonna stretch it and leave it on apiece of glass we will get back in three 4 days and incidentally i’m left withbags they’re opened and i don’t want to use them so i am gonna ought to transferthem into a container or seal them up somehow thanks for nothingcrap city I imply crap city a number of days make them so here is the slime after yeshere it’s after 5 six days I misplaced rely on the grounds that I just left it there thisby no method to me is an artwork that i would put into the show so oh seem it eventook the Pirates matters as a minimum that’s beautiful neat my verdict the trash ournext package Laura DIY crystal chandelier kit certainly not is that this package low-priced at allI paid $25 canadian and one of the most matters that concerns me is that this kithere is fairly gentle I mean seem at that is my little finger and it is now not evenit’s no longer bending at all typically weighs lighter than angel slightly demon birbyou saw at the commencing and so the thought behind this kit looks relatively lovable iteven says it in the entrance fill fold beautify the crisis when things are waytoo simple is that they tend to be a lot more complex than they appear whichmeans the whole folding part i am getting trauma from the criolla folding kit thelamp that we did and that was once a whoo so i am rather curious what this one’s goingto seem like for those of you who don’t know Lord DIY is a big channel right here onYouTube as good and she or he has a whole line of crafting and DIY kits ranging fromlittle pot things which i have not noticeable – a bit bored incidentally if you wish to have tosee the previous Lord DIY that I reviewed i’ll depart a hyperlink forthem down under I have to admit i’m fairly skeptical about this package it can be sosalty proper now all right let’s examine what we get within here’s what we get eightiridescent type looking plastic II films some pom-poms pom-poms pastel-y crystals plastic beads and metal form looking hanger thingslittle fish fishing fishing string Wow my voice proper and instructionalmanual so in step with the recommendations each and every shape as a giant variant which isabout this significant 1/2 my face about 4 inches on the bottom part and a miniversion we’re gonna construct both and notice the difference in measurement however alsobecause I wish to get things right it says for video instructions discuss with roseart comport / laurdiy craft kits all right so here we’re on the internet site Roseart.Com Lord DIY craft kits and movies oh nothey discontinue making videos on their kits that’s not those I wantthanks for nothing Mattel or DIY you have to make certain that they keep up todate for your craft kits so it sounds as if we don’t deserve an academic for this onelet’s wing it in keeping with the instructional materials of course so in accordance tothe instructional materials that is beautiful basic all you ought to do is fold littlecrevices on these little diamond D crystally formed matters and startinterlocking those little tongue matters within the gap get your mind out of thegutter Oh little salt let’s play in these days once we’re at this factor we’ve got twovery elaborate options best pump pumps or handiest beads absolutely we’ve got a thirdoption so we can pretty much fill the within of our little gem little thingcrystal with more vivid matters so I’ve put like a handful of those crystals andheck let’s put a handful of these pom-poms i know i am now not the mostgraceful individual ever but I do have lovely just right dexterity this thing reallydoes scan your dexterity although so i will be able to only imaginefor any individual who’s eight years old to glue the crystal we have to use one ofthe little beads and put it on the within and then tie that up a 9 9 inchnylon straight so i’m now not going to chance any of it and i’m simply going to knot itlike a tie my shoes wow this this little flap factor simply does now not wanna clip Iknow i’ve sausage fingers but i have lovely excellent dexterity why is that this thingnot looking to interconnect I do not know however we have now our little crystal leafingwith pom-poms on the inside by the way this is the big version here’s a littleone I have got to say i’ll be making all of them and i can already tell youthis is tedious and boring at nice so until you are any one who reallylikes redundant boring movements yep which you can which you could certainly give this atry let’s make the whole thing lay tail fun factI’ve been doing this for the final 30 minutes and that i realized that if I had myown private hell it could be remaking this package again and again againdoes Lord DIY not love her faith um I yeah so much a lot so much later Captain’sLog update no longer most effective does this package train me to be frugal on something stuffings orwhatever I need to placed on the inside but we also ran out of rope that’s strengththis this package is just not delivering you with sufficient to be ingenious since insidesare finished and the string is completed and the assignment’s no longer even performed but Ireally hate this package proper now honestly I particularly hate this like proper now I’mjust i’m simply doing this for the reason that i’m no longer a quitter but truthfully WowI want my a refund i want my hour-and-a-half again and so right here here’sthe I should not have I spent on this is it adorable sure is it valued at the moneyno is it a kit that’s satisfying yeah let me be aware of which package you grains havetried from a youtuber that you simply inspiration used to be and which package did you sincerely tryfrom a youtuber that you thought used to be beautiful respectable i am pretty irritated rightnow due to the fact that routinely I think like these kids just take skills of theiraudience if you want to see a be a earlier money or trash ensure youcheck up right here and if you wish to watch a artful video be certain you determine downhere until then i’ll see you grains in the next video

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