Testing the Rugged CAT S41 – Scratch, Burn, BEND Tested!

For the reason that I began durability trying out phones,the name CAT had been brought up so typically as possibly one of the most long lasting phoneson the planet, but i have not had a hazard to scan that conception until now. I’ve two telephones right here: the S31 and the S41. The smaller S31 is spec’d down a little witha smaller monitor and smaller battery, however the same general build. In these days we are going to focus on the S41. Let’s get started. [Intro] This certainly is not your smooth, pristinelooking iPhone or Samsung telephone. This is built for an extraordinarily exact workforce ofpeople – a group of persons who want their device to survive it doesn’t matter what happens happensto it.The CAT S41 is even impressively advertisedto face up to sun radiation. So famous person man right here might start swiping Tinderon Mars if he had this cellphone…And he is still on the whole have higher good fortune than the rest ofus. For these of us here on the earth, CAT has designedthis cellphone to survive a 1.Eight meter drop onto concrete – an excellent 6 foot fall. However as we are able to tell here, to achieve that muchdrop security, there must be a thick plastic layer masking the Gorilla Glass 5, whichscratches at a level three. Luckily that laminate layer is included onthe cell and simply replaceable if it ever does get too messed up. I’m going to depart that safeguard intactand in place when you consider that the cellphone is incomplete with out it. Just recollect that the display scratches ata degree 3. There are 3 bodily buttons alongside the bottom- all ip68 waterproof and constituted of plastic. But when you are outside sporting protecting gloves,these gigantic bodily buttons may also be valuable. There is a cutout on the reveal protector forthat 8 megapixel entrance going through digicam.It is included by Gorilla Glass 5 underneaththat plastic and is not going to be broken by my razor. The earpiece is plastic, however has holes smallenough that steel shavings or dirt is not going to without difficulty get within. The vigour button is constructed from black plastic,along with the quantity buttons – identical plastic material. The body of this phone is the place matters startto get extreme. A beastly layer of thick plastic covers theentire surface of the phone, with rubber grip overlaying that plastic. And this isn’t the low-cost flimsy plastic both.My razor blade is severely struggling withthis stuff. Down on the bottom of the telephone we have thecharging port flap masking a micro USB port. And it is exciting, every different water-resistantphone I’ve validated thus far has certainly not been fit for salt water due to the fact that the salt in salt watercorrodes metallic turbo and degrades it can be adhesive. But given that the entire metal and adhesive is coveredup on this mobile with these watertight plastic flaps, this cell is salt water resistantup to 2 meters deep – over 6 feet.There is even a flap protecting the headphonejack with plenty of plastic and rubber along that side to hold the cellphone harm free. Now the digicam is the place matters begin to geta little disappointing. The flash is plastic, which is best, no onereally cares about that. However the digicam lens itself can also be made fromplastic. Now I get that plastic is extra shatter resistantthan glass, but plastic scratches so much simpler that cup does, so it’s whatever to keepin intellect for those who own this mobilephone. Also, this telephone does now not document video in4K, it maxes out at 1080p. The camera used to be it seems that not the focal point orthe selling point of the S41. Our spaceman snapchat game on Mars is goingto be instead susceptible. On the part of the cellphone we have now one metalbutton, which is programmable to any app with a brief press function and a long press operate. Now that is valuable. And now we have a different flap preserving the SIM andSD card slots watertight. The iPhone eight is water resistant to 1 meter,just for half-hour. This CAT S41 is water-proof 2 meters deepfor up to an hour.CAT’s no longer messing round. Within this telephone is a large 5,000 milliampbattery that CAT says has a 38 hour talk time, or forty four days of standby. Lovely spectacular. I did strive an art classification with Jerry on theback rubber, however the resilience of rubber closes up on my razor blade slices, hidingmy wonderful cat I drew on the CAT telephone. It’s got pointy little ears and everything. The CAT emblem is embedded into the rubber,but it surely’s lovely strong and would take some important abuse to ever fall out on it can be own. So i’m going to simply put this back. Just right as new. And now the burn experiment. Recollect, we’re working with a few differentscreen layers right here. This can be a 5 inch 1080p display, and that i leftthe flame in location for approximately 15 seconds earlier than the outer plastic layer began to bubbleup and soften.It received a bit crispy. And now the structural bend scan which issurprising. I anticipated the cell to be a little extra rigidthan it is. There’s some respectable flex to the entrance andback of the phone. This is definitely now not a nasty thing of course,given that nothing snapped or broke, or was once even permanently disfigured. The whole lot straightens out after the flex,however it does have some jump to it. Long story short, the phone is incrediblydurable in terms of water resistance and drop protection, so long as you don’tmind that plastic display and the plastic digital camera lens. It might no longer be mainstream, however the S41 willsurvive clearly some thing in case you had to decide on one feature because the foremost on yoursmart telephone, what would it be? Let me know within the comments. And come hang around with me on Instagram. Thanks a ton for staring at, and i will see youaround..

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