Is Peanut Butter And Jelly Good In Everything? Taste Test

– i do not feel you are able for this peanut butter and jelly. – Let’s talk about that. (upbeat song) excellent legendary Morning. – After 1,600 plus episodes ofextreme eating on this exhibit, of which slurping mind ramenor sipping every other’s urine are just the tip of the iceberg, I think it’s nontoxic to saythat our figuring out of what the bounds of food arehas been very a lot stretched. – Mm hmm.- correctly, we will have misplaced contact with what the averageperson thinks is palatable. – Which is why today, we’re hanging a twist on our taste scan and involving typical tasters as we’re setting outto to find the true limits of a beloved dish, P-B and J. It can be time of tasting the boundaries of peanut butter and jelly! – legendary Chef Josh and the Kitcheneers have created a sequence ofpeanut butter and jelly dishes that are gonna escalatein their daringness. In different words, every dish is gonna push the bounds of P-B and J, just a little bit additional.- Yeah, and like Rhettsaid, for the reason that our stomachs have been abused tothe factor of no return, we will no longer be those figuring out when a dish has long gone too a long way. So as to be up to our panelof everyday mythical men and women: Kevin, Bethany, Davin, and David. Hiya! – hi.- hiya, guys. – [Rhett] hello, panel! – o.K., if and when a panel member decides that the food in entrance of them has pushed the bounds too a ways, meaning it should in no way be served at dwelling or at a restaurant, they are able to tap out of the gameby hitting their buzzer. – And we’re gonna guess which crew individuals we suppose will tap out, and we’re gonna get pointsfor each correct bet, lose elements for every fallacious guess, and the winner will receivea packed P-B and J lunch with a loving notice from mother! (upbeat tune) k, Josh, tell us about our firstlimit pushing PB and J dish.- So, our first dish is PB and J ravioli. – [Link] Woo, that appears good. Let’s just say, it appears. – So, we’ve got performed astrawberry balsamic sauce, there is a peanut butterand ricotta ravioli, a bit little bit of contemporary blackberries, basil, and peanuts on high. – Now, we can’t consume it. We gotta speculate.- We gotta simply go off. We gotta do the attention scan.Seem at them smelling it and stuff. Bethany was like, "Mm,I think i love this." – Davin instructed us at thestart of this season that he’s by no means had Kool-help. – Mm-hmm. – except we served him Kool-support. – correct. Now he is reallydrinking the Kool-aid. (laughs) – [Link] I don’t know what Kevin and David had for the primary time.- I suppose, I believe that one in every of them could even be allergic to peanuts, and that is, like, the comic story on us. I hope somebody’s allergic, but he-he. – k.- No. – very well, I’ve made my vote. And now, now, have you ever made your vote? – Yeah.- okay, dig in, guys. Let’s have a look at what, let’s examine what it’s like. – Oh, it can be difficult. – [Link] once I firstheard about this episode, I failed to feel we were gonna get to devour.(laughter) – that is an awful lotof ravioli. (mumbles) – that is very, very difficult exterior. (laughs) – Bethany, are you being relevant already? (laughs) – She stated it’s tough. – an extraordinarily hard exterior. – I quite do not like this. I don’t like peanut butter, guys. – He failed to like peanut butter. He is no longer allergic, he justdoesn’t like peanut butter. – i don’t like peanut butter. – [Rhett] well, dang, Davin! – o.K., everybodyelse is ready, i suppose. Kevin, tell us what you believe. Are you X-ing out? What’s your procedure?- I mean, this is pleasant. – [Link] You love it? – Yeah, I do. – I feel it can be excellent, too. – Yeah, I mean, it justtastes like a P-B and J that kinda acquired, like, left in jelly. – I imply, my youngsters loveravioli, like cheese ravioli. They’d love this even more. Bethany? – I think it’s beautiful good. I think the feel of the ravioli is a little bit hard.- difficult. – [Josh] The pasta wascooked flawlessly, thank you. (laughs) – however, I consider the peanutbutter blends very well with the balsamic glaze.Thanks Josh.- Oh wow, ok. – She’s going full meals community on us. (laughs) She’s like John Cavitt,eye contact and the whole lot. I don’t appear at Joshwhen i’m critiquing him. – correct.- I look out. – And David Hill, whatcha got over there? – Compliments to the chef. That is amazing.- ok, you see. – i might have this for lunch. – ok, so, Rhett, who didyou believe was once gonna bail out? – I thought everybodywas gonna find it irresistible, Davin! (laughs) – well, I acquired the Kool-support man’s number, ‘purpose I felt like youwere gonna exit, man! You don’t like peanut butter? – i do not like peanut butter. I like the jelly, though.I’m going to have more of of those. – He likes jelly! Do I get a half of factor? – No. No, surely, you lose a point. – Yeah, I get a poor factor, he will get a point.- and that i achieve a factor. – And, incidentally, this isnot the one Italian dish that Josh has P-B and J-ized.- correct. – given that, over on theMythical Kitchen channel, he has a brand new video, wherehe makes P-B and J pizza! Go over there, and he is gonnateach you find out how to make it. Examine that out at present.- isn’t that correct, Josh? – [Josh] that is proper, hyperlink.(upbeat track) all right, guys, the 2nd dish we’ve got, peanut butter and jelly burritos. – Wowzer. – So this can be a grape jelly carne asada, we have now crunchy peanutrice and black beans, a black berry chipotle salsa, and a bit bit of ghostchili and raspberry guacamole. – keep on, you stated ghost chili? – just a skosh. It can be a burrito, it is gotta be spicy. – just a skosh.- be careful, guys. – Man, when you put only a half burrito, just standing erect, likethis, in front of me, I mean, I simply wanna consume it. I am sorry, my hands went right down to it. K, I can not though.I cannot. I gotta keep away from the burrito, and i gotta guess which one of y’all will not be gonna love it. – [Link] let’s examine, so. – I gotta say, it smells good. – you recognize, if Davin was here, I wager he’d say it smells good. (laughs) – [Rhett] Oh gosh. – I do not know who likes, if it is gonna be rather spicy… – I’ve locked in someone. – very well, I bought one character in mind. – interesting opt for.- Uh huh. – [Link] all right guys, now we have locked in, so, dig in. Besides for you, Davin.(laughs) – [Rhett] Davin, don’teven seem at anyone. Just sit down there and smile. – It smells really good, although. – David Hill, whatch’ you thinkin’? – I find it irresistible, like, I…- You adore it. No X from David Hill. Bethany? – Full disclosure: I didn’teat the meat a part of this field. (laughs) – She did not consume the meat subject. – I virtually do rather like it too. I think like i am leaping on the bandwagon.- Can i’ve your meat? – Yeah, definitely. – So, Bethany has not X-ed out. What about Kevin? – So, full disclosure: I did devour the meat, and it is the primary timeI’ve eaten meat like this in by and large 5 years. – What do you imply? – i’ll say, though, it was once fairly excellent. (laughs) – Wow, no one X-ed out! – I proposal Kevin was about to X out. – well, dang, I actuallytook the meat into consideration, and that i concept that Bethanywould devour it and understand, "I can’t eat meat," and have an existential quandary, (laughs) after which X out, however she kept away from the meat. You’re so squirrelly! – I did not consider about that. I simply proposal Kevin was once gonnawuss out on the ghost pepper, however ya failed to. You realize what? I admit once I’m mistaken, and we both bought a bad factor. (buzzer) – Oh, appear, you recognize what? You obtained a great little crimson,little arrow to head over, how might I put out of your mind thatDavin is without doubt now not on this game anymore? (laughs) (upbeat tune) – alright, so, today wehave peanut butter and…- in these days?- at present, k? – i love that. Makes me think like a cafe. – okay, gentlemen.- preserve going, isn’t it at present? – today we have for you peanut butter and jelly eggs benedict. – Oh, lawd.- this can be a individual favourite of the chef. So, we’ve eggs that havebeen poached in grape jelly, we have ham that has beenglazed in raspberry jelly, and then we’ve a crunchypeanut butter hollandaise on top. – so that egg is pink, huh?- that’s not natural, is it? – enjoy.(laughs) – okay, see, now we’regetting to some stuff that, like, there may be a littletrepidation over right here at the desk.- a bit? (laughs) – So what’s happeningon, like, common man’s desk over there?- looks like I unfolded Dr.Seuss and made up our minds to devour. – Um, that did not relatively make any feel. – Open up, Dr. Seuss. (laughs) all right, so… – [Rhett] Who’s on board for this? I mean, David Hill’sgiving an extraordinarily suspect seem, Bethany’s giving it a sniff. – Oh man, I suppose we’re gonna have… – You believe we’re gonnahave two flies drop? – I think we’re… (squeals) – [Kevin] Did he name us flies? – k, ok, ok. – What?- He known as us flies. – I think I did hear "fly." – that is weird. – there may be some trepidation right here.O.K., dig in guys.- Let’s all dig in. – Dig in. – Oh. – Now, I…- that’s real yellow and real pink. – I’ve had a breakfast sandwich. – Oh, runny eggs, ooo, you adore that. Oh, do not reduce previous the yoke! – i am afraid of the yoke. – that’s no longer a real experiment. – k, very well.- i’m gonna get the best chew right here. – [Link] i’ll consume a breakfast sandwich with, like, jelly, like…- Teeny, tiny bites. Developing up, my dad would train me to position grape jelly on… – Who taught you that? On a sausage, egg, and cheese biscuit.- [Rhett] that’s a good inspiration. – [Link] Yeah, grapejelly is just right on that. (buzzer) (laughs) – Bethany’s out.(laughs) – What happened, Bethany? – I had a chunk this giant, and it used to be terrible. I couldn’t even, i’m sorry. (laughs) – [Bethany] you did a reallygood job, though, Josh. It simply tasted really unhealthy. – Did you simply call him John? – Josh. (laughs) – Kevin, you may have taken more than one bites.What do you feel? – I mean, i’m feelingpretty good about this. It’s now not, like, I probablywouldn’t go out of my option to order it on a menu, however i might experiment with it, for sure. So, I suppose i’m gonna stay in. I suppose i will go just a little additional. – So, but, the grape jelly’s excellent. It’s simply the peanutbutter with the runny egg that starts to be really bizarre.- David?- I like the runny egg. – David, what’d you consider? – This, in the beginning, looks like playdoh, so, i’m kinda like "uh," seeing that of the last time, earlier times. However when you get into it, it is rather just right at first, after which there’s a weird style. So, it can be a just right experimenting, however when you hit the meat, this is where it’s. The meat with the jelly cover. – whilst you hit themeat, that’s what it’s. – when you hit the meat,that’s the place it’s, okay. – however, it sounds like you could X out. So, it is not too late. You wanna X? – Oh no, no, this… – Come on, you cannot, that’sleading the witness, man. – it can be not my first option, but, i’m like, i’ll give it a try. I’ll provide it a gander.(laughs)- i’ll suggest it. – supply it a gander. – o.K., who’d you vote for? – okay, I obtained one right and one incorrect, seeing that I concept Kevinand Bethany had been gonna go, and that i simplest stated, I received Bethany proper and Kevin unsuitable. – Dang it, Bethany, you might be my dark horse! – well you got two of them unsuitable. (buzzer) – I idea the boys have been gonna knock out, and you were gonna be the story! – that would’ve been a greater exhibit. I am sorry. (laughs) – This exhibit sucks, now! (upbeat music) – And so, for our ultimate dish,you’ve gotten some thing distinct. – today?- today. – Yeah.- it’s a peanut butter and jellywhole baked salmon. – [Rhett] What? – [Josh] So, what we’vedone is we’ve got taken a whole nine pound salmon, we have now stuffed it with crunchypeanut butter and grape jelly, then, on the top, we’vedone a little rainbow of grape, strawberry, and apricot jelly.- Is it cooked? – Of path it is cooked. To perfection. – you are gonna need to stab right in him. – there is peanut butter within? – revel in.- You spread out the fish and stuffed it with P-B and J.- Yeah. – [Rhett] How do you eat it? – [Josh] Any method that you would be able to. – Kevin, why are you smiling? (laughs) – it’s a security mechanism. (laughs) – I continually concept you had been at all times joyful. Now, i am rethinking everything. – Yeah. Simply consistently on edge, allthe time, just consistently. (laughs) – Kevin k. – [Josh] simply dig a fork into the top. There’s some good meat onthe top, simply dig a fork in.- there’s some excellent meat on high. – [Josh] Take a tremendous old bite. The skin is supposed to be eaten, as good. – Who’s gonna drop out?- Gotta make our, might be nobody, I mean, appear at this.- Kevin, David. Each, or neither? – The more time that Ispent with this salmon, the more I suppose like, this maybe a satisfactory concept.- Uh… – I imply, appear at it. It looks like there wassome kinda accident, an individual had the entire groceries… – [Link] Yeah.(laughs) – [Rhett] ,they may be bringing them house, after which they had been attacked, or anything happened, and everything bought blended up. Who’s no longer gonna, who’s gonna drop? – k.- very well. – I’ve locked in my reply.- I’ve locked in my reply. – o.K., fellas, dig in. – [Rhett] You rememberwhen Bethany and Davin had been a part of this? (laughs) – The view is fairly first-class from here.- Oh, Kevin’s having a complicated time. David, seem at David.- i’m gonna filet this thing. I’m gonna filet this open.- look it. – i would like extra meat over right here. – Oh my gosh.- Oh, there we go. – That fish is lovely. It’s cooked.- Oh yeah. – after which what? What do you need me to do?- Oh seem at that. Get some of that meat. Appear, all of the meat justfell correct off the bone. – [Josh] Cooked to perfection. – [Link] after which there’sjust a bunch of peanut butter. – Kevin, need some more meat? – No, no, i’m k. – Yeah, supply Kevin some extra. – i’m seeking to get a few of that candy. – you know, peanut butterand jelly salmon… – sweet meat, with the peanut butter… – [Link] Shout out to themovie Peanut Butter Falcon which, we’ve got mentioned earlier than, is an robust movie.He eats peanut butteron sardines, I believe. – Peanut Butter Salmon is asequel to Peanut Butter Falcon. – Oh my gosh. The peanut butter fairly does aid, because it is such a powerful flavor, however it is a very strong taste, too. – [Kevin] i don’t mind it. – (whispers) howdy, Kevin,are you achieved with that? – [Devin] He wants more. – He need’s all of it. – [Link] It looks as if David Hill is requesting to have it back.That he absolutely… (laughs) I do not… – i do not intellect it. I relatively do not intellect it.- I imply, i would be hitting an X. – i do not love it. I admire salmon with the aid of itselfand P-B or J via itself. That is the one time where there was now not a synergistic type of coalescence. – Now, no one’s hit an X, but, again, once we hear from you… (buzzer) (laughs) – okay, Kevin, what used to be your expertise? – Uh, no longer excellent. (laughs) Yeah it’s the textureand also looking at it sends chills down my backbone. – however, David Hill, you seem to be fitting one with the fish, as they say. – This desires to be on a menu somewhere, (laughs) or an experimental restaurant. Like, this is without a doubt just right. While you combo in, whilst you honestly get the meat, not the bones, you mix it in…- preclude the bones. – You combine in the peanut butter and jelly, and put it on your mouth, oh yeah. – What did you consider? Did you suppose in David Hill? – sure I did! I said Kevin used to be taking place! – So did I! (laughs) David Hill, we believed in you, man, and you got here through for us.And, according to you, and Lindsay Lohan, there is no restrict.- Yeah, it appears. – [Bethany] The restrict would not now not exist! – that’s what it is. (laughs) – The limit does now not exist. – The limit, there is no restrict. – okay, and that implies that we… – Does not exist. – We each tie, and we each will get apacked P-B and J lunch with a loving note from Mommy, and extra. – Josh, thanks for making all this stuff.Oh, gosh, and thanks panelists. And thanks for subscribing and clicking that bell. Oh, oh, also remember…- Yeah, you gotta inform them, they gotta go over tothe legendary Kitchen, and notice how they make aP-B and J pizza, y’all! Do that.- Now you guys say, you already know what time it is. – you know what time it’s. – i’m Rebecca.- and i am Jenna. – And we just threw a partyfor countrywide Peanut Butter Day. – And we simply had apeanut butter style scan. – And it is time to spinthe Wheel of Mythicality. – that’s a howdy. – Yeah, actual hey. Click the top link to look at us carve peanut butter sculptures at good legendary more! – And to find out the place theMythicality’s gonna land! – I wanna lick the sauce off the cheese.Can i do it? – [Woman] Yeah, but only if you utilize the opposite piece of cheese to dot it. – it can be valued at it, proper? – [Woman] Yeah, do it. Do not make eye contact with me. – Nah, I got it.(laughs).

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