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[Music] well let’s simply name ski and welcome to the Thursday vlog it can be gonna be an awfully one of a kind video today as which you can tell and to things off i need any individual very precise to support me out anyone please welcome to the adjacent chair Devon Keyes welcome to the video and in these days a bit of bit specific I used to be simply stimulated with the aid of any other youtubers to move to the 99-cent retailer which I’ve by no means completed earlier than and get a whole bunch of random products there and now in actual fact i am simply gonna test them out and notice whether or not or not they work or do what they are alleged to do considering that it from the 99-cent store so I do not know if that changes the pleasant of them at all and likewise ensure you guys watch to the very end due to the fact that on the very finish i’m gonna put up some bloopers and outtakes from this video so ensure you guys provide this video a big thumbs up if you are excited to peer what random things now we have gotten and yeah jump into the video so we’re gonna be beginning off with a bang and we’ll be utilizing the celebration poppers with confetti on that vest oh good it opens very with no trouble I gotta say that yeah there’s this gun circular cartridge after which the occasion popper like coordinated you understand you’re higher than you you do not even understand you’re doing yeah no face shots that’s your excellent savage no harmful dude again obligation very well so the birds on this on this first occasion the subsequent object is a golf membership and these are very plastic they look sure beautiful affordable they usually believe free low cost but that you can identical to like smash it however we’re gonna go outside and test them out for definite so that is gonna be up for the shot you placing the golf ball in the crop the golf ball and a quite high speed there is a um 400 mile an hour wind [Laughter] [Music] : broad I wish these are a fails yeah I gotta say these are kind of a fail um look at the heat they like they damage so chook in fowl alike so yeah these are most likely a fail guys subsequent we’ve very masculine glow sticks what are you doing so um yeah let’s see these worker bees peepee we fail oh it smells so dangerous yeah this is certainly no longer chemical or toxic and now it is a conclude it all off so I gotta say i’m watching at this factor of this phase right here would not definitely glow I idea this would be like a glowy factor you realize if itself but total the decision is a fail these are a loved ones so the subsequent one is likely one of the handiest objects Devon picked out and you’ll be aware of what for a cause i don’t what it might you provide an explanation for to them why you gotta like what is this it sounds as if is to preserve garments i suppose let’s go for it so we have been gonna do this product out inside on drywall which is what its intended for however we need to go above and past for this video so now we have obtained this um this one over right here it’s a fine solid wood we’re gonna try it out these like razors nearly so let’s examine you let me start conclude from the wall fairly speedy it does not penetrate the timber as with no trouble as I proposal it might but um there we go it can be sort of type of interactive we would not have a hammer with us proper now so Devon observed a rock yes now take it away so now now we have this thing which I believe we need to sleep that there Oh excellent ultimate precisely I used to be meant to make use of let’s give it a shot holy cow alright cool so sure I provide this a ten out of five this gets a ten out of 5 proper right here cuz look on the men and women Oh subsequent item is called the Powerball gun ooh and it comes with target and everything but we all know what i am gonna use as goal practice now not my face I consider the way it works is you pull it back like this lame that was lame okay so this product is correct off the bat this is cuz you understand put your hand here just falls right out this is this product is a enormous fail and next up now we have hand medicinal drugs purple to begin with I gotta say this isn’t relatively a hand drum cuz there is appear at look at this in comparison with my hand like this fits in my fingers fingers they’re now not a wing however but they’re no longer a fail and the only other product that definitely you recognize that is in reality some thing I he purchased and simply particularly desired to try it out dude get into it anything it can be essentially like a snapshot with just a entire bunch of numbers on it and there’s a different I feel like a magician so we had been gonna do this except we learned that flickers are concerned in out of right here we aren’t partial to sparkles this was a enormous fail we’re not partial to this considering it incorporated glints yeah large gigantic fail so on to the following one I forgot Devon did you oh another thing it comes as much as me like I have no idea what this is it’s a rest room actually introduced me a bathroom freshener and it’s no longer like a kind of disgusting porta potty little stinky yeah so bro you are the one who bought it k odor it odor it [Music] significant fail I have no idea why you would want your bathroom to odor like a different bathroom so this is a enormous fail now this subsequent one we’re gonna be making some noise and we’re checking out out the trumpet and a entire bunch of flute it’s a bit like a loss of life duck is that [Music] excellent work I can not right now men and women trying to sleep these are certainly a win yes this is not excellent at blowing things so for me that verdict is these are a massive win these are a giant win subsequent up are whatever known as wall walkers which are essentially little blue guys higher lookout annoying these things are appear at this however that you could let me pull them apart and oh oh oh see yeah they’re lucky that’s really cool okay seem at this one proper over here whoa oh oh oh don’t be the road ok these are in reality a huge win no appear yeah that used to be ninety anyway yep now this final object is the most highly-priced item it’s virtually a greenback 29 they are rockets so let’s open them up I believe that these are gonna be like too explosive to do inside so we’re gonna go external and check out them out proper now but I like the sound of it to this point so yeah who’s goes correct now oh man that is the rocket experiment competent goal hearth ah dude oh are you go ah and now to settle this as soon as and for all the fast-draw two steps capable and begin the final verdict on probably the most high-priced items and in this video is that they have been be wins we had enjoyable with these do not point that at my face please down that is correct no now not once more what are you doing you crazy man ah no what are you doing k yeah so that you guys enjoyed this video please give it thumbs up right now juice it up a stone nasty like so toxic additionally share along with your buddies and you guys want me to make even more it is like randomly trying out out products and gadgets video um dude you’re completed and also remark down under what some random items i don’t make certain you guys assess out holes Devin’s link his links are all down in the description under so be sure to go comply with him on the entire spots get together and the keeper of Becky aka living on my tune depart i like you a lot Becky you were constantly super active and you had been this sort of hardcore keeper so shout out to you fam we like you so much and if you wish to be the keeper of the week and be featured in one in every of my videos all you have to just do be super active on Twitter on Instagram on snapchat on YouTube liking sharing commenting truly the extra lively you’re the better chance you’ve got of being featured as the keeper of the week but once more congratulations Becky we love you oh dude kick back thanks so much for looking at and make certain you guys subscribe in our palms that used to be a horrible inspiration man i comfortable you guys again next week love you bye okay we’re achieved we’re accomplished we’re executed we’re accomplished we’re carried out any relax i’m going to see you guys once more subsequent Thursday bye ah you scared me right here is the aftermath appear at all of this

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