Testing the Table Top Fire Pit (Pt. 2/2)

Hiya guys, i’m Nate welcome back to the workshop in our previous video We confirmed you the starting steps of constructing a tabletop fireplace pit now we will take all of the pieces that we’ve got prepped before and completely collect them into a fire pit Let’s start with the aid of soldering the long coil with the 2 elbows and the small straight piece in between Solder and copper pipe effectively does take just a little bit of prep work So let’s easy up the entire joints in order that the bond will likely be robust there may be a instrument that’s made for cleaning out the inside of copper joints that appears sort of like cone-shaped wire brush however regrettably I also wouldn’t have a type of so i am using some very satisfactory grit sandpaper Wrapped across the end of a pen it’s definitely working beautiful good There we have it, we’ve got prepped and cleaned all the copper pieces as a way to make connections before we can solder our copper pipes together we do must add a little bit of flux this helps the solder flow evenly and now not oxidize I also have to follow a bit bit to the inside joint.That is of course a a lot larger brush than is quintessential To get this solder to take and particularly seal well on this copper pipe what I have got to do is warmth up the joint loads and then tap the solder onto it if it’s appropriately heated with the Flux added properly it must pull the liquid solder into the gap and seal it up everybody in the market who’s means better at soldering copper pipe than i am please do not make enjoyable of me too much i have not completed this so much before in any respect – on it good it is ugly, but I believe it’s soldered good day that one truely turned out beautiful just right there’s mostly some very special way to recognize when you’re at the ultimate temperature in order that the solder will soften and go with the flow nicely however it’s now not just gonna burn and fall off.I don’t know what that system is Now we have bought the top coil of our fire pit all assembled it can be soldered collectively, and i’m beautiful sure it is even hermetic Which is just what we wish now not unhealthy for my 2d time ever soldering copper pipe finding out new capabilities at present. It is just right let’s solder a straight piece on then pass it by way of the pan and then we will attach the second piece on the outside if we attach all of those correct here We won’t be ready to fit it via our pan anymore due to the fact that this gap is best significant sufficient for the smaller fitting now not for this greater one Oh it’s beautiful just right now let’s pop that down through the pan cautious given that it is quite sizzling appears lovely good hooked up in all places bought some good solder on there if you might want to go You just want to let it quiet down slightly bit our piping is all soldered collectively we now have let it cool right down to the factor the place it is now not problematic to touch Let’s connect this to our fuel line and then fit it inside our plastic container attractive o.K., that is watching good, however at this point if we have been to activate the fuel it might have nowhere to go what we have got to do is drill some holes into our copper pipe up on high so the gasoline has someplace to flee to i have here concerning the smallest drill bit on the way to match into this Chuck and nonetheless definitely grip on if i’m going too small there is a little little bit of a hole down the center of the special teeth and it would simply slide inside and out but I think this size must be just right, so i am just going to put a couple of holes going round this copper tube And that is where the propane butane gas combination will come out The copper tube in the prime now has holes drilled in it So it must be able to experiment lights on fireplace, however a few of you might have caught on to the truth that to this point it’s beautiful problematic to turn on the gas inside this container if I simply tried to twist the control as it’s i might have to open it and then connect The lid and the whole time propane and butane could be spewing into the air that’s no good So what we want to do is supply ourselves a technique to flip the gas on and off whilst the lid is connected So first let’s take off this small wire manage the plan is that we will drill a small gap into the side of the plastic by means of that we are going to have a size of straightened copper tube which is able to attain in and switch the little key that lets the gasoline come out at the moment when you put it on into swivels and does not turn it in any respect we are going to flatten the tube so that it matches properly onto our key looks like simply the correct height now we need to use a bit of that is simply greater than our copper pipe so that it’ll comfortably fit in including the flattened end designed to fit over the important thing Let’s just take some sandpaper in our pen and easy up that edge a little bit subsequently it most commonly won’t even be very visible, but it’s simply nicer if it can be smooth that you would be able to now fit the copper pipe via the facet of the container and it suits perfectly over the important thing Let’s flatten the top of our tube in order that it might certainly get some grip on our gasoline key the fuel can is throughout the plastic container we are able to now reach through with our piece of copper pipe match it over the key and Open the fuel in view that we do not need to have a further foot of copper pipe protruding perpetually Let’s simply mark off the place we need to reduce this Our piece is decrease we have cleaned up the brink and at this point a copper cap suits effectively over it so this will likely work as our key to turn our fuel on and off our copper pipe fits well over the gas key however i am going to try and crimp it down just a little more so it can be a bit of bit extra of a snug match and won’t Bend or warp the copper once we try and turn it on and off That works exceptional to be able to finish up this piece, so let’s smooth up the perimeters and solder the cap on Our copper pipe key’s now finished, so let’s are attempting placing the whole lot collectively and do a tough experiment to peer if this is working it’s looking lovely good See what occurs if we turn this key appear at that How massive can it go particularly giant, too massive turn that down a little bit once more, that’s beautiful it’s popping out perfectly exceptional.Even flames the entire means round our circle quality, first-class, nice, exceptional! Whoo! Sure, all proper i am gonna turn it off by way of twisting the important thing best that labored first-class oh, i’m excited. I like when matters work well well at this point what we have to do is make it seem a little bit bit nicer it is working great, however it regarded sort of boring So let’s take some ornamental factors add those on and rather make this thing with first-class our base being fabricated from clear plastic is relatively satisfactory even as we’re constructing It considering that we can see everything that’s going on within nevertheless it would not fairly appear very respectable when that you would be able to just seem at your gasoline tank I want to beautify the external of the plastic container and then I even have these blue portions of glass that I wish to put within the mattress above the fire coil What we’re going to do is take these paint sticks reduce them down to the height of our plastic container after which use some sizzling glue to glue them on going all of the way around of course we are going to have got to drill a hole in one of the sticks in order that our key can nonetheless fit inside and outside i am absolutely going to simply measure up to the brackets due to the fact that our pan will be on high and we will not ever fairly be able to peer this piece of the clear plastic this fashion i don’t ought to match them round every single bracket Let’s with the slat that we have got to drill a hole into to fit over our key Let’s put somewhat mark right where we wish the middle of the gap to be looks exceptional perfect he slides inside and outside beautiful let’s take some scorching glue observe it to the within of our cut paint stick after which glue it in place on the container Our first ones in situation now.Let’s just go across the rest of the container adding paint sticks the entire approach All right, we’ve got acquired one spot left that is simply moderately wider than our last paint stick so we are gonna need to trim this down to make it match wonderful there we go that appears beautiful quality now Let’s just take these glass beads and add them throughout on the within of our pan I acquired these beads at passion lobby they come in these little internet bags I bought two of the luggage and every bag was once handiest like three dollars, so it’s pretty low-cost I believe it might be fine if the glass had been correct on top of the pipe however i’m seeking to clear a route just a bit bit so the gasoline has someplace to move it can be looking pretty good, I suppose at this point what we ought to do is flip it on and spot the way it appears oh that’s exquisite thank you that just a little tabletop hearth pit various excellent warmness coming off of that too that appears so cool.I like the contrast the orange hearth with the blue glass that’s why I chose the blue glass. It’s just they appear really excellent collectively Wow, that appears so cool. I’m simply gonna flip it up better hearth consistently extra fun Wow that is a hoot, that’s the dumbest expression I’ve ever used i hope you’re here I do need to factor out that even as this is small adequate to suit on a tabletop it can be relatively now not something that you wish to have to make use of indoors for any expanded interval of time Propane and butane except they’re burned one hundred% can let off carbon monoxide gases And one can find that there’s smoke coming off of here both of those are stuff you do not need inside of your apartment for any lengthy period of time There you could have it a fire pit is a really perfect enjoyable factor to collect round if you should not have one this is easier to construct than it is to install one to your yard it can be no longer gonna put out the identical quantity of warmth of direction, however it does work beautiful well there’s a just right amount of heat coming off of this and of course i will be able to flip it up much more if i would like well.That’s Toasty very toasty very quickly this entire construct most effective takes a couple of hours And it is lovely enjoyable to do I in particular loved finding out the new talent of soldering the copper together despite the fact that some men and women out there usually suppose What I did regarded pretty sloppy it labored. Well. It is airtight and for a first time. It can be now not dangerous Thanks for joining us for this venture at present, and we appear forward to the following one talk to then you definitely that is better at night time, I obtained a 5, however then sits to your table now What is not going to they suppose of subsequent? Good day guys provide right here just want to pop in with a rapid update that the king of random manufacturer is increasing Nate’s here seeing that you wanted more DIY extra form more standard movies and together. We’re all making that occur. Thanks in your help.

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