Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Durability Test! – Is it… Ultra Strong?

The galaxy s 20 extremely 5g might just be probably the most probably the greatest best possible finish Android flagship we have now ever obvious with the pleasant specs and longest name is it valued at the $1400 although we have now often already know the reply however let’s chat as to why within the field we get the USB C 2 USB C charger some USB C corded headphones and a clear protecting case and acquired a lot of free defense let’s get began [Applause] [Music] now don’t forget this extremely is Samsung’s top class flagship for the second rate to have $1400 there are still the general as 20s of direction on the more moderately unreasonable $1000 fee point this overview is going to be all about mr. Top class here samsung appears to be really liking the delicate screens this present day luckily once I peel off this screen protector the show underneath doesn’t die like we noticed on the Galaxy d flip let’s have a look at if Samsung remembers how actual glass is supposed to act we will take a seem at the huge camera bump in only a second I’ve in my opinion been utilising a samsung phone for the previous 4 years or so as my everyday device so i’m a gorgeous huge fan of the phones that Samsung makes customarily so long as the promoting is lovely practically what will get delivered and we don’t seem to be robbed on the checkout i am beautiful handy to thrill with the s20 ultra we begin seeing scratches at stage 6 with deeper grooves at degree 7 it’s nice to look glass again this telephone will likely be capable to manage everyday objects and fingernails without getting scratched or dinged up my razor blade does no harm to the highest forty megapixel selfie camera the earpiece is up here as well and it can be super skinny slit there is no speaker grille to scratch or get damaged i am partial to this flatter reveal design as good if the cellphone ever will get dropped the body goes to be what will get hit rather of the glass which is just right cuz glass is glass and glass breaks metal nevertheless could scratch but is not going to shatter the vigour button and volume button are made for steel and can still be eliminated i don’t propose stealing other folks’s telephone buttons but if being a terrible human is your thing the option is on hand there are not any buttons on the left aspect of the gadget nor on the highest but there is a sim an SD card tray thumbs as much as Samsung for retaining the expandable reminiscence alive this man can keep a further 1 terabyte of storage with a average micro SD card the slot helps future-proof the mobilephone which is pretty primary considering that that $1400 commencing a cost point and how long you are gonna have to preserve using it to pay it off the backside of the mobile has somewhat clear plastic protector to maintain it from rubbing throughout the field the backside stereo speaker and USB C port are down here as good there’s no headphone jack let’s take a appear for a second on the principal selling factor of this s20 ultra and that is the digital camera this boy is thick for men and women outside the us the upward push is about two factor 4 millimeters tall for humans within the U.S. It is a bit thicker than 1 / 4 but additionally still pokes out above a toothpick the hump is a tight sized fraction of a fruit snack and it’s nearly the equal dimension as a slice of butter I imply for those who feel about it the s20 ultra has 4 cameras one in every of which is 100 and eight megapixels and the opposite is the forty eight megapixel telephoto digicam so the hump size is relatively cheap and if you happen to appear closely you will see how much space that digital camera hardware absolutely takes up within the telephone verify out how a lot room the hundred occasions area zoom periscope camera clearly wishes in order that measurement of the exterior glass lens does healthy the size of the hardware beneath it pleased to announce my teardown skins with D company or formally back we managed a hoard ample printer ink to confidently preserve them round long run this time we’re protecting much more telephones with this patch and there at the moment are two different styles of teardown alternatively of one you’ll discover what they both appear like on this grip case the long-established variant on the right appears love it still has the bright glass layer on the back or we’ve got the new ultra matte variant which looks like you are just conserving the bare circuit boards for my part I variety of like the smooth variation authentic story I’ve had to tear down dermis on my cell since our final batch and a stranger came up to me in public legitimately worried that my mobile used to be falling apart because of this our skin is absolutely doing his job i will depart a link for the tear down dermis down within the description of direction i am getting ahead of myself this is a sturdiness experiment video and now not the teardown however there may be another thing we also tore down MacBooks Starbucks will not know what hit them you can see the dual fanatics with the batteries and my favorite section even the trackpad has its possess see-via tear down protection you will see the copper windings for the taptic motor beneath there’s a just right chance now we have a epidermis on your mobilephone on your hand correct now and we are going to be including more gadgets because the time goes on hyperlink is down in the description you are no longer gonna need to miss this one now do not get me unsuitable the extremely is a cool telephone prime of the line and all that jazz however it’s not relatively doing something that we have not already visible earlier than we noticed the 108 megapixel digital camera already in the $500 Meno 10 and that periscope zoom digital camera we noticed inside the p30 pro which also presently charges around $600 each of these phones with equivalent elements are less than half the price of this ultra cell samsung has also taken their S 20 sequence and made 5g obligatory this time round and they cost a top class for it five G insurance plan nonetheless isn’t even a thing but for half of the united states and the millimeter wave the super excessive-pace section of 5g is presently covering clearly no one the 5g phones are nonetheless very untimely and paying just a few hundred bucks out of your own pocket to sponsor a futuristic 5g tech you cannot make use of could be very a lot not worth it here in 2020 unless of course you do live in a large city and comprehend for certain that the millimeter wave 5g procedure is right external your window truly the $1400 galaxy s 20 extremely is made up of add-ons that we will find an extra phones that rate half the price and entails a 5g process that most men and women can not ever use in many instances verbal burns harm probably the most the 1440p AMOLED display lasted about 30 seconds underneath the warmness from my lighter and did ultimately recover the display can be ready of 100 and twenty Hertz refresh fee at 1080p we first noticed this tech on the ROG cellphone – that’s currently promoting for five to 6 hundred dollars on eBay just one other purpose why this cellphone is not costing fourteen hundred the s20 ultra is making use of the beneath display ultrasonic fingerprint scanner we noticed debuted last yr on the s10 i’m going to set my fingerprint first before adding some level seven deeper grooves to the monitor and even with this further artwork my telephone used to be competent to feel and browse my fingerprint every single time the ultrasonic fingerprint scanners are dependable from scratches i tried bumping up my exposure so we would get a appear on the obvious pixels that encompass the rectangular fingerprint scanner inside of the phone however it appears like we will just have to wait until the following video to look how giant it is the rectangle remains to be currently invisible Samsung hit it good in the end it is time for the bin test truthfully with how rock tough and inflexible Samsung telephones probably are I used to be amazed that this thick cell had a little bit of give to it it can be the subtlest of sways of course most often because of the size of the cell and it is six factor nine inch monitor the s20 extremely does live to tell the tale my durability test nonetheless no cracks kinks or permanent damage anyplace all i’m pronouncing is if I had $1,four hundred in my pocket first of all i would not spend it on a cell phone but if for whatever reason I needed to it would now not be this one the s20 ultra is a Frankenstein conglomerate of components found in lots of different much cheaper telephones and it doesn’t bring whatever new to the table if I wanted a among the best phone that screamed 2020 i might get the Galaxy Z flip even with its fragile reveal its futuristic design and kind aspect warrant the $1400 rate factor means higher than this s20 extremely does either way and every person is extraordinary but the one place you cannot go incorrect is with a teardown epidermis link is in the description let me recognize what you believe inform me your ideas on the s20 ultra down within the comments and popping out me on Instagram and Twitter thanks dumb for looking at i’m going to see you round

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