LIDL Akkuschrauber vs HILTI? Akkuschrauber TEST EXTREM | TEIL 1

Welcome on our Bauforum24.Tv channel. Today we take a seem at our vigour shootout. A number of giant brands might be a part of it. All cordless drills which have been in a position to manage the ten*400 Spax in a prior scan are here. Max who stays besides me did all exams. What did we use ? We had some fascinating tools. For example a 65mm forstner drill or a 54mm. With the 54mm we took the time drilling three holes. We have now received the 12*600 Spax. Looks like whatever to torture anyone.And that’s our snake drill its 32*460. Which needed to go via thick timber. Those are the machines we used for the experiment: Hilti the more suitable Makita we now have the eighty five by using Bosch the 18V Milwaukee and a DeWalt. We used two Hitachi machines. One we used already in a further experiment. And a brand new one. Which is now named Hikoki That one uses 32V. The battery p.C. Is just like the DeWalt machines. It could possibly trade between 18V and 36V. We’ve a Metabo. And we used a Metabo with a torque attachment. But that used to be now not a part of the essential testing. It has more torque however it isnt rapid. We have now a Parkside with the aid of Lidl. And a wired Bosch GSB 21-2 RCT. An have an impact on drill with 1300 Watts. Which is strong in that section. Lets see how strong it’s. We filmed loads so we’ve got 2 most important components. First section: snake drill, 54 forstner drill with three holes on time. And the 12*600 Spax.I can’t wait to peer the outcome. These machines are robust especially when seeking to put in that long screw. The laptop just needs to use the vigour. First we take a seem on the 32mm snake drill. 460mm had to go by means of a block of wooden. What did you believe ? It was rough. The machines bought sizzling. Main, we used the forstner and snake drill with a thread lace. To hold the equal strain amongst all drills. Which could be a difference in time with out it. Now we’ve got the 32mm snake drill. How did the machines perform ? Massive differences? Yes they were different. After the 2nd or 3rd gap you have been equipped see that the drills used highest energy. It was once warm once we filmed it. That would happen at a development as well. However some became off as a result of the nice and cozy temperatures or diminished their energy. Thats why they received slower after the primary gap. Besides Parkside every drill performed good. The Parkside didn’t make it. A Volt quantity on a battery p.C. Does no longer imply vigour with a desktop. You will have to spent your cash on material that is valued at it.The wired Bosch carried out particularly good. Since in equipment one it has a bigger torque than the opposite drills. Now the giant 12*600 Spax. In my other checks I stated use an affect drill for timber working. But with this experiment I wanted to show the vigour capability of all machines. Had been the drills in a position to make it ? One laptop was once able to do the job. Now you can see it on screen. That used to be cool. One did it. The Hitachi/Hikoki did it. We wanted to grasp how powerful a 36V is. Is it particularly that powerful ? The other machines had no risk. You get what you paid. He drilled in the Spax all the manner. Two drills were shut. The DeWalt and the Makita.In their single testing they already performed just right. We ought to say the yellow one over here had some issues. After the first scan it stopped working I suppose the circuit boards did not make it. We needed to send it back and we bought a new one. DeWalt did not supply us the laptop we paid for it. The Makita with its arm was powerful. However the Hitachi/Hikoki 36V used to be on the primary position.The brushed variation used to be best in a position to beat the Parkside. That variation isn’t that powerful. With the 54 forstner drill we drilled three holes and took the time. The material was once 60mm thick. Now you’ll discover how the machines carried out. Now the outcome I was once suprised by way of some results. However I was once now not suprised that the Parkside did bad. The wired Bosch was good, pleasant performance. The computing device has a high rotational velocity which non wired drills dont have. First apparatus 900 rpm versus 450/550 rpm. This experiment used to be no longer that rough for the machines. They did not reach their vigor limits. Now we exhibit you the overall ranking. The primary section is over. It was once interesting and suprising chiefly the Hitachi/Hikoki. What did you gain knowledge of ? Except now i didn’t know the Hitachi. You find it irresistible ? Yeah just a little bit to be sincere. Lets see if his love will continue to exist the 2d part.Goodbye and see you soon !.

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