iPhone 11 Durability Test! – is the ‘cheap’ iPhone different?

The cheapest of the three iPhones released this year the ordinary iPhone 11 is one-of-a-kind enough that it warrants its own sturdiness scan video you do shop 300 greenbacks by no longer buying the thousand dollar iPhone 11 Perot and today we’re gonna find out what we lose from that cost drop but let’s be real all iPhones style of do the equal factor anyway in front of us we’ve got the yellow variation which appears like Pikachu and a block of cheese had a youngster the very first thing i spotted about this iPhone is it would not have the frosted textured back glass panel fascinating this video is backed with the aid of Ankur let’s get began [Music] [Applause] [Music] so the cool factor about this mobilephone is that it’s competent of 18 watt rapid charging identical to the relaxation of the iPhone the uncool thing about this cell is that Apple continues to be not including a speedy charger within the box they only incorporate the ancient 5 watt sluggish charger that they have been utilising since basically the daybreak of time that you may verify the wattage of your charger through simply multiplying the volts in the amps i am certain Apple simplest does this so that you’ll be able to drop more money on the 18 watt charger that they promote for $30 personally i’m no longer a enormous fan of that primarily when there may be a less expensive 18 watt charger from anchor that has the same kind aspect because the stock wall adapter however has the specs of the new iPhone eleven professional charger and handiest fees 15 19 EIN making use of that discount code in the description Ankur’s charger is truly 1/2 the fee of Apple’s it has the same USB C vigour delivery port for the excessive pace charging just like Apple’s $30 variation and spits out three times the power is the person who comes throughout the iPhone eleven box i’m going to leave a hyperlink for Ankur’s rapid charger down in the video description and thanks to anchor for sponsoring this video and saving us from luxurious chargers now let’s get again to the cell i’m getting type of a pastel sunflower vibe from this yellow or might be a reasonably lifeless dandelion it can be obtained two cameras as an alternative of the three we noticed within the professional however i’ll get to those in a minute let’s start with the scratch test at present we’re gonna spice matters up a bit you know how this works probably the most scratch experiment differentiates between different substances levels 2 or 3 could be plastic like on the Galaxy fold degree 6 and seven can be tempered glass like on well every different smartphone and stages 8 or 9 would be sapphire sapphire is an excellent difficult Neron scratch Abul crystal use on top rate watches and this iPhone eleven scratches at degree 6 with deeper grooves at a degree 7 pretty normal to spice matters up a bit of I received a $70 display protector off Amazon that’s claiming to be a Mohs hardness stage 9 with 99.Ninety nine% pure sapphire that’s a lovely daring declare and the one solution to find out for definite is through scratching it now this reveal protector isn’t made for this mobilephone peculiarly so let’s not fear an excessive amount of about it neat and lovely set up i’m going to make a for much longer extensive video about sapphire right here soon in view that I feel it is a sexy tremendous substance striking my lessen up again and grabbing my pics we work our approach up through the entire scale scratching at degree six and 7 and relocating my method on up closer to degree eight and handiest at stages eight do we seeing marks on the glass I idea for a 2nd that I used to be additionally seeing marks at level six and seven but it surely turns out I used to be simply seeing scratches from the screen beneath showing up through the Sapphire monitor protector after I pulled off the Sapphire from the mobilephone it was once pretty easy to tell that there was once no marks or scratches on the outside until we hit level eight which is alternatively super seeing that how complicated it is to make sapphire sapphire is premium and price quite a bit of and the protector was once $70 but i will put a hyperlink in the description because there is plenty of false sapphire available in the market speaking of which let’s get back to the iPhone 11 despite the fact that it is 2019 and colossal notches have been last yr’s factor Apple remains to be notching robust acrost writer new telephones this has a metal earpiece grille and has the front going through 12 megapixel digicam tucked up inside here as well still has those slow charges and 4k digicam that the pros have so that’s a exact growth over final year’s mobile there is the equal plastic border as well which makes a just right cushion between the glass and the aluminum aluminum kind of complains a lot more than metal does after I scratch it another change between the 11 and the eleven professional apart from the gradual charger is the water resistance this mobilephone is still ip68 however simplest rated to 2 meters instead of four I speak more about that IP score in the 11pro max teardown video if you wish to understand more the iPhone eleven is still waterproof of path just not as waterproof as the pro the top of this rubber ducky colored cellphone is constructed from steel along with the left facet and all of its buttons nonetheless has the mute swap which i’m jealous of I consider all mobilephone will have to have such a the backside of the cellphone has the loudspeaker and proprietary lightning port the back glass panel a tremendous fowl here is a bit distinct than the glass we noticed within the professional instead of being the frosting fabric that may sand down metal objects it’s a smooth slab of glass that does nothing to my razor blade nonetheless expenditures about 319 nine greenbacks to exchange should you happen to crack it though for those who shouldn’t have insurance which is undoubtedly a shame on Apple’s part you’ve most often seen as good that this banana coloured iPhone 11 is lacking a digital camera Apple dropped the telephoto digital camera and left us with the natural 12 megapixel camera up prime with the 12 megapixel ultra-white digicam down on the backside each and every of them is still protected with the scratch resistant material the dual LED flash is covered with plastic earlier Apple was once calling this circular lens material sapphire but now there is not any point out of sapphire on the iPhone spec record which is good since real sapphire can be scratching at a degree 8 or 9 now one factor that’s fairly annoying about the iPhone eleven monitor is that it’s sincerely the same monitor as final yr’s iPhone 10 are same size at six factor one inches same decision and equal pixels per inch 1080p has been the resolution common for like the last four years now and this mobile is sitting towards 720p flagship or now not a sub 1080p display is just style of taken advantage of individuals who don’t appreciate the numbers it’s a good liquid crystal display display don’t get me incorrect i am being nitpicky however at $seven-hundred 1080p must be a factor the iPhone eleven are not able to scroll Instagram at full satisfactory it lasted about 12 seconds earlier than the pixels went black and grew to become off but then got here back and recovered when the heat went away ample for the bin scan it is time to see if Apple’s cheapest telephone this year can structurally manage a bin scan the chrome steel pro variation survived just pleasant and this aluminum iPhone 11 to this point is not any one of a kind it’s particularly solid $seven hundred is still really slightly to spend on a smart mobile I believe like this is the cell we will have to have gotten final yr in position of the 10r and this yr we should have progressed just a little farther and gotten something better Apple’s pro telephones are in the end competing with the flagships but their budget phones will not be relatively competing in fee or specs with other price range telephones you could say the iPhone eleven is a step in the identical path for Apple either approach don’t supply Apple any further cash via shopping their speedy charger the a ten watt anchor charger is linked in the description and a fraction of the cost let me understand what different telephones you want to see scan within the comments and coming out with me on Instagram and Twitter thanks ton for gazing i’m going to see you around you

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