Today I am And you just have a very special treatment short movie % Um I have been doing my hand Nothing more I would say freeze dry on Thoughts with me saw your adventurer Your right him right now there's a million right Use the happy world out there Or the campaign to tell how I’m at home These are cool but on top of a colorful quail pattern campaign And now we're going to try to get them cells The way it works comes to a standstill and dry Here are the bad instructions but what you have to do Open it as you move the packet to find a little one Obviously and then you think so far Boil hot water then you see the link Sad to do eight to 10 times 89 The cell has already been sitting here and nine minutes Nothing really warm yet Alliance I know very well when you look at them what it looks like admirable E really now yom i hi i'm actually doing Mom is preparing for fun Me there No ice to him tomatino I'm doing compass so Because in turn when I water and Her and then I'm turned around And can't believe like clear help By the time I'm camping to go Lie I think camper Oh my house sleeping outside Popular I mix up a little bit and Now I'll do what he's going to do The lamp of some hope in the body seemed to go out It was driving you guys just saw the shots It's nothing to drive up Noodles and a half Isom have been started I'm home% ah Bark his bark down 0 friedkin I don't know well Quickly remove the weak spaghetti sauce Tv actually tastes like brown b Delicious back I have to give this guy Or haha ​​billion heads

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