100 Years Of Soda Taste Test

– Do we know when Mountain
Dew was first dewed? – Let's talk about that. (upbeat music) Good mythical morning. – Okay, Rhett. Do you remember your first cold one? – Yeah, you were there. I was a good model citizen. I waited until my 21st birthday and we had a Colt .45 on a camping trip. (guffawing) Four people shared it with one another. – I remember that, but I
was talking about soda. – Oh. – Today's not really about the first soda we ever tasted anyway, so forget that, but it is about the first time
famous sodas were tasteable. It's time for Year Eye with Two
Straight Guys- Soda Edition. – Welcome to the Shuffle Zone. (mimicking fanfare) – Each round, we're going
to reach into our cooler for a popular soda that was invented during a particular decade. Now we're going to taste that soda and then we're going to guess which decade the soda was invented in by
shuffling our puck koozies down to that exact decade.

We're not going to miss at all. – That's right, and whoever lands closest to the right answer wins the round. That's revolutionary when we play a game, and the loser of the game
has to chug an ice cold soda super fast to get a brain freeze. Let's shuffle. Let's see what we got first. – Okay. – Whoo hoo. This is my wife's favorite beverage. So in honor of her, I will drink it. – Well, hey, it's your best
friend's favorite beverage too. – Is it? – [Rhett] Yeah. – Cheers. Dr. Pepper. Hmm, hey, that sucks, man. – I love it so much, and you know what? Not an ad but, not a
sponsor, I'll say that, 'cause that's what we always say. – You don't need to say not an ad. – Diet Dr. Pepper tastes exactly like regular Dr. Pepper in my mind. That's why I love it so much. – Oh, so medicinal and
I think there's some sort of medicinal qualities
in that a lot of these sodas started in that way. You're going first
'cause you won last time, which gives me the advantage
at least on this first one.

– I what last time? – You barely won last time, I think. – I think I won on a
technicality technically. Okay, Link. I believe you're right. Dr. Pepper was a medicine
and Coke had cocaine in it. I've watched the movies. This feels like a late 1800s thing, right? – [Link] Well, the
earliest you have is 1890s, and then the latest you have is 1980. – Well, the earliest we
have is 1880 actually. – Oh, yep. There it is right there. – Something about 1890
feels better than 1880. (sighs) I have no reason why. See what I can do. – A gentle shuffle by
the Rhettster takes him all the way to 1890. – Woo, woo. – All right. Well, you know, you've
put yourself in a corner which backs me into a corner. – Don't put baby in a corner. – 'Cause now I just got
to play the vicinity. It's not about the dates. – What about 1880? – Yeah, I'm going to play. – Oh, you're saying just go for the center of the Christmas tree.

– No, I'm, I'm going to block you out. – Well, don't screw it up. – [Link] Here we go. – [Rhett] Uh oh. – [Link] Come on. Oh no. I've made it a tad bit interesting. – Well, if it's 1880, you might be closer. We might have to measure. – [Stevie] Okay. Although the recipe for
Dr. Pepper is a secret and is rumored to be kept in two halves at two different banks in Dallas, Texas, it's no secret that Dr.
Pepper was first invented in the 1880s. – Oh, oh, oh, okay. – We gotta measure, Chase. Oh, you're closer, man. I don't know. Let's just measure just because. – [Chase] 28 1/2. – 28 1/2. – [Chase] 30.

– 30, all right, Link takes it. – Can I just point out
that the established 1885 is on the freaking cans? – And I was looking at the can, but I was reading the 23 flavors. – And I'm a connoisseur
and didn't even know that. I feel so, so much shame. – Rhett, take yourself
a Sprite, my friend, and don't look at the cans, but don't, don't look, if there's any dates. – I saw a lemon, I saw a lemon. – Dink it. – Lime. – Sprite. That's it? I mean, it's a classic crisp cola. It's definitely not as old as, it's definitely not as old as a Dr.

Pepper because apparently Dr.
Pepper is the oldest thing on the entire taste list today. – Taste list. – Well, let's see. Lemon and lime. – Play with those in your head. – Yeah, that's an edgy combination. – Two different citruses. – Yeah, I think that's edgy when you, you don't know if that's
going to be explosive. – Or is it citri? – I'm really thinking
that it was, shoot, man. I have nothing to go on
here except that not 1880. I think this one's much later. 1950, you know? Everybody's like, oh, look at me. I have some citrus. This is how everyone talked in the '50s. – Yeah, the citrus age. – For no good reason,
I'm going for the 1950. Could be '70 though, I don't
think it's earlier than that.

So I'm gonna split the difference. Stop, stop, stop, stop, stop. What happened to you? Seriously? – You're a little too aggressive. – Dang it! – You're not used to Dr. Pepper. You got a little Pepper in you. – Why is it sliding so much? – And you get a little extra power. – So what do you think? I mean, you got free reign in the board. What's your answer? – Link, I think you're wrong. I think that 1930s is when I'm going for, because I feel like what
happened was what used to be a different soda, and
then when the Depression, they like ran out of the
stuff that makes soda have a color and it became
clear and they were like, well, it's a depression, Sprite.

– So you think Sprite was
the first yellow soda. – You think it's yellow? – Is it white? – It's clear, dude. Have you not seen a glass of Sprite? – I thought it was a little yellow. – As you said, it doesn't really matter because you're off the board. So all I have do is just get closer. So I'm going to go right
on the edge of you. – [Link] Oh, Rhett, you've
done a bad thing, man. – Oh, that's a good thing. – So now, hold on. I could win. – [Rhett] If it's 1980, you could win. That's the only way you could win. – [Stevie] Well, people have
been obeying their thirst with Sprite ever since
those ads in the '90s, folks in West Germany first
invented the Lymon soda all the way back in the 1950s. – Oh, you were right, but you were wrong. We're tied. Now before we continue,
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to check that out. Crack it open, Rhett. – Oh, pride of the Carolinas. – Pepsi Cola. 150 calories per can. Dink it. – Did you say that by
memory or by reading? – Oh man, now. You're going first and I
should know a lot about Pepsi, 'cause I was born in the
Carolinas, along with Pepsi. I don't know about you. I don't think you were
born in the Carolinas. – No, I wasn't born in the Carolinas, but I spent quite a lot of time there. – Yeah you did. – I never went to the Pepsi plant. I never took a tour. – Have you been to the Pepsi museum? – No, not interested. – I have, so I should know everything. JC Bradham, inventor of Pepsi. I think that's his name. – Are you kidding? – Nope. – Well keep telling me information. – [Link] Now, down east. – And what year was that? – He worked, I think he
worked in a drug store.

You know, he was like a soda jerk. – So here's, here's the deal. I think that Pepsi was a
response to Coke, right, and Coke feels old because
of that whole cocaine thing, and they didn't really understand what was happening with the cocaine. So I feel like this is
either 1900 or 1910. – [Link] All right. – I'm going to go with 1900. – Oh, that's a good, you really got this game. – I got this hot. Yeah, that's right. I've been thinking a lot
about shuffle boarding. – Okay, so see, my answer was 1940. What I've got to do is I've
got to knock you away and still try to stay on the board,
but my answer is 1940.

Oh, yeah! That was it! – Hold on. Well, if it's 1910, then
I'm still in business. – I think it's 19, I just
feel 1940 really strongly. – [Stevie] Pepsi was created
in New Bern, North Carolina by Caleb Bradham. He called it Brad's Drink and sold it at his drugstore in the 1890s. – [Link] No! – Hey, look at me. – 1890s. – I ended up in the right answer. – How did that happen? – You did it. – You're welcome. What do we have here? – Oh, the Dew.

– Mountain Dew it to it. – We should always pop and then toast. – Yeah. – Pop and toast. – I got a special bond
with the Dew ever since we took the mountain out
of it, through the filter. – Right, but we also have
a little bit of a hangup with the Dew because
we're Mello Yello boys. – That's right. That's right. I love me some Mello Yello. – And they do not taste the same. I don't care what you say, how many times you make that argument.

They don't taste anything like each other. – Mello Yello has more bite. – But when is it from? – When is it from? – When is it from? First of all, Mountain Dew sounds like a name for moonshine, right? Like, like a creative name for moonshine. ♪ White lightning and a mountain dew ♪ So it feels like, ooh. – Oh, you thinking something? – Prohibition, my friend, remember that? You weren't there, neither was I. – I don't think I was either. – But it was in the '30s. I think it started in the
'20s, lasted into the '30s, and so it feels like they were like, hey, we can start calling
non-alcoholic beverages the same names as alcoholic beverages, because people want them so bad and they can't get 'em, 1930.

– Oh, that's pretty good, man. – Too hard, too hard. Bounce back, come on. – [Link] Way too hard. – Bounce back. Dang it. – I like your reasoning. – Yeah, well you can take it. – I mean the board is mine. I actually think based on your reasoning, it was a little later, you know. That would have been too soon. That would have been like, you're trying to glorify
drinking in a Prohibition age. – So you think '40s? – But you know, I've
thought it was '40s before and I've been wrong. I'm just gonna try to
box you in right here. I'm sorry for my
unentertaining defensive play, but I gotta do what I gotta do.

– [Rhett] Oh, oh yeah. – [Link] Oh, stop, stop. Okay. – [Rhett] I can't win. There's no way. – [Link] Can't win. – [Rhett] Okay. Tell us. – [Stevie] Even though it
started out as something for the Hartman Brothers
to mix with their bourbon, people have been doing the Dew ever since Mountain Dew was
first invented in the 1940s. – Okay. – So, hey, we worked as a team. – Yeah, we did. – To come up with the right
answer, but it doesn't matter. – You still lose cause we're not a team. – Right. – It all comes down to this. – Ooh, Diet Coke. – Diet Coke. Bam. Cheers. Let's see. – I have a lot of Diet Coke in my life. – I'll bet you Diet Coke
came out after regular Coke, but before New Coke, remember that? – Yeah, it was short-lived. Wasn't very good. I'm a Coke Zero fan myself. Now I go first because we're tied and I won the last time we
played this on an episode.

So giving you a slight advantage. – But I am not going to do
any, any knocking bumpers. – You're not allowed
to on that final round. We're not allowed to bump each other. Now, Diet Coke. Man, when did they start thinking
about this aspect of life? – Caloric intake. – So we go from 1950 to 1970
and I feel pretty strongly it's not 1980 because I
was around in the '80s and I would remember the
introduction of such a beverage. We would have had like a celebration at school or something.

– I don't think we would
have cared about Diet Coke. – No, it's like a shuttle launch. – Okay. – So I'm going to go with,
I think '50s is too early to be worried about your waistline. I think it's the '70s,
but if you agreed to that, but you can't knock me out. I just have to make
sure that I land on '70 and don't go too far, if that
is indeed the right answer. Come on, Rhett. – Ooh, light touch. Still overshoots it.

(screams) Ah, a good margin. – You cannot hit me now. – I don't want to hit you. Now, here's the thing. So you, you, so you thought it was '70s. – But it might be '50s and I'm
pretty close to both answers. – I think it's '50s. I think it's '50s and now
I ain't going to touch you, but I'm going to go for
'50s on the '70 side, you know what I'm sayin'? 'Cause I don't want that brain freeze. – Very precise. Can you do it? (laughing) Whoa, whoa, way-oh. – [Link] Okay, all right. – First of all, if it's '70,
you win 'cause you're closer. If it's '50, I win 'cause I'm closer. – [Link] Stevie. – [Stevie] While it's true that unlike a regular can of Coke, a can
of Diet Coke floats in water, this does not mean that Diet
Coke is actually a witch, but rather that this
artificial sweetener based soda was invented in the 1980s.

– [Link] What? – Yeah, I don't remember it, but I win! – Oh man. – Ice cold and chug it, man. – I got a brain freeze. – Chug it, Link. Chug it, chug it, chug it, chug it. Don't give up, don't give up. Don't breathe, don't breathe. Keep going. You gotta keep it going. All right, while he recovers from that, thank you for subscribing
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