Valgus Stress Test of the Knee⎟Medial Collateral Ligament

In this video, i’m going to demonstrate the Valgus Stress scan for internal knee ligament injuries. Hi and welcome again to Physiotutors. The Valgus Stress scan has been evaluated in a be taught via Harilainen et al. (1987). They set the sensitivity at 86% and the specificity was now not acknowledged. To participate in this test, the sufferer is supine with the legs entirely multiplied. Now with the patient in supine position, train him to calm down as much as viable during the experiment. With one hand snatch the reduce leg just above the ankle joint, the other hand is used to fix the femur. Then follow moderate outside rotation to the tibia and participate in passive abduction within the knee joint. And so you put stress on the internal knee band. You might be watching for immoderate area on the medial aspect and copy of the discomfort. Then participate in the same experiment with the knee in 20-30 degrees of flexion. You’re again watching for excessive area on the medial facet and copy of pain. Look at this table that lists all of the constructions that you simply examine with the Valgus stress experiment in both positions. Okay guys, this was our video concerning the Valgus Stress test, i hope it was priceless for you, if that is so, supply it a thumbs up and sign up for our channel by using clicking the button above. If you want to gain knowledge of something concerning the Varus stress scan click on here or examine a video about cruciate ligaments here. This was once Andreas from Physiotutors, except next time. Bye! .

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