Testing VIRAL 2-INGREDIENT TIKTOK FOOD HACKS! Easy 2 Ingredient Recipes At Home

This is like, by way of some distance the simplest thingI’ve ever made, and it can be absolutely like relatively freaking excellent. Hello every body! Welcome again to my channel!So at present we’re doing the primary of, i assume, almost always many quarantinevideos. I suggestion it would be rather fun to dosome viral Tik Tok meals hacks but i am not a chef like i have not cookedsince tuition which is particularly a few years agoso i chose the most simplest can not go wrongi hope packs that i could find and i am rather excited to sharethem with you guys for the reason that they’re handiest two components i am hoping this videois entertaining and you guys try one of the vital hacks out ifthey’re good and yeah let’s just get began this hack appears method too excellent to be truebecause it can be purported to be healthy sour patch kidsso we’re gonna see if this particularly tastes like sour patch youngsters let’s simply getstarted chopping these grapes and i’m really gonna tryhack that i’ve visible mostly earlier than on learn how to slice your grapes so basicallyyou take a bunch of grapes put them on a plate and then you definitely takeanother plate of the equal size and you place it on topyou push down on the plate i am so scared okay and then you definately reduce thegrapes oh oh wait it is form of workingexcept not on all of them but some of them k so that you could seethat we’ve these 1/2 sliced grapes and nowlet’s squeeze some of these lime juice oh wow that is a juicy lime there we goand let’s do a taste scan i assume it has like a hint of bitter patchkids this but i’d no longer say that it is reallysour patch kids like well first of all certainly the texture just isn’t gonna bethe equal but the style has just a little reminiscence tosour patch children however i would not say it can be liketastes exactly the equal i would mainly supply it likea five out of ten it used to be kinda ish paying homage to sour patch children butdefinitely didn’t style that much like me i definitelyrecommend giving it a shot it is rather handy so let’s transfer on to the following hackso for the next grey percent in actual fact this woman tooka bunch of unique flavored jelly or gelatinshe had like a bunch of one of a kind flavors i’m just gonna go with one soi’m gonna pour it into this little bowloh wow oh it is like oh my god it smells like lotso on account that lots of smells likestrawberries it smells exactly like lotso on the grounds that i have a lotso endure and hesmells like strawberries and this is what he smells like so thenwe take our toothpicks which i shouldn’t have toothpicks at my residence buti found these skewer matters so we’re gonna skewerthese grapes and then take the gelatin powder and coat the grape in therethen i’m gonna put them on a plate so let me simply do that relatively quicki’m simplest gonna do a few of those considering we’re gonna be doing plenty of hacks inthis video listed here are all my jello grapes we’re gonnago put them in the fridge for one to 2 hours all correct so it’s beenabout two hours and we simply took these grapes out of the fridge they’relooking actual best and smelling real sweet so let’s supply it atry whoa i mean it does variety of just tastelike quite candy strawberry sugar on a grape they may be truly beautiful goodliterally like putting sugar on a grape so form of like cotton candy grapes ifyou guys have ever had these these are like grapes that you would be able to get thesupermarket that tastes similar to cotton candyso that is style of like a makeshift variation of thatreally excellent particularly candy i might say give this hack likea 7.5 adore it’s pretty just right but i more often than not will not ever do it againunless i have like rather bitter grapes and then i am watching for the way tosweeten them up this is able to be superb so for this hack we’re gonna needtortillas some cheese and a toaster freaking hugeso first we will take a tortilla placed on the plate then we’re going totake the cheese after which we will put some on thetortilla then we will fold the tortillalike a tri-fold like a brochure and then we’re gonna fold it in halflike this so it makes it type of like a littlesandwich pocket then we’re gonna put our little pocket in there and then toast all proper now we wait the tops oh my godwow the highest appears particularly hard oh wow it absolutely appears beautiful goodwe got a first-class brown on each side except the highest therelooks a bit burnt oh that’s great and crispyoh the cheese is a little melty in there let’s supply it a trymmm whoa that crunch is that crisp it can be no longer badi imply the cheese certainly could be extra melted however for a quick snackyeah after we put it up it’s a little bit blandbut instead of that it is not dangerous i consider i give this hack likemaybe eight out of ten it is pretty just right so for the following hack i’m quite excitedbecause it entails oreos my favourite cookies so for thisrecipe we’re gonna need oreos and some milkso sincerely we get a mug it is a mug i bought from my friendsbecause i’m a tremendous the administrative center fan we’re gonna take some oreosi’m gonna take about four oreos put it in a mugsmash it up one eternity later all correct so irealized i made a mistake on the grounds that i’ve been smashingthe oreos for see you later but then i realized that they put the oreos inand then the milk and then they smash it which most likely makes it simpler to smashbecause then the oreos get somewhat softer and soggier so it’s easierto crush all of them up so i’m gonna snatch my milk all rightoh my gosh i’m gonna simply off with that a lot milk due to the fact i do not want toadd an excessive amount of so then i will go back to crushing it it iseasier to crush it with the milk in there so this is aboutthe right consistency that you wish to have it is speculated to appear form of actuallylike a batter mine’s slightly bit clumpy but i thinkit’s as a rule good adequate so we’re gonna pop this within the microwave for about aminute however i also have a little surprisebecause after I went browsing i noticed that they’d carrot cake oreosso i thought it probably enjoyable to take a look at it with a carrot cake taste so i was once likehuh i’m wondering if the carrot cake oreo one would style like carrot cake i guessthis is concerning the consistency that we want so we’re gonna bring each of theseup and we’re gonna put them in themicrowave for one minute all correct so we’re back with ourminute microwaved oreo milk truffles i assume so i’m gonna are attempting theclassic oreo one first it does appear reallypromising it undoubtedly looks like a cakey textureand it smells so just right so let’s just supply it a are attempting oh my gosh wowthis is sincerely so freaking just right dude if i knew this hack in university iwould be in every single place it i as a rule eat it daily this is likeby a long way the easiest thing i’ve ever made and it is actuallylike particularly freaking just right wow i give this hack a 10 out of 10.That’s how good it’s you absolutely ought to are trying thisall correct so now we’re gonna are trying the carrot cake variant and this one looks alittle bit exclusive the texture is definitely a little morespongy i believe maybe i put more milk on this one like the ratio of milk to oreoprobably alterations like the texture however it stilllooks relatively promising so let’s simply supply it a are trying whoa this one’s like extra moistoh my gosh it’s like so cinnamony certainly obtained that carrot cake flavorbut the spongy texture is extra like i don’t understand it kind of offers me likebanana bread vibes but it’s more of a carrot cakekind of like bread pudding-ish i do not know i’m like pronouncing all these differentthings that it is variety of like when you like carrot muffins i do not thinkyou’ll be disenchanted i am just imagining eating these with likesome bloodless vanilla ice cream that may bespectacular a recreation changer this hack itself is a game changerthis is the pleasant one so far all proper so the next hack requires someramen which i have already prepped and madelike usual i put all the seasoning and that i delivered hotwater and that i let it sit for a few minutes so what i’m gonna do is i am gonna slurpup these noodles and the ingredient that is in this two ingredient hack isactually the leftover ramen soup so i am gonna eat thesereal speedy now that we’ve slurped up all our ramen now we have all this leftoverramen broth and so the tik tok hack says you could put one to two eggs in hereput it in the microwave and it would be like spicy steamed eggs type of thingso i am particularly fascinated by this for the reason that i like shin ramen and i really like steamedeggs so in case you mix them i wager it can be gonna bereally just right so right here i’ve two eggs with a bit of luck two eggs just isn’t toomuch but we’re gonna try to do two all proper so i am gonna crack my eggs ihaven’t cracked eggs in so long commonly considering the fact that school so i’m actuallyimpressed with myself that i did not get any shells in thereall right so now we’re gonna mix it up oh i am hoping my egg beating advantage aresufficient that appears like a superb texture to me sothey say it is gonna be cooked in about two to 3 minutes so let’s goput it in the microwave all right so we’re again from themicrowave with our spicy shin ramen steamed egg concoction and itactually smells rather excellent it is super sizzling and it certainly is veryvery jiggly see how silky these eggs are whoaokay kinda has like a spongy watching texture there is in reality stillsome soup in here so perhaps that did not get absorbed into theegg let’s are trying it so hot you are aware of it’s now not dangerous it is type of likesilken tofu style of texture like it’s very soft probably no longer so silkand tofu-ish because that’s like extra smoothbut that is like quite soft like melts for your mouth and also you without doubt getthat reminiscent like shin ramen broth flavor i would saythis is a pretty good hack it can be no longer like my favorite thing ever butit’s like a great way to you realize make certain you get some proteinwith your immediate ramen so that you would be able to have a good-balanced meal however yeah i might generally supply this hacklike a 7.5 out of 10.I imply it was beautiful easy to do andpretty tasty as well but it surely wasn’t like intellect-blowinglyamazing not unhealthy it can be so hotso this subsequent hack has to do with one among my favourite snacks ever which istakis they say that frozen takis are means betterthan simply common talkies so prior to this i actuallytook some talkies put them in a separate bag after which i threw them in the freezerand i additionally did the same with sizzling cheetos becausei’m team sizzling cheetos over taking even though takis are obviously a closesecond i figured that if takis are excellent frozenmaybe scorching cheetos are good frozen so we’re gonna scan that out todayso i put both of them in the freezer a at the same time ago solet’s go take them out of the freezer all right so we received ourfrozen takis and our frozen sizzling cheetos the bag is pleasant and frostylet’s go ahead and check out the takis first and of direction i gotta use my trustychopsticks so i do not get these scorching cheeto palms or in this case talkyhands whoa it’s like so bizarre to consume chipscold they’re i’d say more crunchy and itstill has that really powerful like spicy limey flavor actuallyi have some common takis so i’m gonna compare them facet by part so this is anormal taki oh yeah the frozen one is significantlyeasier to chunk honestly this one is obviously tougherand the frozen one simply breaks aside in your mouth like so crunchy so after making an attempt both thenormal takis and the frozen taki facet by using side i might say it’s definitely valued at ashot it can be now not a existence-changing hack in myopinion however it’s worth a try so i most likely price this hack like maybea six or six point five let’s do 6.5 6.5 out of10.And we nonetheless have got to try the frozen scorching cheetos so let’s get these out rather ample they are not very bloodless itgives extra of a pirate’s booty have you guys triedpirates booty the snack earlier than like in the direction of the tip when you are eatingit it variety of gives like a pirate’s bootytexture it is really interesting i don’t consider these are better than traditional hotcheetos but they’re crunchy just like the takisthese are simply k all correct so that used to be six two ingredientviral tick tock food hacks i feel the onethat i’ll do essentially the most is absolutely the oreo one who one islike crazy just right i tremendously suggest anybody to take a look at it letme recognize in the feedback beneath which one you enjoyed which onesurprised you which one you are loss of life to take a look at i might loveto hear from you if you wish to see more videos like this ensure you hit thatthumbs up so i do know that this can be a video that you’d wantto see once more take into account to subscribe and hit the bell so you get notifiedwhen i upload and i’ll see you guys within the subsequent video byeyou

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