Testing The Dog Poop Vacuum

– today we trek via pet tech. – Let’s talk about that. (groovy digital tune) – just right mythical Morning. – have you ever bought a pooch like we do? Whats up, whoa, Barbara’s soexcited about our brand new mythical sample % ForPups presenting pet products in a variety of legendary patterns. We received leashes, collars, bowlsand extra at legendary.Com. – Mm-hmm, speakme of outstanding products, it’s been 12 years sinceApple gave us the iPhone but technological know-how has yet togive us what we relatively need, an iBone! – What? – that is a bone that lets your canine see– (Barbara whimpers and yelps)What their friends from dog tuition are previously. Right Barbara?- sure. – yes.- Barbara’s very desirous about probably the most productsthat she’s already noticeable so you’ll be able to se that in slightly bit. There’s no iBone butthere are a lot of crazy and questionably necessaryhigh tech products available in the market for pets that do exist andtoday we’re gonna get our paws on the craziest of the bunch.It’s time for WeirdProducts You have got to Have: excessive Tech Pet products version. (Barbara barks) – So we searched each doggyblog and remark thread on the net to track down the most unearthly excessive tech pet merchandise–(Barbara barks) the world has to present. And now that we’ve got ’em, we’re fixin’ to put ’em to the experiment.(Barbara barks) correct?(Barbara whimpers) (Rhett laughs)(Barbara barks) (chiming music) – k first we gotthese two pet launchers, the iFetch and this targeted Petz Launcher considering probably you wanna tossyour dog a deal with or a ball but both your palms are broken.Heh, let’s examine— Heh. – A clip from the UniquePetz treat Launcher. – [Woman] sit down, stay. (mild-hearted tune) (deal with launcher click) That simply hit him in the head. – exceptional commercial!- just hit him in the, ok so this is sort of a person review i am hoping and now not the genuine advert.- Yeah proper. – maybe we’ll do better, okay, over within the multipurpose areawe have pet wrangler Jenna. (crew applauds) Our dogs are high-quality neighbors with every different and so they’re also nice acquaintances with Jenna and so dogs and Jenna, we’regonna launch a deal with at you. (link chuckles) – okay here we go.(treat launcher clicks) (crew laughs) – just a little brief.- Let me are trying once more.Let me are trying again, I’llextend my arm a little bit bit. (treat launcher clicks) No no no no no, yougotta supply it a threat. (treat launcher clicks) – Misfire. – You gotta make sureone gets loaded in there. (Barbara yelps) – [Jenna] Barbara does now not like that. – Yeah, it is a shut-variety projectile. – Yeah yeah it is shut variety.- you know what, I obtained an thought. Why do not I simply takea treat and throw it? – [Rhett] Oh appear howmuch higher that works. – [Link] Who received that one,Jade, here’s one for you. Jade.- Barbara. – [Link] There you go. Barbara’s over here.- She’s like i do know the sources of thetreats, i’m coming to it.- She knows that there may be treats over right here. All proper Jade received one too so.- excellent girl. – So all right, so let’s up the ante with the iFetch we could? Oh so this dog plays with ithimself, no owner required. – [Rhett] well that is thewhole concept of this thing. The I in iFetch is the dog. – [Link] Oh, appear at that. Does that dog additionally own that residence? – Yeah.- Did the adorning. That’s pretty cool, okay. This one appeared to have capabilities. All correct so I gotta fire this factor up. – Barbara’s very excited. Barbara likes balls. – All right so i’m on stage two however expectantly it’s no longer a dud.All correct Jade return. – Jade, come on, come on. – All correct right here we go, we’refiring it up, you capable? (Barbara barking) right here we go, three, two, one, fireplace! Hearth! – Woo!- Oh. (Rhett laughs) – excellent girl!- Three, two, one, fire! – [Jenna] There you go Barbara. – Three, two, one, fire! (Barbara barks) Let’s put this factor onlevel three, we could? Three, two, one, fire! – Your hearth’s a bit of lengthen, whoa, whoa.(Barbara barking)- There you go, there you go. (iFetch whirring, clicks) – [Link] I believe Jadewants to be the loader. (Rhett laughs) All right so Barbara appears— Wow. – To be having a quality time. – [Rhett] Barbara’svery fascinated with this. – I have no idea if Jade retreated to me or if she desired to be theone to load the cannon. – you already know what, i do not knowif Barbara’s wise sufficient to determine how you can load thisthing so she desires a buddy.She desires a pal. – Throw one right here, Jenna. – Barbara’s not used to this many balls. – All correct Jade so you’regonna put this in there. Here you go. Okay. (iFetch whirring) – right here it comes Barbara, go. – Oh!- Whoa ho ho ho! Ho ho!- Sorry Kiko. – It simply hit the camera.- Oh, did that hit the lens? – ok most likely we’re tech savvy guys. I imply I would put the ball in right here. So we’ve got invented our possess merchandise to pair with these launchers to make them safer. – Introducing the iFetch eye protectors and more importantly, the iCrotch. As we established, thesethings p.C. Relatively a punch and if you happen to in finding yourselfin the line of fireplace, you wanna be protected. – Yeah which raises the query, why didn’t we put this getup on Jenna just a few seconds ago? – I feel that’s beautiful self-explanatory. – [Crew Member] that is genuine. – It looks like it couldbe a Muppet persona with the 2— Like a mouth is gonna come open from someplace. – okay so we’re gonna fireplace these up and hearth ’em at every different’s areas.- Yeah.- on the grounds that we wanna be certain that once the canine’s goingnuts that we don’t as good. – yes. Ok i’m gonna drop one in, whoa. (Rhett grunts)- There we go. – [Rhett] Boy this is fun. (Rhett grunts) – Ah. And no soreness at all. (Rhett grunts)Oh there it’s. Oh yeah! – ok I suppose risk-free. (chuckles)- Yeah I do. (chiming music) okay next up we have aremote-managed chicken drone cat toy.It mimics the flight of a real chook so your blood thirsty cat canhunt it alternatively of your toes. Let’s have a look at a clip of this factor. (delicate digital song) – That clip began so peacefully however the ending used to be— Yeah yeah. – variety of peculiar.- ok so now we have introduced back the very aggressive cat thatI mistook for a human baby at the same time blindfolded, Victoria. – [Link] whats up Victoria. – We’re gonna see how Victoria, i am certain she’s evil and bloodthirsty despite her innocent appears, goes to reply to this chook. – Now we’re gonna launch itbut we’re not gonna manipulate it on the grounds that it is enormously complex so Chris who’s off-cameraover right here has been training this factor for 4 months. (Rhett chuckles)that is been his sole job here. All correct, you equipped, fireplace it up. I will supply it a bit of toss. Oh the cat’s already watching at it. Here we go, three, two. (toy’s wings vibrating) (toy thumps) (Rhett laughs)Oh! – much like a real fowl,it bumped into the wall.- [Link] No David, oh, oh, there we go. – [Rhett] Whoa! – David in for the rescue. Ok let’s are trying it once more. See this factor shouldn’t be easyto fly in a constrained area. You want me to toss it again? You bought it.- i’ll keep it again. (Rhett laughs) – [Rhett] Oh, oh gosh. – Get it, Victoria. That labored first-class. Cats adore it and it’svery handy to manipulate. – good you comprehend it’sactually very sensible seeing that if we had an actualreal existence fowl in here, that’s what would have occurred. It would have been bouncing off the walls. We needed to resuscitate it.- real. – And speaking of actual existence birds, this chook drone doesn’tjust exchange the way you approach enjoying with your cat, it also changes the way which you could procedure the sector’s most sacred art, magic.Now watch as we do the sector a desire and make a cat disappear. – [Link] Kitty kitty kitty. – Abracadabra. – Whoa!- (laughs) Whoa, whoa. Whoa, oh! (each laughing) (hyperlink gasps) seem at that! Oh my gosh— Get it! Get it!- hey don’t swing that thing. Oh it went within the trash can! – yes!- You knocked it, how did it get into thattrash can that’s like stuck beneath the frickin’— seem at that, look. I frickin’… Frickin’ did that on motive. (chuckles) – (chuckles) i am sure you probably did. (chiming tune) – And now we now have the Pooch energy Shovel, a cordless electric vacuumthat sucks your pet’s dookey– – Hmm.- So you don’t must. Let’s watch a clip of thisamazing science in action. – [Announcer] The Pooch vigour Shovel is a cordless vacuum-powered pooper sooper that makes cleansing up afteryour dog rapid and handy. It can be easy to use, light-weight, powerful and it sucks dog waste straight into a degradable plastic bag. No more messy manualscraping or bending over to decide on up waste.No extra hosing and scrubbing the pooper scooper when you’re finished. While you accumulate all thewaste, conveniently open the unit and toss the bag within the bin. No mess, no fuss. The Pooch vigour Shovelcan manage waste deposits from any breed of dog, large or small, and it may well vacuum canine wasteof practically any consistency, making it the perfectgift for any canine proprietor. (hyperlink groans) – Oh that final one! – That thing is hungryfor some poop! (chuckles) – Oh gosh.- it can be like Hungry Hippos. (hyperlink sighs) – Why did they have to exhibit the final one? – at the same time you had been enjoying that video, I did the glory of doing mybusiness in a few locations on the AstroTurf. In reality that is poop from ourvery possess Matt Carney’s dogs. – Former sizzling canine on a Stick employee? – yes, he has two puppies. – Yeah.- So double the poop. – k, smells best in right here so let’s– – this is actual. (vacuum whirring) It did not must be but it’s.(vacuum whirring) probably– – [Link] It doesn’t appear to be, ugh gosh. – possibly you begin withsomething much less ambitious like a small piece of poop. – it is not looking toget, oh there it goes. Oh, you gotta quite line it up. – [Rhett] that is exceptional. That was real excellent.- You try it with that one. – this is a colossal honker over here. – [Link] Put it real flat on top of it. Oh gosh.- that’s so large.- I imply I— it is so moist, oh gosh! – [Link] I believe whereone of the obstacles of this factor— Oh bought it! – [Link] Oh, oh gosh. (Rhett laughs) – You gotta get it in there— it is horrible, man! – You gotta get it on thereand then you gotta shake it in. I am having enjoyable, now hear.- stop it. – A humorous factor happenedwhen our legendary crew member as we just mentioned, Matt Carney,was performing some research. – Former worker of sizzling dog on a Stick? – sizzling canine on a Stick, yes. He used to be doing a little research for this thing and he got here throughout thisphoto on their website. – And he suggestion it wasso fine that he shared it in our place of job crew chat andthis is how the exchange went. – Matt mentioned, "look howexcited this little lady is "to suck up some canine (beep)." – To which different Mythicalcrew member Aubrey answered, "in the event you presented me with that outfit, "i might suck up as much dog(beep) as you desired me to." – good we prefer to makedreams come true right here at good mythical Morning soAubrey, come on, get out here.(crew applauding) – pleasant outfit, Aubrey.- thank you. – Come on over. – You look like a GirlScout from the 12 months 3000. K hand her that— It smells satisfactory. – Yeah, do you remorse yourchat contribution yet? – without doubt no longer, I consider— k you’re going to in a second. – every little woman dreams of this, so i’m a fortunate gal.(vacuum whirring) – Now appear joyful, er, even happier. – Gotta shake it?- Yeah, shake it. Typically you gotta kick it, yeah. Wow, this is what thefuture appears like, youngsters. – Now Aubrey, I consider the corporation is gonna be taking screenshots and striking this on their website, so makesure you’re making eye contact with the lens whilst you’rescooping up the dookey and smile relatively big.- okay. (vacuum whirring) – [Link] Let’s clear the body. I don’t wanna be on this, Rhett. – Wow. (hyperlink giggling) look at that, look how just right it really works. – it is nice.- All proper. Ok, ok. You gotta pry this thing off of her grip.- Yeah, i am having a lot fun. Good thanks, guys. – I most likely recommendwearing white tennis shoes. (Aubrey chuckles) – Oh wow, this has been memorable. Thanks for liking,commenting and subscribing. – Now you say you understand what time it’s. – Oh, you already know what time it is. (Rhett chuckles) – Oh, get it out of right here! – hello i am Kanima. – i am Marcus. – And that is Sam and– – [Both] it’s time to spinthe Wheel of Mythicality. – All proper, anyone’s gotta have a cat. Click on the highest link to observe us bet the not likely animal friendshipsin good mythical extra. – And to find out where the Wheel of Mythicality’s gonna land. – [Rhett] need some newaccessories on your pup? Look no additional than ourMythical sample p.C. For Pups on hand now at legendary.Com..

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