Samsung Galaxy Fold Durability Test! – Is it STILL fragile?!

The Galaxy fold an bold new tackle what smartphones can do and what smartphones can appear like today we’re gonna see what the Galaxy fold is made of both physically and metaphorically this is a brand new sealed retail Korean variant of the Galaxy fold version 2 when you consider that variation 1 on no account quite made it to public market possibly if we’ve got been this fold backwards far ample within the unsuitable path we will snap it into two phones instead of just one you not ever be aware of except you try let’s get began so proper out of the box this mobile of the future has many warnings for us hinder pressing too rough on the monitor handiest faucet it evenly the telephone just isn’t water or dirt resistant and don’t permit any international objects into it also do not attach anything to the most important monitor no monitor protectors and hold the fold faraway from objects suffering from magnets like credit cards these all appear like pretty enormous disorders to me telephone telephones are fairly in all probability one of the vital most accidently abused pieces of science on this planet and Samsung’s there telling us not to touch it very rough no longer very confidence inducing before we commence the primary fold let’s have a look at what’s inside the field underneath the phone holder we now have a be aware written in what looks like Korean Google Translate on my galaxy si plus suggests that it’s an additional little top paragraph for the cell the Galaxy fold additionally comes with the case an extraordinarily thin layer of carbon fiber fabric it simply snaps onto both half of the mobile i assume any safety is just right defense and beneath that now we have the wireless galaxy earbuds and the traditional USB sea charger let’s get back to the cell proper off the bat this factor undoubtedly feels just right it feels stable good engineered and very good deliberate out even without folding it yet there is a physical crease walking down the middle of the display it’s now not as obvious when the display is became on but still definitely there now that is simplest the 2d folding smartphone I’ve ever come throughout in actual lifestyles however whilst folding it can be surely the better feeling of the 2 the hinge makes the phone feel adore it’s presupposed to bend easily and easily and then softly clicks into the closed position and is held shut along with his magnets and it does all this very gently once I would fold the royal flex with the aid of hinge the foldable one I tested earlier it was once extra of a spring that consistently wanted to remain in the open function and it didn’t want to fold on its possess free will the Galaxy fold feels rather more natural truthfully if this phone survives the sturdiness scan I could even switch to it as my every day driver it feels lovely exquisite the fold also has a so much smaller profile than the Flex with the aid of the Royal flex purchase noticeable right here and it is very well-loved it has a a lot larger footprint than the Galaxy fold when it’s opened as well as when it’s closed in actual fact that closed flex purchase is as giant because the Galaxy fold is when it can be open and both of them has some very strong magnets inside of so as far as you already know form-component goes when speaking about bones I consider the Galaxy fold comes out on high it can be smaller design makes it look extra like a cell and the Flex PI is extra of a folding tablet the Galaxy fold as a entirely realistic entrance display and may manipulate the entire phone from right here i can activate the entrance-going through digital camera and then fold open the mobile to change to the inner reveal and easily swap to the interior entrance-dealing with camera all at the same time this factor has six total cameras which we will get to in only a 2nd this factor is style of mind-blowing ly futuristic it would not register that the telephone is closing unless it virtually clicks shut and then i will go back to using that front reveal like a average mobile if i need it it’s time to begin seeing what this bolt is product of my Mohs hardness picks can numerically inform the difference between distinctive minerals and materials plastic scratches at stage three glass scratches at stage 5 – 6 and sapphire would scratch at stage eight or 9 this front show is 4 factor six inches with a 720p decision and begins scratching at degree six with deeper grooves at stage seven lovely usual for a sensible mobile even though this telephone is something but ordinary let’s mosey on into the internal display this factor is way greater at 7.3 inches with all of Samsung’s warnings about the internal show and the previous keep in mind due to display fragility we type of knew this was coming but nonetheless seeing scratches at a level 2 with deeper grooves at degree three variety of just hurts just a little the galaxy fold has a reveal hardness related to Plato soggy bread or a $2,000 stick of chewing-gum even my fingernail can do tremendous injury to the display granted we knew the display would have got to be constructed from smooth plastic since glass does not Bend too well but it’s nonetheless unlucky that there’s no strategy to safely add a reveal protector you probably asking yourself but what occurs if grime or sand from my pocket gets caught between the two halves of the cellphone when it will get closed will not that damage the display and most most likely if the grain of sand or piece of dust is colossal adequate you will obviously depart an indention on either aspect of the display there is a small hole between the two halves so dust and dust might slip out but that identical hole would additionally permit for stuff to slide in so if you get this mobile it perhaps a good notion to vacuum out your pockets each morning earlier than you put on your pants Samsung did say this telephone shouldn’t be dirt resistant and i suppose them and you feel them however i don’t consider dust believes them more goes to play by means of their principles so let’s have a look at what happens in case you take this cell to the beach the cell closes all right and there is just sufficient of a hole between the 2 halves to make this the world’s most luxurious salt shaker and somehow from having dirt on prime of the reveal there isn’t any sand completely grinding inside the tone hinge which is unfortunate the display has a number of new minor Nick’s scratches and divots nevertheless it’s still mighty how quickly the dirt obtained within the cell I realise this was once quite a few Little Rock’s however still the phone’s most effective been alive for roughly five minutes I proposal the newly introduced hinge lips had been presupposed to help hold dust out they usually don’t appear to be working too well Samsung says they mimic the precision of wash mechanics with quite a lot of little gears inside of for tender articulation those internal gears undoubtedly want more dust and filth protection than what they’ve correct now we’ll get a better appear at how the hinge works from the within for the duration of the teardown the body of the Galaxy fold is comprised of metallic along with both the power button and quantity rocker each metallic at the top of the cellphone we find a microphone gap and a loudspeaker grill and correct about right here is where we see the unlucky gravity of smooth shows did you catch that let’s rewind a bit and watch that again whilst i am rotating the mobile the tip of my razor catches the raised lip across the fringe of the dynamic AMOLED display and pops the pixels like a marshmallow on a roasting stick actually killing an complete line of pixels across the screen on the Galaxy fold one fallacious move one little accident and now the entire top section of my phone is lifeless pixels as good as touch sensitivity the entire factor has long past variety of haywire all from that one little prick this could not ever occur within a typical cellphone and now the full monitor would not even want to turn on half the time and we haven’t even gotten to the bin scan yet i am no longer a colossal fan of this new development let’s keep going anyway the galaxy fold does have a SIM card tray but no expandable reminiscence at least this tray has a rubber ring to maintain some dust out if best the leisure of the cell had this equal characteristic the bottom of the cell has USB C and no headphone jack however on the grounds that Samsung clearly integrated a pair of wi-fi @ funkbox i am pretty okay with it the center articulated backbone of the Galaxy fold is mid to center additionally it is intriguing to notice that Samsung has carved their logo and didn’t laid little reflective letterings inside of each of the little grooves this on the whole appeared super cool for about the first 12 months so and then the letters fall out we have now noticeable it happen on one of the old-institution Nexus phones the back panel is constructed from glass which is excellent it makes sense for a mobilephone at a 2,000 buck fee point to be made from glass the raised entrance lip around the edges of the inside display is constructed from plastic we name this lip Marquez’s fault given that it is mrquez’s fault if we make our method around to the again facet we get the triple digicam lens setup and it’s covered with glass the 16 megapixel broad-attitude digital camera up high the 12 megapixel traditional digicam within the core and the 12 megapixel telephoto zoom digital camera on the backside then over here on the front facet of the closed telephone the 10 megapixel exterior selfie camera can also be blanketed via glass along with the metallic earpiece grille then flipping the mobile open to the interior cameras the reveal still doesn’t fairly want to operate on the moment now we have another 10 megapixel selfie digicam and an eight megapixel depth sensor for a whole of 6 cameras in a single cellphone even though Samsung has an extraordinarily strict rule towards sticking reveal protectors to the monitor sticking matters to the back is virtually simply quality shoutout to D manufacturers contemporary limited version robot epidermis it is obtained a pretty first rate I caching design that proves which you could seem splendid on the outside despite the fact that you’re type of useless on the inside i will leave a hyperlink in the description so you will see that what your cell appears like with the robot hooked up and thanks addy Brandt for sponsoring this video the screen continues to be a bit of finicky now not turning on sometimes and no longer sensing touch different times that little poke really did some unfortunate harm i do not consider the lighter is gonna make things any better however with the semi dead reveal and a hinge that sounds like a pepper grinder i don’t think now we have so much left to lose after about seven seconds I might see that pixels going white and opening to burn however as quickly as I pull the lighter away they wholly recovered it is exciting that the plastic on high of the monitor is just not effervescent or melting like we saw on the flexible display watch or one of the crucial different plastic screen contraptions we’ve established I burn the monitor again for roughly 10 extra seconds and nonetheless no harm to the plastic simply the inner pixels shutting the phone and flipping it round to investigate the front monitor it lasted just a little longer at 15 seconds with the warmth from my lighter glass absorbs some of the warmness before it reaches the pixels now you could deliver up that cool tidbit at events the display does fully recover now for the Ben experiment in perfect manufacturing unit enclosed pristine stipulations folded via robots Samsung’s hinge is rated to over 200,000 folds which means that if the fault gets folded and absurd 200 times a day it might still final you nearly three years in a non pristine atmosphere of course and one contact with a spoonful of dust it lasts about 20 folds earlier than the hinge starts sounding like a crumpled up bag of potato chips however shall we say we had been to by chance on purpose bin the phone the flawed course we already recognize that the Royall flex bias survived for a while even after the hinge broke so let’s see what happens to the Galaxy fold flipping the cell around to bend it backwards and that i practice some drive relatively the hint stays intact that is sort of a massive shock the last folding cellphone snapped backwards pretty readily and even the iPad pro broke less difficult than this Samsung’s Galaxy fold would have just a few obtrusive weak elements however the articulating hinge is undoubtedly no longer one among them the entire mobile nonetheless folds in the correct direction but when folded again the incorrect approach all I get is a soft curve but no everlasting injury the hinge is just as powerful as Samsung’s natural non folding flagships beautiful great the antenna line is cracking along the frame however the hinge itself remains to be 100% useful and the device continues to be in one piece it is a rough one how must we categorize the Galaxy fold the constitution of the phone continues to be intact but the inside reveal is basically unusable from that accidental poke I made previous will have to we say the Galaxy fold passes the durability experiment or failed let me know down within the comments for my part I suppose when samsung figures out tips on how to seal the hinge from dust and have the option to permit display security this foldable phone format it’s gonna be a winner do you see yourself ever using a foldable mobilephone hit that subscribe button i’m going to be proper right here trying out out Samsung is the subsequent folding telephone as good and don’t forget to verify out the manufacturer’s robot dermis with the hyperlink in the description come hang out with me on Instagram and Twitter and thanks a ton for gazing i’m going to see you round

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