Test of 10 erasers (ENG Subtitles) – Testing #2

Hi. This is another episode of my testing series. At present I prepared for you a fast scan of erasers. I took coloured paper and i made separate fields for each and every eraser. I compared the erasers in 4 methods. 1. Price 2. Stiffness 3. Erasing four. How so much filth they make? First, I wrote price of erasers. I draw two traces in each and every field. One tender line, and one powerful line. I erased them by way of utilising erasers. I wrote my ranking of stiffness of every eraser. Subsequent, I wrote my rating of erasing the lines. I used 2 symbols." + " = good. " – " = dangerous. Finally, I wrote my rating of "How a lot filth they make?". Now i will exhibit you the results of my checks. In the case of erasers, I don’t have any stunning conclusions.All of erasers which I established are just right at erasing a pencil marks. I above all appreciated three erasers, which does much less dirt than others.I marked them with the aid of coronary heart image. Last concept: only the price of erasers (proven via me) are truly exclusive.All of them are excellent at their job. Please supply a prefer to this videoand subscribe to my channel.Thanks for staring at! Bye bye.

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