I’M PREGNANT!!! Testing and Symptoms for weeks 3-4 | two week wait symptoms

Howdy guys it’s Danielle at Saturdaymorning Phil and James are nonetheless sleeping um I simply took a being pregnant testI suppose it’s optimistic it is very faint but I see it and i’m variety of feelinglike i’m in shock i’m going to exhibit you I have no idea if you happen to’regonna be capable to see it on camera what i’m seeing let’s examine I do not know if it’s deciding upon up but it surely’sright I have no idea okay you realize these like boards you intellect if you happen to don’t knowthis that you may take a photo of your being pregnant scan and get like otherpeople’s advice and i did that and so they all stated it used to be confident and i am likewhoa k i’m gonna go to goal and getanother like high quality test these are the low priced OHS k that is the plan I’mgonna do that correct now in a decaf latte k i’m at the parking lot of Targethmm had a while to procedure I it used to be confident but i’m so gonna get anothertest seeing that that’s what one does proper at any time when other persons do that i am likewhat is she doing it is optimistic do not waste your cash but easier said thandone I just wish to have like a darker line um and i consider i’m gonna getsomething for Phil to surprise him because I wish to do something specialwith James I simply advised him correct away nothing I imply it was so targeted however Ican’t consider that is happening and whether it is taking place it is practically definitelythe final time so I just wish to do some thing particular and i’m just feelingso blessed and i just wish to experience every moment ok but first a Starbucks decaf almondmilk latte k I believe i am simply going to take bothof them 11 bucks down the drain correct i am slightly nervous in view that the onesthat say like yes are pregnant with James I got a confident on the line testand then I took a digital i assume they are referred to as and it got here again negativeand it just relatively messed with me and that i absolutely used to be pregnant so that’s why I’mgonna take those also seeing that i am loopy ok this one acted bizarre it virtually mademe feel like it wasn’t like defaulted defaulted defected all correct i’m notgonna stare at this i’m fairly fearful two and a 1/2 minutes left heed that all correct i am type of pissed off at myselfit’s occurred with James I received a no however after I opened it up I can not explain itit was once like weird I was once like I do not know if this is gonna work however there isdefinitely a line on the opposite one so I i’m pregnant proper and either that othertest was once defected or it’s simply too early for that form of test i’m going to show youagain Oh are we doing this okay guys I don’tknow how you can start this I mean I already started it right yeah k we’re doingthis i am pregnant i am nonetheless pregnant i am 4 weeks now so still very early andthis is all gonna be pre-recorded i don’t feel i’m gonna be releasing thisuntil i’m in my 2nd trimester however that used to be so annoying that I did thatdigital experiment I knew that was once a mistake that occurred with James where I received aline after which I did a digital test and it came again no how such a bummer butthe different test had a line and that i knew that those digital checks take extra ofthe HCG hormone still a bummer but i have been trying out day-to-day and that linekeeps getting darker so yeah I i’m pregnant k so I idea i would do Ohlike a symptom three to four weeks symptom kind of the 2 week wait slashonce you already know symptoms for the reason that i don’t worry some thing like me you binge on thesevideos when you are in that horrible time my first physical symptom was I got areally unhealthy toothache in certainly one of my molars and that i right away thought oh my gosh Ihave a cavity and then to the following day or two days later the equal thinghappened but on the other part like after I would drink water they both juststarted aching and so I proposal both i have some predominant dental work to get doneor probably I could be pregnant that used to be style of like my first one the subsequent oneis an id I jest ‘iv problem that i have been having that’s now not fun notto speak about begins with a C and in summation after which fatigue oh and by theway that enamel thing happened like three days after I ovulate at 3 or 4 likesuper early and then fatigue just like the last 10 days 5 o’clock p.M.I am achieved Ican’t do something I needed to change a load of laundry the other night time and simply thethought of going downstairs taking the entire clothes from the washer and puttingthem within the dryer shutting the lid and urgent megastar it used to be so overwhelming tome like i am just finished at 5 o’clock so i do know I was once nonetheless early about what I’vebeen doing is getting up a bit bit extra early which I already do get upearly and i’ve been working out in the morning considering i’ve vigor in themorning so i have been understanding and doing my morning activities and then I’vebeen doing all my YouTube stuff in the morning like 15 minutes to a half of anhour earlier than my actual job i will work on YouTube so that is been serving to a littlebit and then like physically to what I was I feel the day earlier than I confirmed Iwas on a run and two minutes in I was once like nope my legs have been simply so worn out Iwas huffing and puffing and i am not an robust physical form or anything but Irun three three days a week and i will go for an hour so it used to be similar to I was once sotired and then just a couple days ago so I knew I used to be pregnant I was once doing yogaand I bought by means of one flow before I stop like down dog she saved saying let’s meetin downward canine to leisure and like this is not restful like my hands are burning mylegs are burning little one’s Pose this leisure let’s relaxation in baby’s Pose I keptyelling at my cell so anyways i’m simply oh and my hips damage like rather dangerous likereally sore I consider like I did some extreme new weird workout which Ihaven’t and i’ve been stretching them every night doing some hip openers andit feels so just right but they may be nonetheless sore smella types i do not think thathappened until after I obtained my positive however whatever Philips wearing like Idon’t comprehend if it says cologne or aftershave we have got to have a speak like Ican’t allow that in my presence right now and cramps i’ve relatively unhealthy crampsI’m now not like too nervous considering the fact that I had cramps with James but i’ve likemenstrual cramps unhealthy cramps leg cramps I just believe like my periods coming but Idon’t feel it is and then oh so I did not film it however I did inform Philobviously once I went to target I regarded for gender-neutral stuff whichby the way in which it was once fairly difficult for me to findI’m hoping it’s given that they’re beneath renovation if you have not observed a lotof targets are being renovated but I ultimately located these lovely onesies this isactually my least favourite of the crew that is my favorite how cute is thatthis is my second favorite only a basic black onesie and then I wassucker for a baby in stripes am i right anyway so I bought this and that i form of gaveit to Phil and we had a great second collectively and yeah so far as emotions gohe I feel is more excited than me which i’m amazed through i will typically do awhole other video about how we determined to attempting I’ve performed a further videoabout why we simplest had one child and whether or not we plan to have othersand I did not fairly understand them and we obviously determined to havemore I mean I suppose that is it and i style of came to that decision earlier than himand so I simply I didn’t count on him to be as excited as he’s like he’s so excitedand so happy and it makes me so excited and completely satisfied and he like touches my stomachand calls the child really annoyed names that he thinks we’re gonna title it okayyeah he just appears excited and i’m i’m excited i am completely happy i’m so blessed butthere’s been like some no longer so fun emotions the primary one and this isactually my first sign traditionally but I never proposal about it is i admire maybelike three days after I ovulated three or 4 I simply bought like intensedepression at some point like I didn’t wish to get out of bed I’ve had rather a lot ofnegative self-talk like simply relatively relatively low and that i had postpartumdepression with James so i know what that looks like i have anxiety now but Ihaven’t dealt with melancholy in a while like that i do not quite have depressionbut it was once similar to whoa whatever is going on and i could not figure it outbecause it’s just seemed to come from nowhere i have been quite reallyfocusing this yr on self-care and intellectual wellbeing with my anxiousness so I’vebeen praying and meditating and journaling and doing quite a few gratitudework and i’ve just had potent days like quite relatively anxiety free days leadingup to this and it was just like growth and that i by no means noticed being pregnant like no longer even tilla couple days in the past I I variety of inspiration of a pair matters that it could have beenrelated to but now looking again i’m lovely definite it was once the hormonal changesfrom can see and it is acquired significantly better like I stillfeel somewhat blue and it can be certainly whatever i am gonna talk to my doctorabout but I definitely wanted to converse on it in case anyone else can relate andthen you guys I’ve just been like really relatively crabby really crabby andshort-tempered and irritable and impatient just not enjoyable or desirablequalities to interrupt about but I simply yeah i’ve a brief temper right now and that i’mworking on it and i guess it can be form of high-quality to know there is a motive that’salways worthy to me so i’m working on taking time for myself and it’s type ofthe equal work I do with my anxiousness to name it and breathe and form of just letit go and i have been overwhelmed just like the house is a messand it can be not and like if it is like i’m beautiful definite we can determine it out withinnine months like there is so much time and i’m confused about like the place’s thebaby gonna sleep as James gonna move rooms and again like we will determine itout there may be it can be no longer worth stressing about now like i am 4 weeks pregnantthe biggest gonna sleep with us for no less than typically three months like wedon’t even must figure it out earlier than she or he will get here like we probablywill but we don’t need to so i’m simply seeking to remind myself and be a littleextra loving and yeah total i’m simply rather excited oh the youngster is the sizeof a tomato seed it’s implanted optimistically and my uterus however definitelyimplanted since that’s the way you start getting that HCG hormone as far as Iknow and yeah the cells are quickly dividingand multiplying and yeah it’s simply crazy the whole lot that is happening in there it’slike human that’s developing inside my body likeI are not able to consider it and that’s the final thing like and i stated that in my videoabout why we most effective had one kid like I just need to experience this procedure I knowit sounds so cheesy nevertheless it’s truly the miracle of life I feel so blessed thatGod like I did not suppose I was once ever gonna do that again cuz I did not feel we I Ithought we best desired one child and that was once proper for us so a like I neverthought we were gonna do it cuz we weren’t going to prefer it so i am soglad we transformed our mind i guess after which be find it irresistible happened particularly easilyand I think I I consider responsible about how comfortably it happened for the reason that i know a lotof you might be struggling however i am now not old but i am 33 and i’ve endometriosis andit occurred my 2nd cycle like i admire I have an understanding of that I must be gratefuland i am and i am gonna make these videos and confidently they they support a few of youand I always binge watch these movies I did with James so find it irresistible’s i want tohelp folks however it’s completely egocentric as good like I want to seem back on thisand have a good time this when you consider that i am 99.99% sure that that is it and i am not ever gonnaget to do that once more and that i need to celebrate the changes in my body andlike the time i have with this little individual like I get to carry this personaround just he and she and me for 9 months and even though it’s tough my firstpregnancy I threw up the whole time and if that happens once more i am gonna allowmyself to complain because that sucked and it might suck but I nonetheless need tofind the moments of pleasure and and similar to i’m simply grateful I’mrepeating myself however i am hoping yeah like if in case you are trying I would not have much tosay other than i am sorry on account that I are aware of it’s difficult I imply I do not know however I didhave one early miscarriage earlier than and i can think it’s difficult and if you arepregnant like i’m hoping you’re grateful and because it truly is a miracle and noneof us are assured this and it can be simply yeah it’s a fairly wild journey so thankyou for using with me I think i am gonna do these weekly at least for the earlystages i do know for me I can’t believe i’m doing this you guys k I simply had like a rather weirdmoment the place this is actual for me like not that you simply lose interest however like thebeginning and you are like all of the expertise that you would be able to get like she’sfeeling this am I feeling that so in the establishing i am as a minimum gonna go everyweek after which might be i’ll slow down if it is too much possibly I won’t however maybeI’ll do we are bi-weekly or month-to-month updates yeah i am pregnantoh sorry the other bodily symptom is the bloat the bloat is actual I wake upwith a semi flat belly and at nighttime I i’m not kidding you I look16 weeks pregnant and i know I don’t forget that occurred quite early with Jamesbut I mean come on i am like 5 seconds pregnant that is insane and i am eatingreally good so i am just like the bloat is real and it’s early this timeyay okay I feel that’s it um thanks for staring at next look out for week fivein which i go to the health care professional my medical professional needs to look me proper away this timeI’ll talk about that later that is one-of-a-kind I failed to go till eight weekswith James yeah so thank you so much for watching i hope you are all having awonderful day and anything your plans are i am hoping you get them achieved bye guys

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