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SPEAKER 1: that’s thebrand new, V8 powered, 471 horsepower Lexus LC 500. And that right thereis a dragstrip. I guess that you could figure outwhat we will do subsequent. [TIRES SCREECHING] The Lexus LC 500 is afairly typical coupe, in phrases of design. Front engine, rear drive, however wealso have a ten speed automated. How that’s going toaffect acceleration? We will find out. The primary thingwe’re going to do is do only a traditional mat thegas, and the important thing-up settings, simply to see what occurs. [ENGINE REVVING] well, that feels fast. That feels rapid. 471 horsepower fromthis 5 liter V8, and it acceleratesvery, very smoothly. The way the engine revs up, itfeels very, it’s no longer leisurely. However it’s morerefined and dignified, although the soundis anything however. It is an awfully loud, coarse,frankly distinctive sound. However the sense ofacceleration is much smoother than that sound would indicate. Feels fast, automaticshifting correct at 7,000 RPM. The purple line startsat 7,000 RPM. There is a bit of hash that seemsto go away at 7,200 or 7,250 on the tack.Key-up acceleration feltvery robust, very robust. Subsequent we’ll playwith the settings and spot how so much fasterwe can get it go. All right, now we’regoing to find out if this can be a launch control,or something like that, by switching to sportplus, after which i go mash the brakewith my left foot, mash the gas with my right,and see what happens. Right here we go. Steadiness control, stabilitycontrol, or trash control, if so. Does not like me loading up theengine while i’m on the brake.That is rather getting thestability manipulate procedure angry. So that will appear to me thatif there’s a launch manage, it can be good hidden, or thereis no launch manipulate. So let’s flip off stabilitycontrol and traction control. Traction manipulate turnedoff, foot tough on the brake. Mash the gasoline, andsee what happens. So– [ENGINE REVVING] a bit of hesitationoff the line. That was once going down underkey-up acceleration, and with that brake loadingtechnique that I just tried. Once I mash the fuel,from a lifeless discontinue and so they key-up settingwithout using the brake in any respect, there was a littlebit of engagement from the transmission asit realized, oh, we’re going quick now. Good enough, let’s start doing it.When I held the vehicle inplace with the brake with my left foot and mashedthe gas with that right, to bring up the revs, there’sa little bit of tire chirping, and there is a littlebit of hesitation earlier than the car would take off. And i am in activity plus, andI’ve got traction control off. We could try to close offstability manipulate and notice if that improves,nevertheless it should not. In view that balance shouldn’t be reallya perform of a dragstrip. Maybe we shouldjust do a burnout, see if that willloosen up the tires. When doubtful, burn them out. [SCREECHING TIRES] so you can not do the preserve itin place style of burnout, which is disappointing. It is a freaking front enginerear power V8, you understand? I don’t care if it’s a grandtouring car, or a exercises automobile, or an SUV. With that installed, you shouldbe ready to do a burnout, as any pink blooded Americanwould agree, I think. What i’m going totry to do is load it up that way on thebrake, however with a bit of luck overcome that delaythat i’ve been experiencing with simply sheerforce of torque, and gas pedal. Let’s see if we are able to try this. All proper? Still will get hung upat around 2,000 RPM. And the accelerationis approach worse. Huh. So i will giveit one final try. What i am going todo is solely stop seeking to load itwith the brake pedal, and i’m going to keepit in activity plus, and i’m going to mash the gasoline. And if that’s turbo, why haveI spent all this time working towards pressure carsfast on a dragstrip? Since if the car cando it better than i will be able to, what use am I? Last are attempting. [ENGINE REVVING] Eh. No difference. Good, LC 500 is a rapid vehicle. It’s since it’snot a sporting activities vehicle, we will not be expectinga world beating efficiency from it.Still though, i’m alittle disappointed that it can be no longer turbo for being a$a hundred,000 auto with a 5 liter V8. This is not theright avenue for it. This is not a car that is madeto generate crazy performance numbers. We nonetheless test it anywayjust to have an understanding of the place it falls within the contextof its aggressive type. And it is obviously amongstthe slower of these. Watching round i have a simplygorgeous interior round me. And the way that enginesounds is like intoxicating, but as we see from the testdata, well it speaks loud.It can be not announcing much. Thanks for watchingthis episode. If you wish to see extra,hold it tuned correct right here. Even be sure tovisit edmunds.Com. [MUSIC PLAYING] .

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