SUV Caravan Challenge | Top Gear | Series 22 | BBC

Right here we go trying out testing has begun on now unleashing the 134 horsepower ideas or vector engine regrettably though enjoyment Stig’s driving used to be so slow that suni used to be inflicting a bit of of a traffic jam oh why they offer me such a large Caravan that is hopeless well it could be worse i can believe the downforce from my a ballast and it is good into myself I have to be taken for an out utilizing the power of the mighty front error I caught up with Hammond and tried to take him on the inside which meant going onto the skin designed to scan suspension total chaos and i’ve lost all the floor I made up there on the grounds that entertainment Stig was once so sluggish even James was getting impatient shuddering buffeting come on pinning and violent oh sure well there by means of the Stig smoke is pouring off correct this time Hammond you are happening Oh then Hammond made an error oh this is very likely oh yeah sorry Hammond we now have overtaken you you’re I consider I’ve misplaced the real Louis Barnes it is very controllable if i am honest oh no i can see the problem right here meanwhile my race was once going well sure i’m simply accomplished James Mays by some means ended up on the infield I used to be a catastrophic mistake but lamentably I overcooked it trying to take entertainment steak misplaced my brakes completely with 20 laps completed amusement Stig had given up an instill proposal he was in the contest and all he had a difficulty steam coming from the front of the frontier things are usually not good in the Vauxhall sure right here we go i will have him come on oh it can be tight it can be tight at the back from maneuvers attended through Jeremy Clarkson ah he is up the bag I suppose we would have lost sight to the rules of this race reasonably the producers had come to the identical conclusion so we had been informed to abandon the oval scan monitor and report back to the drag strip where we might see which vehicle could get from nought to 60 and then again to naught once more in the shortest feasible distance so just right scan this yeah simply cuz it measures accelerating and braking all in one go undoubtedly leisure Stig went first to lay down a benchmark and as he used to be mid run Jeremy observed some thing in case you do not discontinue in time mm-hmm your day out of the blue gets lots worse wetter Colden knuckle even leisure Stig the kia sportage stopped good wanting the pond and as soon as this point had been marked Hammond took his position on the line I consider he is had somewhat of a hair transplant just appear at the look at his acquaintances critically look at these acquaintances when you seem so don’t comfortable fringe transplanted you just bolt don’t forget Rooney when he had that forestation job completed you have got a look ok there’s no placing this off right here we go come on the whole thing you acquired GP I needed to get to 60 rapid forty oh my god i’m coming as much as the Stig’s arranging to it and oh my god on the brakes that is all I got it can be all I bought any harder than that did a bit of excrement come out I had to use all of the brakes I mean and you have not surely began braking earlier than you acquired to the Stig stop time that was just a little of a worry as Hammonds Jeep was once much faster than my wounded voxel yeah it is a flying start by way of this best 5,000 rpm Ivanov off looking just right there is the Stig’s marker and there is 60 Wow holy mom of god that used to be shut oh don’t faux you’ve gotten got clean fingers due to the fact i do know you haven’t many poos shot out of my a vine I failed to experience my near-demise expertise however in fact James enjoyed it even much less my auto is rapid than your car and its brakes should not dangerous and i very practically went into the muddy pool of effluent didn’t you my cars very mild yeah still clutching at straws i began my run here we go it’s a test of acceleration and braking and he has an additional of these matters now he doesn’t oh come on still accelerating 30 35 still accelerating forty five when he are not able to get to sixty coming fifty-two follows Oh we walking it was once cluttered yes he has determined to arrive sixty didn’t did he I received it chuffing freezing you went just a little some distance we just got a flag to mark his role don’t just stand there you idiots is filling up James I’ve appeared at the situation and there is nothing we can do you

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