Learn Automation Testing step by step (Telerik Test Studio) – Scenario 1

Welcome every body welcome to gain knowledge of Automation trying out step by step with the aid of making use of Telerik experiment Studio. So on this whole step by step videos series we will try to emerge as a Automation Tester by way of utilizing Telerik scan Studio but earlier than even i transfer forward and talk about Automation Tetsing allow us to first try to define Automation testing so if you put in a single easy sentence Automation checking out is nothing but it’s process which helps us to execute test instances without any human intervention or with none human involvement now what that implies is that if you wish to execute a experiment case mechanically you need some form of application some style of scan software a test application which will file experiment moves an can play this test movements mechanically now this test moves may also be mouse click on’s it may be Keyboard press it may be tab press it can be operate secret’s something it’s so sincerely the process must be that the tester will open a application he will go and file the moves of experiment instances and later he will go and play this recorded moves making use of the program so the first step is to decide on a right test program now this test program must have the potential of recording the scan circumstances and playing this experiment circumstances in automatic manner.Now for this tutorial or this video series now we have chosen Telerik experiment Studio now i do fully grasp that there can be many questions why not QTP why now not coded UI experiment why now not This and why no longer that and with due appreciate to all different softwares after lot of assessment and evaluation we did internally in Questpond we observed Telerik experiment Studio as a better choice and in-case you want these comparison and evaluation sheet please electronic mail us @ questpond @questpond.Com so at this moment this video tutorials sequence goes to use Telerik scan studio so i do comprehend the concerns if you are pondering that why not making use of QTP why now not using coded UI test but at this second we are limited to Telerik experiment Studio Now at the finish of the day experiment circumstances are scenarios now eventualities can also be login monitor it may be a consumer registration page it can be a searching reveal it can be some type of situation which the use are does with the internet site the west strategy to learn Automation checking out is taking a situation and recording a scan case for that state of affairs and on this whole tutorial we are going to take the identical approach so will take a scenario and then will file scan instances in opposition to these situations so right here is the first situation befor you the login screen so one can find that on the screen on the video reveal we have now a quite simple login reveal so what will do is will take this scenario of the simple login monitor and will report Automation checking out on this reveal so let me first explain the login cases situation right here so you will see that that this login display has 2 text bins right here Username and Password in order that end consumer comes in he places in a right Username and Password at this moment the correct Username and Password Shiv and Shiv i do fully grasp your situation that you will have to see a celebrity here some variety of covering within the password text field but depart it at this moment we’re concentrating extra on the testing part if you put a suitable Username and Password like for illustration on this case the correct username is Shiv within the appropriate password is shiv and if you happen to press a login you see’s the right person textual content on this display but when you goes and put some fallacious username and password and should you press login you can find right here something referred to as as unsuitable credentials so very very simple scenario right here if the user put’s a appropriate username and password he see’s the textual content as right user any sort of flawed password he see’s that mistaken crdentials so now allow us to see that how we will go and file the test case through making use of Telerik scan Studio on this situation so the first thing is we need to go and down load the Telerik experiment Studio and install it pc so simply goto google.Com and seek for Telerik test Studio and you’ll find that there’s URL here pronouncing www.Telerik.Com/teststudio and you’ll find that there’s a link right here saying download free Trial so go to this free trial right here and down load the program it is 30 days free trial and in 30 days which you can easily learn Telerik scan Studio so first thing is go and down load the this instruments from right here and install it if you set up it in your program files you will have to get the Telerik test studio here so should you go to your application records you will have to get Telerik and one can find that the there is something referred to as as scan Studio and you can find that there is menu right here pronouncing Launch experiment Studio so click on on this so you can see that there it is opening so the very first thing you can see that there is menu here pronouncing create a challenge so i am going to create assignment here allow us to say test Login screen Say adequate now making use of experiment studio you are able to do more than a few variety’s of test recording so for instance if you have internet site you should use net scan when you have WPF utility you can use a WPF scan if you need fairly go manually you can do a manual scan so on however at this moment definitely now we have internet site so let us click on on this web scan here so if you click on internet experiment it open this part here and inside of this part whilst you do the recording you will see all your recording steps so i’m going to repeat my website URL so i’m going to repeat this at this moment my website is going for walks in the community and i will say adequate record so it’s says that report via using what so i will say record with the aid of making use of chrome i’m going t click on on this so you can find that he startups this screen right here announcing experiment studio recorder and in case you simply go and spot down below you can see the experiment studio recorder here you’ll find there is experiment studio recorder here with the record menu and everything so the very first thing is i’m going to move and paste my URL here seeing that of first step what i wish to him to record is to move and open up my URL within the browser so for those who rather appear on the scan case step the first thing is you go forward and also you pull up the web page after that you put the Username after that you put of the password and additional so the first step is he has to pull up this URL so i am going to repeat the URL inside of this test studio recorder you can see and i am going and press enter so there it is one can find my web page is opening now as soon as i have pressed enter within the experiment studio recorder by way of striking the URL you will discover that he begins displaying me these steps which are recorded on the left hand aspect right here within the internet test section so you’ll find that he mentioned that the present action what you probably did is you went forward and you set the URL and you’ve got navigated to the URL so now the next move is we need to go and put the username here so i’ll say right here Shiv and i’ll do a tab so you’ll find right here the time i put shiv here it is obvious right here and the left hand part recording that’s just right again i’ll put shiv right here and after that i’ll go and click on on the login monitor so you will discover that the clicking button one publish has also been recorded so navigate to the URL enter shiv into the username enter shiv into the password and click on on the publish button so you’ll find that our recordings have been recorded in a proper method that is very best the following factor what would like to do is we can like to move and say that in what scenarios this experiment case passes in other words you must provide some assurance so you will see down below right here there’s spotlight factors so at this moment my experiment case passes after I see this word proper person so i am going to right here very speedily and prefer the right person and i will say verify the textual content content material confirm that i see this phrase appropriate consumer let me go and close this let me simply verify so you will find that the fifth step here is affirm the text involves appropriate consumer so that is proper so let’s go and simply see that if our scan case has been recorded properly so first the user goes to the login reveal that is proper enters the username shiv enters the password clicks publish button and then exams if the word proper consumer is see within the HTML or now not so look’s me to love our scan case has been recorded safely so now the following factor is we want to go and run the scan case so i’m going to click on on start here and i am going to go and run all this steps inside google crome so let me go and click on google chrome and the do away with my mouse so it’s says that you’ve got made some alterations do you wish to have to save lots of yes i wish to save earlier than i run test case now one can find at the backhand he starts the scan run the scan runner who truely ship’s out keys further so you will see that now he has open up the browser the first thing is he goes navigates the user identify with the password achieved wait that is finished and the test case passed excellent however now let us go and put some specific data adequate let us say that at this moment we are getting into shiv into the consumer title how about going and saying that let’s not enter shiv let’s enter Shiv1 so in-case you need to move and transformed the information what’s furnished to the username and the password textual content box what you can do is which you could simply double click on right here and you can go and change the textual content involves so i will say right here this is like shiv1 or this is also shiv1 so on this this case what will occur the my test shall be fail when you consider that the username and password is most effective legitimate for the word hisv so i’m going to right here start and i am going to run the Chrome again and this time i will have to see that my scan case fails when you consider that in the test content material he will no longer get this word right person so allow us to see there you can find my reveal is walking he ‘s navigating to my URL very high-quality and he see’s the wrong credentials so you will see that now very rapidly down below for those who see here he is making an attempt to verify the appropriate person text but at this second we have no type of right consumer textual content right here so what’s going to happen is after shorten time the textual content case will quit and he’ll say that i didn’t to find the word suitable user and this experiment case will fail so let us look forward to repeatedly so there’s a trip and after that point out the test case fails so one can find that he has given up trying for the textual content content material suitable user and you can find that he has failed this test case So this used to be a very very simple situation login screen state of affairs and now we have kept to easy given that that is the first automation test we are recording so we do not need to put you in complexity at this second and i’m hoping that this provides you with very quality base for the coming up difficult eventualities now the subsequent state of affairs that’s situation number 2 is logging reveal with the extend so that’s little bit of elaborate state of affairs so within the next scenario we’re going to see logging display with the delay so i hope that you enjoyed this video so allow us to go state of affairs recordings and i’m sure that you will come to be a automation tester thanks VERY so much 🙂

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