HHO Engine Testing #1 / Gong Show Garage

That horsepower fuel engine on quite a few YouTube videos and stuff like that you’ll in finding that guys will use three and a 1/2 horsepower motors or five horsepower motors with a balloon or some thing exhibit you on hydrogen that they can get it to run we want to do at present to exhibit you that we are able to get an 8 horsepower engine to run power so what we’re doing is this is a load and you’ll discover we have now obtained a higher pulley over right here and smaller reduction and pulleys here for the alternators we’re still engaged on that but as you will see that we now have a hydrogen process set up and we’ve constructed a manifold courtesy of seize for Midas we developed the manifold for us and what this manifold entails is 2 inputs we’re simplest using one proper now in view that i am too bad to afford to flash clothes so my spouse will get upset after I blow up their residence so i will be able to handiest run one flash Shrestha correct now however what we’re doing correct now’s we will up the motor and exhibit you on fuel how lengthy this it’s going to run so what we now have is a swap for the tack one for the alternator one two and three to load them up turn them on ok anyway that is the voltage you were sitting on is ready twelve seven twelve six whatever we’re gonna start up on gas now to begin it as soon as it can be proper and i’m going to shut off the gasoline gasoline now what they do to shut off the gasoline i am simply going to click on the slinger over and the additional part of the video i’m virtually going to position a suite of crimps on right here and shut off the fuel line to show to everyone that it’s sincerely walking on hydrogen without gas line linked so at the same time it can be proper down mr.Through jumper cables very tender each pulse-width modulator is attached to its possess battery so proper now what we now have is this one jogging 10m mobile however this way the seller is most commonly pulling about 23 amps the smaller one on the opposite part our ghetto switches are grew to become off for the hydrogen that is gonna be hard to beat yeah so this power continues to be alive what we’re gonna do is after I it back up our voltage simply dropped back off 12 5 it’s up considering that that they had been jogging for a bit of so what have been I do now could be to ourselves ow there is the time you you.

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