rd #312 Testing ULGD 5.0 A1 Car battery charger from Lidl

I think a automobile battery charger is a device that each driver must put in their toolbox. This can be a 6V and 12V car battery charger ULGD 5.0 A1 made by means of ultimate pace and purchased from Lidl. This car battery charger borrowed from my pal, he already used it, So i would not spend so much time with unboxing. Cardboard size is set: 260mm x 160mm x 60mm, like a significant e-book. Let’s be trained the expertise from the field. ULGD 5.0 A1 car Battery Charger, I anticipate the meaning of 5.Zero A1 is 5.0A. You need to use it for all 6V or 12V automobile and bike batteries with 1.2 to 120A. If you have a 24-volt battery to your automobile, this model will not be compatible for battery. It has reverse polarity, short circuit and overload protection. The charger is managed with the aid of the thoroughly good judgment smart regulation science Wizard. The car battery charger got here with a 3-12 months guarantee. In the back of the box we now have more know-how: four applications for most effective adjustment of the battery kind. Lcd display for charging packages, voltage worth and charging fame. Pulse charge to recharge the flat batteries for to be had battery voltage present of> 7.5V. Iciness charging mode for external temperature drop, only for 12V battery. As he says on the entrance of the box, it has reverse polarity, brief circuit and overload safeguard. Lengthy-term connection to preserve highest quality charge with out forming sulfates. LEDs to warn polarity error and standby. The size of the AC cable is about 200 cm and the length of the charging cable is set 195 cm. The working voltage range is between 220V and 240V The charging present is max. 5 amps. In the field, we have clarified the charging precept for application 3, 14.4V with 5.0A. The product code is IAN 296069 – ULGD 5.Zero A1 and EAN code is 4019641062458. The automobile charger is manufactured in China. Earlier than using this vehicle battery charger, please learn the consumer advisor. Let’s take a seem on the charger before trying out. Please take away the liquid crystal display protecting movie, otherwise it will be elaborate to make use of the charger. Plastic exceptional is excellent, has round edges. Each cables feel excellent in my arms. The AC plug involves pins handiest, and the ground socket does now not. This gray material is a leak-proof fabric, as bendy as rubber. The legs are manufactured from plastic and the tip heads are in a triangle. And IP sixty five is rated. In my private opinion, the charging clips usually are not sufficiently insulated, and that i decide on extra plastic quilt. The charging cables are fabricated from copper, which is first-rate, however the copper cable is welded to the clamps this isn’t the exceptional manner. Spring clamp is very tight. Now let’s test it out. This battery has not been used for roughly two months, so it’s going to be a just right experiment area. If you happen to seem carefully, you’ll discover a little corrosion on the terminals. First, i will clean with a dry paper towel. Next, easy the stations with WD40 spray. If the terminals are eroded, the charging approach will take longer. So do not be lazy, and easy it well. First i’ll measure with a multimeter voltage. The voltage is 12.31V. I will put the free clamps, crimson is optimistic and black is negative. The charger isn’t linked to AC vigour and the monitor does no longer show some thing. Now i will connect with the AC. Sadly, my mobilephone did not focal point well on the lcd monitor, The liquid crystal display monitor has a neon blue backlight. The charger indicates the battery voltage 12.40, which is just about the meter. I press the software decision button, the first software is for the 12V motorcycle battery, 2d for the 12V automobile battery and i will decide on the 1/3 program winter program. And the battery expenses. I will depart it in a single day and go away the next day morning. The battery used to be entirely charged overnight. Now the battery will not be flashing and i’ve four bars. I can not experiment all of the capabilities that this battery charger has, however i’ll are attempting some capabilities. Reverse polarity test: I put the black clamp on the terminal and the red clamp on the bad end. The charger is just not connected. On the charger i will see that the purple error that was brought on is going for walks. This operate works. I cannot join the charger to AC power, as I do not want to by accident destroy the charger. I will experiment the charger if it is nonetheless working and i will measure the voltage utilising my multimeter. When the charger is plugged into AC energy, the charger automatically begins within the mode of the multimeter. The voltage appears, but it is going to now not charge the battery, To begin charging the battery, you need to prefer a charging software. The whole thing looks good up to now. Short circuit test. In case you do away with the clamps, the charger goes in a multi-meter mode. You need to decide upon a shipping software again. Handed a brief circuit test. The charger fees the battery. Let’s experiment what happens in the event of a power outage, After energy is restored, charging will proceed or not? I’m going to switch the vigour and after just a few seconds I the energy. After the charger goes out, the multimeter will likely be in energy mode. I can not scan the overload safety. In view that I shouldn’t have a 6V battery, I are not able to experiment the 6V battery charging mode. From the front of the bundle is lacking very fundamental expertise. If the voltage is less than three.Eight V or greater than 15 V, the battery may not be charged. The monitor in short displays the "Error" error message. The gadget continues in standby mode. In my view, this product could be a greater product if: – the AC plug will have an impact on, – on the high of the charger it’ll be welcome to graph the mode of charging application four. – Charging clamps will have a more remoted surface. The clamps will charge mechanical joints instead of solder spot, The legs are made of rubber, in order to not slip on the plane’s surface. Overall this product, has first rate best for home users, there may be room for development, but it is first rate. I’m hoping i’ve protected the essential facets of this charger, please feel free to remark if I miss something. Thanks for watching, do not forget: share, remark, like and share. See you subsequent time, bye.

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